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X-FILES 3 novels, 2 short stories, commentary, favorite episodes PERRY RHODAN A description of the longest running sci fi series of all time BOOKBINDING 101 How anyone can make professional-looking paperbacks at home BOOKBINDING 201 Make professional-looking hardbacks at home RETIEF OF THE CDT 2 stories, episode list, series explanation THE GREAT COW EMPIRE A short allegorical warning MELVIN COGSWORTH, P.D. 5 humorous stories about metal detecting STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE 1 novel and the Internet's most complete DS9 link list FAN FICTION WRITING PAGES Techniques to improve anyone's writing GREATEST QUOTES OF ALL TIME Wisdom from the wisest of the wise GOR: THE GREATEST ADVENTURE SERIES THAT NEVER HAPPENED Antiques: ANTIQUE SEWING MACHINES VIDEO! The story of the May sisters 4 NEW MACHINES!!! THE MYSTERY OF THE MAGICAL SPOON THE MYSTERY OF THE FORGOTTEN TABLE Pages Dealing with Chocolate: GROWING COCOA Cultivation of the cacao tree and bean harvest CHOCOLATE TESTING 84 brands of milk chocolate compared CHOCOLATE HISTORY From discovery to the confection we enjoy today CHOCOLATE DOCTORING Altering commercial chocolates HOW TO EAT CHOCOLATE Techniques to maximize your pleasure HERSHEY'S VINTAGE PAGE Vintage quality for Hershey's MERCKEN'S VINTAGE PAGE Vintage quality Mercken's HOW CHOCOLATE IS MADE The entire process from pod to bar CANDY BAR AUTOPSY PAGE Photos of 62 dissected candy bars HOW TO MAKE CHOCOLATE AT HOME My first two attempts and results EXPERIMENTS IN TEMPERING CHOCOLATE Comparing different techniques Pages Dealing with Music: AMERICAN PIE VIDEO! A line-by-line analysis of this iconic song BOOGIE WOOGIE! VIDEO! History, definition, top Boogie Woogie songs, and piano midi samples TWO MUST-HAVE ALBUMS Two great collections to make at home ROCK ROLL REVOLUTION VIDEO! Charting history's greatest music takeover GREATEST MUSIC HITS OF ALL TIME VIDEO! Megahits from 1890 to 2006 HOW TO BUILD A BLUE MAN DRUMBONE VIDEO! THE SCHMIDT FAMILY CHRISTMAS ALBUM The best versions of 28 classics WHAT'S NEW, THE LINDA RONSTADT CONCERT VIDEO! Songs' original singers GREATEST MUSICAL PERFORMERS OF ALL TIME Musical superstars from 1880 to now COLLECTABLE BILLY JOEL CONCERT PASS PAGE ELVIS PRESLEY - BING CROSBY COMPARISON PAGE MOST POPULAR ENTERTAINER OF THE 20TH CENTURY STYLE WARS: RAGTIME vs HONKY TONK vs BOOGIE WOOGIE Pages Dealing with Movies: ON APPROVAL VIDEO! Dedicated to the funniest play ever staged THE BIG SLEEP 65 images with comments about this film noir classic SWEET SIXTEEN The funniest and most hated British sitcom ever aired BOX OFFICE DATA Box office totals, ticket prices, screen counts and more from 1929 to present 2019 UPDATE!!! MEETING OF MINDS The most innovative television show ever aired BING CROSBY MOVIE PAGE Comparing Bing and Elvis Presley's theatrical successes DOWNTON ABBEY TRIVIA PAGE TO THE MANOR BORN TRIVIA PAGE THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING ERNEST CHRISTMAS MOVIE RECOMMENDATIONS THE 20 MOST POPULAR MOVIES OF ALL TIME THE SECRET LIVES OF THE ORCS OF MORDOR Activities for Children: GEM HUNT VIDEO! DIY FLOGOS VIDEO! to make foam that floats in the air FOSSIL HUNT A homemade dinosaur dig kids love LIGHT DOODLING VIDEO! How to use a camera to turn a TV into a doodling pad WATER SCOOTERS VIDEO! MONSTER CROQUET VIDEO! How to combine croquet and miniature gold for an afternoon of fun GLOW INK ACTIVITIES VIDEO! NEW PAGE!!! GLOW PICTURE CRAFT VIDEO! DISSOLVING M M FLOWERS VIDEO! NEW PAGE!!! PRINTABLE ORIGAMI CLAWS VIDEO! HOW TO SOLVE A 15-PUZZLE SPACESHIP COLORING PAGES VIDEO! 