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VladdinThis is the Brand Connect forum for VladdinPlease note that ECF does not moderate this forum (unless asked) - it is moderated by Vladdin's own staff.Discussions: 63Messages: 593Sub-Forums: 2Vandy VapeBrands Connect forum for Vandy VapePlease note that ECF does not moderate this forum (unless asked) - it is moderated by Vandy Vape's own staff.Discussions: 70Messages: 328Sub-Forums: 2DovpoBrands Connect forum for DovpoPlease note that ECF does not moderate this forum (unless asked) - it is moderated by Dovpo's own staff.Discussions: 91Messages: 667Sub-Forums: 2YocanBrands Connect forum for YocanPlease note that ECF does not moderate this forum (unless asked) - it is moderated by Yocan's own staff.Discussions: 183Messages: 310Sub-Forums: 2UpendsBrands Connect forum for UPENDSPlease note that ECF does not moderate this forum (unless asked) - it is moderated by UPENDS' own staff.Discussions: 10Messages: 82Sub-Forums: 2CoolvaporBrands Connect forum for CoolvaporPlease note that ECF does not moderate this forum (unless asked) - it is moderated by Coolvapor's own staff.Discussions: 4Messages: 7Sub-Forums: 2AugvapeBrands Connect forum for AugvapePlease note that ECF does not moderate this forum (unless asked) - it is moderated by Augvape's own staff. Discussions: 14Messages: 234Sub-Forums: 2UnivapoBrands Connect forum for UnivapoPlease note that ECF does not moderate this forum (unless asked) - it is moderated by Univapo's own staff.Discussions: 33Messages: 110Sub-Forums: 2SmokBrands Connect forum for SMOKPlease note that ECF does not moderate this forum (unless asked) - it is moderated by SMOK's own staff.Discussions: 31Messages: 123Sub-Forums: 2UsonicigBrands Connect forum for UsonicigPlease note that ECF does not moderate this forum (unless asked) - it is moderated by Usonicig's own staff.Discussions: 51Messages: 427Sub-Forums: 2ECF Forum RulesPlease read these Rules before posting - they are an important guide to how the forum operates.Discussions: 124Messages: 8,712Sub-Forums: 1Media and General NewsE-cigarettes in the media.Discussions: 6,189Messages: 94,207Legislation NewsUnited States E-cigarette legislation, national and State issues, and legal news.Discussions: 3,074Messages: 81,441Sub-Forums: 1FDA RegulationsDiscussion of FDA regulations and proposals, the 'deeming regulation', and related issues.Discussions: 527Messages: 23,498Sub-Forums: 1EU LegislationEuropean legislation news and discussionDiscussions: 318Messages: 3,454Campaigning discussionsThe future of e-cigarettes is in the balance with many countries having already outlawed the devices. Use this forum for any campaigning ideas you have.Discussions: 1,047Messages: 17,633Sub-Forums: 2CASAAThe Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association - the US consumer association for ecig users. If you are a US vaper then you need to join CASAA to help protect your rights. Please JOIN NOW!Discussions: 794Messages: 8,967Sub-Forums: 2General Cannabis DiscussionFor discussion of cannabis and any health related issuesDiscussions: 63Messages: 1,980Cannabis Vape ProductsFor discussion of cannabis vaping productsDiscussions: 34Messages: 370PollsThis board is just for Polls - we're moving them all here. New Polls should be started in here, please.Discussions: 622Messages: 21,502The LoungeA place for chitchat - threads that have become "chat threads" may end up here even if they were originally e-cigarette related. Posts made in this forum will not increase your post count.Discussions: 5,159Messages: 1,666,964Social Group ForumsForums for Social Groups: these are separate communities within ECF.Please note that these communities are not 'owned' by ECF, they are run by their own groups. Moderators in there are not ECF Mods, and ECF does not moderate these groups (unless asked).Exception: some Social Groups in the Product & Specific Vendor subforum are moderated by ECF Mods Discussions: 11,514Messages: 486,568Sub-Forums: 85National ForumsCountry and region-specific forums. Posts must be in English. The international language forums are for posts in other languages.Discussions: 9,253Messages: 199,500Sub-Forums: 17Armed Services ForumMilitary e-cigarette users discussion board.Discussions: 155Messages: 2,053Members blogsAll registered members can now have their own blog on ECF. Just sign up via your User CP.Modding ForumThe home of modders - the builders or modifiers of custom ecigs.Discussions: 10,742Messages: 203,781Sub-Forums: 6Member ContestsHere is the home of contests held by ECF members only. Suppliers : if you would like to run a contest, please do so in your own Supplier Contest Forum.Discussions: 228Messages: 29,991Sub-Forums: 1Health, Safety and VapingE-cigarette health - discuss health matters associated with switching to e-cigarettes or their use.Discussions: 3,193Messages: 60,957Sub-Forums: 3Vaping Success StoriesShare with others how the e-cigarette changed your life.Discussions: 961Messages: 11,508E-Cigarette ReviewsReviews and video reviews of E-Cigarette hardware. Please post reviews in the appropriate sub forum.Discussions: 11,023Messages: 93,534Sub-Forums: 8E-Liquid ReviewsReviews and video reviews of E-liquids. Please post reviews in the appropriate sub forumDiscussions: 10,177Messages: 70,698Sub-Forums: 4Requests for Opinions/ReviewsHave a question about e-cigarette products or suppliers? Ask it here.Discussions: 3,373Messages: 34,128Reviews of Suppliers - NegativePlease read the Stickies within. This board is for noting issues with a Supplier's service, delivery or products. Anyone may post here to start a thread. Suppliers can post replies in threads that are about their business only.This forum is only for reviews: statements of an event or series of events.If you want advice from other members, do not post here, as no one except you and the vendor concerned can post here - please post in General Discussion instead.Discussions: 1,040Messages: 7,849E Cigarette Suppliers ForumThis forum is for ECF Suppliers advertising threads.Members: here you'll find the latest offers from registered e-cigarette and e-liquid Suppliers. You can freely ask for information or prices in here. Suppliers can advertise here, all can reply in here.Suppliers: Please use the ECF Contest Supplier forum for contests & giveaways. This forum is strictly for your regular advertising thread(s)!Discussions: 14,537Messages: 1,920,631Sub-Forums: 7Services for SuppliersThis board is for services that assist the online or offline ecigarette-related businesses of ECF Suppliers. Members can post non-ecigarette related services they can offer ECF suppliers ie. website design, graphics.This is also the advertising forum for ECF registered Service Providers offering ecigarette related services for ECF suppliers.Discussions: 221Messages: 1,024Forum SuppliersThese forums are run by Suppliers whose customer service standards we monitor carefully.Please note that ECF does not moderate these forums (unless asked) - they are moderated by their own staff.AssortedAssorted forums that do not fall into other categoriesThe SandboxDo your test posts, image tests etc in here. Posts will be deleted after a certain time. Posting here will not increase your post count.This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

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