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Subtitles on Facebook may fail to show up in your video for several reasons; One is that the Always Show Captions is turned Off in your Facebook account, the other is that the subtitles you uploaded are not compatible. Format of subtitles on Facebook Starting with the last problem, subtitles on Facebook must be in Read more Subtitles on Facebook don t show in my video With HTML5 you can embed a video without the need to install a player.  This tutorial explains how to embed a video starting with a simple example, to end with multilingual subtitles and advanced options. You will be able to use the embedding code below in practically any cms or html website. Content management systems Read more How to embed a HTML5 video on your site When your audio plays fine on your computer but not on mobiles or tablets, chances are that something is wrong with the phase of the audio. This often happens when audios from different sources are mixed, but it can arrive with single source audios as well, when using an external microphone on a camcorder, for Read more How to repair a badly phased audio What bitrate to use for HLS adaptive streaming video is a question many people struggle with. Bitrate (or “Bit rate” in proper English) is the amount of bits needed to produce a second of video footage. In this tutorial we try to give you the ideal bitrate to use per video resolution.  Although it depends Read more What bitrate for HLS adaptive streaming video? The GDPR (General data protection rules), you ve heard about that by now, no? A lot of website owners are quite nervous about GDPR, me included, because it is complex and quite some folks who call themselves experts state rumors for facts, which adds to the confusion. Reading the legal requirements is not that easy, so let Read more GDPR, do you need to comply? Some common myths dispelled! Chrome 64 and Safari 11 plan to punish misuse of Autoplay for video and audio on short term. What kind of misuse do they actually mean? The advertising industry has to fight constantly against our ability to ignore banners, text ads etc. So, they seek new ways to get their messages across and some of those, Read more Autoplay: Chrome and Safari prepare to punish misuse advertising videos How to regulate Digital Rights Management (DRM) for streaming video raised many heated debates over the years and it looks like it ended in a bad deal. On the one hand, we have the civil liberty of the internet, on the other hand the rights of authors to protect their creations. On 18 September 2017, Read more Squashed between Digital Rights Management and Civil Liberty, who won? If you need a soundtrack for your videos that isn’t predictable or harmonic in the classic sense, then you may want to try out a sound generator. There are quite a few of them around on the internet and I tested several for my art videos but the sound generators created by Dr. Karlheinz Essl Read more Sound generators for video soundtracks In this tutorial we embed RTMP streaming with HLS adaptive streaming fall-back using JW Player 7.9.3 This tutorial is a follow-up of RTMP with HLS adaptive streaming fall-back on AWS Part 1 which explains the preparations to set up a video for both HLS adaptive streaming and RTMP streaming. To recapitulate: I ve set up my art site Read more RTMP with HLS adaptive streaming video fall-back on AWS Part 2 HLS adaptive streaming doesn t work on IExplorer 11 in HTML5 mode as I discovered while testing my art site. But there is luckily a solution, namely RTMP with HLS adaptive streaming fall-back. That sounds a little odd, because you could configure HLS for Flash. But the problem is, if setup for Flash, HLS adaptive streaming won t Read more RTMP with HLS adaptive streaming fall-back on AWS Part 1 Reversed phase in audio can happen when audio devices save audio in the wrong way, resulting in a bad audio, notwithstanding everything seems to sound fine with the headphones. In my case, with the Sony HDR FX1 and a shotgun mic from Rode, one channel of the audio is each time reversed. A reversed phase audio creates problems Read more Reversed phase in audio and how to solve it As from 6 December 2016, with the launch of Google Chrome 55, enabling the Flash plugin will become optional and HTML5 the default. Users will have the choice to decline using Flash. As this implies a serious impact for website owners using RTMP and HLS adaptive streaming videos and audios, we show you the possible options to ensure you can keep delivering video and audio to your Read more Flash support in Google Chrome under fire Subtitles in foreign languages can give strange results.  