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New Engagement Sholom Ber Liberow (ben R Zalman) Flatbush, NY to Chaya Braun (bas Rabbi Y. Braun) Crown HeightsAdvertisementHigh Paying Teaching Positions Earn up to $230 per day.Part time / teaching Reading, and Math to small groupsin Williamsburg and BP Boys Yeshivas, 3:15 to 6:15pm,Mon – Thurs under Title 1 Program.Experience College or Yeshiva Degree Required.Email Resume to [email protected]com or call 646-598-9368 lv. message.Limited opportunities available.Advertise hereRabbi Dovi Henig of Chengdu and Rabbi Yekutiel Kalmenson of Ningbo met Israeli Consul General in Shanghai Edward Shapira after completing 14 days of quarantine with their families in Shanghai last week. Full Story Hundreds of Young Shluchim around the world are receiving their personalized Kinus box as they gear up for the Kinus Tzeirei Hashluchim this week. “The box was an amazing surprise,” said Mendel Galperin of Solon, Ohio. Full Story An outdoor Tzivos Hashem rally was held in Pittsburgh in honor of Chof Cheshvan, birthday of the Rebbe Rashab, with stories, nigunim, tzedakah and the 12 pesukim recited by children. Full Story Join Live at 6:30 PM ET: Tune in for Jewish music s most spectacular event featuring Avraham Fried accompanied by the 60 piece Freilich Philharmonic Orchestra, singers Shulem Lemmer and Eli Marcus, and inspiration by Rabbi Y.Y. Jacobson and Charlie Harary. Full Story, Photos, Live Applied Chassidus with Rabbi Simon Jacobson: How Should We React to the Election Results? Should We Pray for Leaders in Power? Full Story New Engagement Mendel Fayershteyn Crown Heights to Gitty Lipszyc (bas R Moishe Meir) Ft. Lauderdale, FloridaL Chaim: Monday night at Oholei Torah, 667 Eastern Parkway at 8:00 pmNew Engagement Yanky Dlinn Pittsburgh, PA to Eliana Rothstein Baltimore, MDL Chaim: Tonight (Sun) at 1318 Carroll St., 7:30 PMNew Engagement Mendel Tenenbaum Irvine, CA to Etty Heber (bas r Noach) Crown HeightsL Chaim: Tonight (Sun.) at Rubashkin (Sukkah) 1349 President St.Daily Rambam Shiur with Rabbi Moshe Wolberg of Manchester, England: What separates a Reshus Harabim from a Reshus Hayachid? Video This Motzei Shabbos the central Tomchei Temimim, the 770 Yeshiva, commemorated the birthday of its founder, the Rebbe Rashab, with a lively farbrengen led by Reb Shlomo Zarchi. The farbrengen was live-streamed, enabling many others to participate as well. Full Story, Photos, Video There are few bonds closer than that of Rebbe & talmid. One widow told a remarkable story this week of a bond between her husband and his Rav that was so close, they even died together: Full Story London Shliach Rabbi Mendel Kalmenson and Washington, DC attorney Nat Lewin will be the featured speakers of the virtual Grand Event of the International Kinus Hashluchim, replacing the gala banquet. Full Story From the COLlive inbox: This past Motzei Shabbos, the minute I turned on my phone, I was flooded by notifications. Even WhatsApp groups that generally managed to steer clear of politics were buzzing with activity. Full Story As 650 bochurim prepare to take the first Halikut test today, shluchim of the participating yeshivas gathered on a zoom call with Rabbi Shmuly Avtzon, director of Sichos in English and mashpia in 770, who oversees the Halikut tests.Full Story, Photos At 24, Esther Malka Porush was faced with a difficult dilemma few will ever face and she took the hard route for the right reason. Coming from a poor family of 16, she knew her parents wouldn’t be able to afford to marry her off so she decided to push off her wedding, in a community where marrying before 20 is the norm, by a half a decade. Full Story Chassidus Club, MyShliach’s newest program, brings together junior shluchim and shluchos from around the world, every Sunday morning, for a two-hour program filled with learning, Chassidishe inspiration and friendship. Full Story Join Live today at 1:00 PM ET: Women and girls are invited to join an online Candlelighting Celebration with singer and songwriter Tzirel Liba Mitzmann. Live Join Live at 6:30 PM ET: Tune in to the most exhilarating event that Jewish entertainment has ever seen, featuring Avraham Fried accompanied by the 60 piece Freilich Philharmonic Orchestra, singers Shulem Lemmer and Eli Marcus, and inspiration by Rabbi Y.Y. Jacobson and Charlie Harary. Full Story, Photos, Video Chabad of Solihull in the English Midlands, directed by Rabbi Yehuda and Dinie Pink, has expanded their award-winning activities for Senior Citizens especially critical during COVID 19. Full Story, Video Hashovas Aveida7 hours agoLost Dark Brown ShaitelLost a dark brown Shaitel very likely on Crown between Brooklyn and NY. If found please contact 917-685-4808. Thank you! 3 days agoFound on Chol Hamoed watch on kingston between Union and # 7706667066 3 days agoLost cash on Kingston Ave Between BOA and Montgomery on ThursdayWithdrew cash from the bank on Thursday around 12:15 and I am missing a few hundred dollars. I walked down Kingston to Montgomery and turned right.If found please contact 347-247-9907 3 days agoFur CollarFound a fur collar on Crown between Kingston and Albany. text me at 412-294-7737. 6 days agoRebbe dollarFound a Rebbe dollar on the street. Has writing on it.If you have simanim, call: 347 770 0191 1 week ago*FOUND* wallet at Kol TuvPlease text 3477703046 with simanim. 2 weeks agoLost Carolina Lemke Black round sunglassesLost my glasses carolina lemke brand. Please contact 9172076139 2 weeks agoSTROLLER FOUNDNavy Blue stroller found on Crown Between Brooklyn and NYemail [email protected] 2 weeks agoLOST RINGI lost a silver ring with flowers on it between the blocks crown between Brooklyn and ny, Brooklyn between carol and crown, and Caroll between Brooklyn and Kingston today at 4:30 2 weeks agoBlanket found on Eastern ParkwayBlue baby blanket found on Eastern Parkway.Text to 718-753-1477 All Hashovas AveidaRecent Simchas Gegent is a business and community directory created by COLLive to promote community businesses and help consumers find helpful and up-to-date information and reviews on shopping, products, vendors and services.

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