20 free crayon coloring pages HOW TO SOLVE A RUBIK'S CUBE Simple mnenomic trick makes it easier! HOW TO MAKE BUTTON SPINNERS VIDEO! HOW TO IMPROVE THE GAME OF SORRY VIDEO! to add novelty cards that make this classic game even more fun. HOW TO BUILD A GIANT KALEIDOSCOPE VIDEO! HOW TO MAKE A VIDEO INFINITY MIRROR VIDEO! HOW TO PRINT COLORED PAPER AIRPLANES HOW TO MAKE THE LOUDEST PAPER POPPER VIDEO! HOW TO BUILD AND PLAY THE ROYAL GAME OF UR VIDEO! PAGE!!! HOW TO MAKE A PETAL DRUM OUT OF A HELIUM TANK VIDEO! HOW TO MAKE A ROOM LOOK LIKE A MEDIEVAL CASTLE VIDEO! GUILOWS PIPER SUPER CUB 95 CONSTRUCTION HINTS AND SUGGESTIONS VIDEO! Food: CAKE! How to make the best tasting cakes from mixes COOKING VIDEO! 51 home-developed and tested recipes CUPCAKES! VIDEO! hints for making the best cupakes DOUGHNUTS How to make professional quality doughnuts at home! TASTE TESTS VIDEO! 104 different food brands compared APPLE CIDER VIDEO! 37 varieties of apples tested to see which makes the best cider BUTTERHORNS the world's most delectable cookie THE JOY OF JELLO SCOTTISH SHORTBREAD CAKE BATTER ICE CREAM How to make the world's best tasting ice cream THE EGG McMUFFIN PAGE History of and how to make the best Egg McMuffins! WHIPPED CREAM DELIGHTS THE VANILLA PUDDING PAGE How to make the world's best vanilla pudding! POPCORN COMPARISON PAGE 19 gourmet popcorns taste tested! THE COCA COLA VINTAGE PAGE Taste tests of bottled vintages to see which are the best FOR THE LOVE OF FIG NEWTONS History, taste tests and FAQs HOW TO MAKE A RAINBOW CAKE VIDEO! recipe and technique for make this great show-stopper HOW TO MAKE THE BEST APPLE PIE VIDEO! Innovative techniques for pie baking TASTE TESTING ARTISANAL HONEYS Taste testing exotic single-flower honeys HOW TO MAKE BAUMKUCHEN AT HOME VIDEO! revolutionary technique for making traditional German Baumkuchen in the home kitchen. HOW TO DECORATE MARTIAN CUPCAKES VIDEO! HOW TO MAKE PERFECT SOFT BOILED EGGS VIDEO! HOW TO MAKE THE VERY BEST BAKED APPLES VIDEO! revolutionary way to bake apples WHAT RESTAURANTS SHOW YOU IS NOT WHAT YOU GET HOW TO INSULATE COOKIE SHEETS FOR BETTER BAKING VIDEO! Jelly Belly Jelly Beans: JELLY BELLY COLOR IDENTIFICATION AND FLAVOR GUIDE VIDEO! HOW TO SORT JELLY BELLY JELLY BEANS VIDEO! SURPRISING JELLY BELLY DISCOVERY VIDEO! JELLY BELLY GAMES VIDEO! Gardening: JAWS VIDEO! Venus Fly Trap information page ROSES Experiments in growing fragrant tea roses TOMATOES VIDEO!!! The sweetest cherry and best tasting beefsteaks GARDENING Fifty fruit, vegetable and flower articles SOIL TESTING Seven soil test kits compared! POTTING SOIL Seed germination and plant growth rates for 6 brands JUST FLOWERS Pictures of flowers in my garden SOLARIZATION Comparing 10 different techniques MORNING GLORIES FLOWERING BULBS Experiments in growing bulbs CANTERBURY BELLS VIDEO! How to grow these great flowers WAR OF THE NEMATODES GROWING RANUNCULUSES Planting guide EXTREME MELON GROWING Grow the sweetest melons! CONQUER HOSE REEL KINKING! FLUORESCENT PLANT LIGHTING HOW TO CURE POWDERY MILDEW VIDEO! HOW TO GROW SUPER TRANSPLANTS WHY DRY PEAT MOSS REPELS WATER THE UGLY TRUTH ABOUT COMPOSTING HOW TO PREVENT VINCA SUDDEN DEATH MY WATERING AND FERTIGATION SYSTEM HOW TO GROW A LARGE BED OF ASIATIC LILIES VIDEO! INTERVIEW WITH A CARNIVOROUS PLANT GROWER Kaleidoscopes: MY KALEIDOSCOPE MY NEWEST KALEIDOSCOPES VIDEO! KALEIDOSCOPE MIRROR DESIGNS VIDEO! Exploring Kaleidoscope Mirror Systems CHEAP KALEIDOSCOPE DISSECTION REPORT LINKS TO SOME GREAT KALEIDOSCOPE SITES MY VISIT TO THE EILEEN KREMEN KALEIDOSCOPE GALLERY Pictures and comments Hobbies: BETTAS VIDEO! 