Custom Training Courses: Android, JSF 2, PrimeFaces, Ajax, jQuery, Java 7 and 8, Spring, Hibernate,

Web Name: Custom Training Courses: Android, JSF 2, PrimeFaces, Ajax, jQuery, Java 7 and 8, Spring, Hibernate,






Customized Training Courses:JSF 2, PrimeFaces, Ajax, jQuery, GWT, JSP, Servlets, Android, HTML5,Spring, Hibernate/JPA, RESTful Web Services, Hadoop, Java7 8Programming Wonderful. In 20 years,this is the best organized, most pragmatic andenjoyable course I've taken. The best instructor-led course I have attended, by far. Best short course ever! Compared to the other short courses I have taken, this one completely redefined my scale from 1-10. In my 35+ years of taking technical courses,Marty's classes consistently come out ranking #1 on my list. Highly relevantmaterial is delivered with enthusiasm, humor, and a high degree of class interaction that is unmatched anywhere. more student reviewsLooking for short hands-on training classes on JSF 2.0, PrimeFaces, Ajax, jQuery, GWT, servlets, JSP, Spring, Hibernate/JPA, REST, Hadoop, Android, or Java programming taught at your company by Marty Hall? If you have a group of at least eight interested developers (10 for courses outside the US or Canada), contact Marty to arrange a course at your location. Courses are available in any country, and have been given in N. America, Central America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Distinctive features of Marty's training:Experienced instructor who can answer tough questions and show best practices. Marty Java inventor James Gosling at Marty's car. With the big training vendors, you don't even know the instructor's name before the class begins, much less their credentials. Marty is an experienced real-world developer, award-winning instructor, conference speaker on servlets and JSP (including five times at JavaOne), and author of six popular J2EE books from Prentice Hall and Sun Microsystems Press. Core Servlets JavaServer Pages is the most popular servlet and JSP book internationally, with translations in Bulgarian, Chinese (both traditional and simplified script), Czech, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Macedonian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Marty also teaches in the Johns Hopkins University part-time graduate program in Computer Science, where he directs the Java and Web-related concentration area. Click here for more details.Well-tested courses. Marty has taught J2EE training courses in Canada, Australia, Japan, Puerto Rico, Mexico, India, Cambodia, Norway, the Philippines, and dozens of US venues. Clients for on-site Java courses include VeriSign, the NY Stock Exchange (SIAC), State Farm Insurance, General Motors, Hewlett Packard, Lexmark International, TransCanada Pipelines, Raytheon, Learjet, Los Alamos National Labs, Genomica, the U.S. Navy, General Dynamics, Banco Popular, Titan Corporation, the University of Michigan, Context Integration, the University of Utah Hospital, ESI, SAIC, NSA, CIA, and dozens of others. Click here for a longer list. No using your developers as guinea pigs!Flexible schedules. Courses are available in any city worldwide, and have been taught in dozens of US venues and 9 other countries. However, Maryland-area companies have extra flexibility in the course schedules, since Marty is local. In addition to the full-day courses offered in all locations, Maryland companies can book the courses in the late afternoons or early evenings. Even weekends are possible! For example, Marty has done about a dozen courses that met once or twice a week from 4:30-6:30 pm (or similar) so that the students did not lose billable hours.Course materials developed by the instructor. Marty personally developed all of his own materials, much of it based on his best-selling books. They thoroughly cover the basics, introduce advanced topics, include many meaty code examples, and show plenty of live running applications. They also discuss best practices, design strategies, and efficiency issues. Most of the big training vendors hire someone to create the course materials, then bring in some inexperienced flunky to regurgitate them to the class.Public (open-enrollment) training courses Onsite courses are cheaper and more convenient for organizations that have medium to large sized groups of developers. But, in order to serve organizations with only one or two developers that need training, periodically offers public versions of some of the most popular courses. The next public offerings will be on Java 7 programming, Android programming, Web application