Here we show how to fix various problems with a French subtitle vtt file as an example, embedded in JW Player. NOTE: JW Player 7.7 and above solved the issue with special characters, while lower versions and various other players give problems. Some languages pose no problems, but as Read more How to fix subtitle problems in foreign languages Building a video membership website isn’t that easy for everyone. Luckily, there are platforms available that make life easy for you. One of them is Uscreen.tv which has many options to build a powerful video- and eLearning site with paid and free subscription. It is actually much easier to set up then a WordPress or Read more Building a Membership Website using Video YouTube has various options to customize display of videos on your site. For instance, you can remove the YouTube branding and control how the player behaves. This tutorial explains how doing this in great detail. First, we start with a standard YouTube video embedding, and then address the branding removal options, followed by more customization Read more Customize YouTube videos on your site Via Vimeo you can create a Montage widget displaying thumbnails of your videos on your site. This replaces the old Badge widget, which did more or less the same thing. When the visitor clicks on a thumbnail, it redirects to the video on Vimeo. This is different from the Hubnut, which is a fancy playlist feature which keep Read more How to create a Vimeo Montage widget In this tutorial, we are going to embed an HLS adaptive streaming video on a website. This tutorial is the follow up of  the HLS adaptive streaming tutorial with CloudFront JW Player, where we showed how to prepare and process videos for HLS streaming. We presume you followed that tutorial and have already processed the video segments Read more Embed an HLS Adaptive Streaming video A step-by-step HLS adaptive streaming tutorial with CloudFront JW Player in two parts. It is easier than you think. This tutorial presumes you have already an Amazon Web Services account (AWS) and a premium license of JW Player 6 or 7. The advantage of HLS adaptive streaming is that you can serve videos according to Read more HLS adaptive streaming tutorial with CloudFront JW Player Updated: 2 December 2016. A comparison between JW Player 7 and JW Player 6. What are the differences? Do you need to update your embedding code? Price policies and other changes explained. Updated 10 November 2015. What is the difference between JW Player 6 and JW Player 7? With JW Player 7, the company JW Player in New York clearly Read more JW Player 7 vs JW Player 6 Update 1 June 2016: This was a review of Revostock, which has been killed off by a Patent Troll. Revostock was founded in 2006, a library which offered royalty free stockvideo, stockaudio and sound effects. It was the first to sell Adobe After Effects templates to use in video projects. Like many image libraries it contained professional and Read more Using royalty free stock video and audio Update: 8 September 2016. JW Player 5.10 is not responsive on its own as opposed to JW Player 6.x, but there is away to force the player to re-size according to the width of the browser window. Therefore, if you hesitate to move to JW Player 6 or 7 due to the dramatic changes in the Read more How to make JW Player 5.10 responsive HLS streaming (HTTP Live Streaming) has a couple of advantages over RTMP streaming in a sense that it can circumvent corporate firewalls and proxies and it plays on most mobile devices and desktops. RTMP streaming does not work on mobiles at all since it needs Flash, although JW Player has a HTML5 fallback method for mobiles. Read more HLS streaming via AWS and JW Player 6 Google has announced that it will rank sites higher if they have a responsive design, meaning a theme or template that enhances the user experience on both desktop and mobile devices by scaling according to width.  Therefore, we cannot ignore this any longer if we want to keep at least the same ranking as before. After all, if your competition Read more Google says Responsive Web Design is a must Many website owners do not realize that when they use Google, it displays a search result according to their previous search history. As a result, the listing you see is not the same as the listing everyone else sees. So, how do you know where your page actually ranks for a certain keyword? There is a neath Read more What is your real ranking in Google? Recent Comments EC: Is there any free software to invert the phrase by using computer to edit music? Sheree: Hi .. my name is Sheree I am Radio Announcer / reporter I am so excited I getting the same camera I am going... Debbie Young: Hello I am looking for a platform where my violin and piano students can send a smartphone recording of... Chloe: Thank you so much. I usually upload videos and haven t noticed the settings. I search for help and see... jraju: Hi, do you mean to say, that whatever encoded would be correctly embedded in the video. Is this applilcable to... Nick Farrell: Thank you so much for the above information. You have no idea what a great starting point its been.... brocktoon: Is there a way to make this compatible for multi-monitor setup? In it s current state, it only... Gary Akehurst: I m looking for a sound card for a desktop computer that has 8 microphone jacks to digitise 8... Rosie: I wasted a ton of time fixing Vietnamese subtitle problems. It likes a nightmare. Your tutorial post is really... Stephanie: Hello, is there a possibility you can also link to my site? Here s an example of my article about... Seema: Hi, Can you share some sample links which demonstrates chapters in JWPlayer . Thanks, Seema kapil: not play video error plugin not supported Peter Abraham: Hi Rudolf, thanks for this great recommendation. Since this software is for personal use, it would... Linda: My daughters were singing and they took video from back of audience. I would like them to appear closer so I...

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