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Tutorial Services Acceptance of students is continuous* Minimum of 1 hour per session* All subjects for elementary level* Math and Science for high school level and senior high school levelGet the advantage of preparing your child for his/her school activities ahead of time.Tutorial Fee is P2, 500.00 per student per month.Contact us now and register. Thank you very much. UPCAT and Other Colleges Entrance Exam Reviews The mathinik tutorial center will be conducting College Entrance Exam Reviews for incoming grade 12 students. All senior high students are welcome; public or private senior high schools. Schedule and Fees: Please contact teacher Becca for schedule and feesContact Information: Teacher Becca 0995-3825484 / 09331046433 /Registration: Registration is ongoing. Our Company Mathinik Tutorial and Review Center was established by Mr. Dalmacio Dayta, a high school mathematics teacher and Mrs. Rebecca Dayta, an elementary teacher on April 2009. Since there is a greater need for the enhancement of mathematics among Filipino students, the name mathinik was chosen to be its name bannering the center's specialization in the field of mathematics. After one year of existence, the center now has an average of 35 students from both elementary and high school. Most students agree that most topics in mathematics and science are understood easier when the lessons are explained to them by their tutors at mathinik. This is not because tutors are better than teachers, this is because we focus on the practical applications of lessons in both math and science. We don't just repeat what teachers are saying inside the classroom, we give practical uses and let the students experience how they are benefited by particular lessons. The Mathinik Tutorial Center offers the following services; 1. For elementary pupils: All subject areas 2. For high school students: Math and Science The center also offer services such as college entrance exam review for third year high school students and civil service examination review. We offer our services to those who value education.

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