development with JSF2 (and PrimeFaces), Rich Internet Applications with Ajax (and jQuery), GWT programming, Hadoop, Java EE programming with Spring, Java persistence with Hibernate and JPA, and Web Services (RESTful and SOAP-based). The 2012 courses are co-sponsored by Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals and will be held at JHU/Dorsey in Elkridge Maryland (5 minutes from BWI airport). Click here for details.A variety of complementary course offerings. Ads for Marty at GIDS conference in India Marty personally teaches the following courses (click for detailed course descriptions): Building Web Apps with JSF 2.0 (and PrimeFaces) Rich Internet Apps with Ajax With jQuery, Java, and JSON-RPC. Android Programming: Developing Mobile Apps with Java Java 7 Programming Coming in 2013: New Features in Java 8: Lamdas and More. Intermediate Servlet and JSP Development Advanced Servlet and JSP Development Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD) Preparation Jakarta Struts. Need some special topics or a customized mix of topics? Just ask! In addition, Marty reviews/edits courses taught by colleagues. These courses are developed by experts who work daily with the technologies, and the materials are thoroughly reviewed by Marty. Course topics include: Spring Hibernate JPA GWT (Google Web Toolkit) RESTful and SOAP-Based Web Services with Java Hadoop (new in 2012!) Email for details. Want a class on JSF 2 or Spring or Hadoop, but need some review of basic Java first? No problem. Want to move extra fast because your developers are experienced? Piece of cake. Need to combine some basic JSF topics with thorough coverage of PrimeFaces? Just say the word. Want an Ajax and jQuery course, but first need a crash course on JavaScript syntax, first-class functions, and the DOM? Simply let us know. Want training on GWT, but need a review of basic server-side Java techniques first? Tell us what you need. Every onsite course is fully customized to the needs and backgrounds of your developers.Competitive prices. Marty's public training courses are typically at least 10% cheaper than the canned courses from the big training vendors. And his courses include a textbook, a bound student notebook, exercises, exercise solutions, and all necessary software (for onsite courses). Onsite courses at your location are even cheaper, since there are no venue rental costs. Plus, your developers don't have to pay travel costs.CEU's and Offerings via Educational Institutions. Through a cooperative agreement with, we have two extra options for our onsite courses: Continuing Education Units (CEUs). If you need CEU's for your training, this can be arranged! Contact Marty for details. Accredited Educational Institution. With some organizations, courses can be paid by corporate tuition reimbursement plans (rather than project or department training budgets) only if the courses are taught by an accredited college. Most courses can be taught through Anne Arundel Community College ( First contact Marty and arrange a specific course curriculum. Then, we propose this course to for review. If they approve, then the customer contracts directly with for the course, but the course is still taught onsite at your organization by Marty Hall, and the course does not change in any way. Since Marty's courses focus on specialized Java EE and Ajax development, and since Marty teaches similar topics in his courses in the Johns Hopkins part-time graduate program in computer science, getting approval by is virtually guaranteed. There is some extra cost and paperwork involved in this option, so it is best reserved only for organizations that need CEU's or where it is important that the offering come directly from an accredited college. If you are not completely satisfied with the course, we will refund the full cost. No questions asked.Contact the course instructor at for more details or to arrange an onsite training class. Java Programming:A Crash CourseFebruary 1-5 2016Java 8 Mini-Course:Lambdas StreamsFebruary 9-11 2016JSF2: Modern Web Apps in Java(with PrimeFaces)February 22-26 2016Hadoop: Big-DataApps in the CloudMarch 7-11 2016CustomizedOn-Site CoursesTraining at YOUR Location Customized content Flexible dates Any country

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Customized training courses on Android, JSF 2, Ajax, jQuery, Java 7 and 8, Spring, Hibernate, Hadoop, JSP, REST, and related topics. At public venues or onsite at your location. From popular author and developer Marty Hall.

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