50 pages about bettas GREAT KITES! Not dime-store toys. These are eye-popping monsters HUMMINGBIRDS! VIDEO! to get a hummingbird to sit on your finger! INSANE PROJECTS Some of my odd-ball projects METAL DETECTING A brutally honest metal detector evaluation SWORDS OF GLASS VIDEO! Playing guide with screen shots for this classic game CRYSTAL GROWING VIDEO! How to grow crystals COMEBACK GLIDERS VIDEO! perfect glider for indoor flying DEATH MASTER 3000 The ultimate Nerf terror weapon CPS 2000 SUPER SOAKER VIDEO! The biggest, baddest production squirt gun ever made! UKRAINIAN EASTER EGGS My bumbling attempts to learn this great art form RELAXING MOMENTS PUZZLES HOW TO MAKE A KALLIROSCOPE VIDEO! LIGHTSABER BLADE EXPERIMENTS VIDEO! Developing the world's brightest blade VIDEO! HOW TO BUILD A SIMPLE HOVERCRAFT VIDEO! that's needed is a piece of plywood, some plastic and an electric blower to make something even adults can ride. HOW TO BUILD A WAVE MOTION MACHINE VIDEO! HOW TO BUILD THE SIMPLEST ELECTRIC TRAIN VIDEO! DIY electric train with no moving parts FRACTAL LICHTENBERG FIGURE WOOD BURNING USING ELECTRICITY VIDEO! Detailed instructions for this unusual artform Backyard Gold Prospecting: HOW TO DEMAGNETIZE GOLD PROSPECTING TWEEZERS VIDEO! HOW TO REMOVE SILT AND CLAY FROM GOLD PAYDIRT VIDEO! HOW MUCH IS MY PLACER GOLD WORTH? VIDEO! BACKYARD GOLD PROSPECTING VIDEO! How to prospect for gold in the comfort of your own home COBRA CRUSHER REVIEW VIDEO! How well it works and an important assembly hint GOLD PAY DIRT REVIEWS See who sells the richest paydirt! MAGNETIC SEPARATORS VIDEO! Does using magnetic separators lose gold? GARRETT SUPER SLUICE VIDEO! How to make the world's best gold pan even better HOW GOLD CAN FLOAT VIDEO! Surface tension explained, how it makes gold float and how to eliminate it. Bubble Blowing: GIANT BUBBLES VIDEO! Experiments in how to blow the biggest bubbles BUBBLE BLOWING VIDEO! Bubble solutions and machines HOW TO BLOW THE SMALLEST SOAP BUBBLES VIDEO! to build a bubble machine the blows mini-bubbles Pinewood Derby Racing: HOW TO ASSEMBLE A BESTTRACK ALUMINUM PINEWOOD DERBY TRACK VIDEO! WHY MORE PEOPLE SHOULD BE BUILDING PINEWOOD DERBY CARS VIDEO! HOW TO PUT A CHROME FINISH ON A PINEWOOD DERBY CAR VIDEO! HOW TO MAKE A HOLLOW BODY PINEWOOD DERBY CAR VIDEO! HOW TO BUILD THE FASTEST PINEWOOD DERBY CAR VIDEO! Detailed instructions for how to make a race-winning car HOW TO HOST A FAMILY PINEWOOD DERBY RACE VIDEO! HOW TO BUILD A PINEWOOD DERBY TRACK VIDEO! PINEWOOD DERBY CAR KIT COMPARISONS VIDEO! What's inside the boxes of the four most popular kits PINEWOOD DERBY CAR RAIL RIDER TESTS VIDEO! Are rail riding cars faster? THE HISTORY OF THE PINEWOOD DERBY VIDEO! AWANA GRAND PRIX RACE CARS VIDEO! How to build the fastest AWANA race car PINEWOOD DERBY RULES Comparing different rule sets, what they mean and a recommended set of rules Drawing Machines: PINTOGRAPHS How to make and use a pintograph HARMONOGRAPHS VIDEO! How to make and use a harmonograph LUMISCOPE DRAWING MACHINE VIDEO! to make this glow-in-the-dark drawing machine PENDULIGHT DRAWING MACHINE VIDEO! How to build and use a pendulum drawing machine. THE ILLUMICON DRAWING MACHINE VIDEO! How to draw with light! HYPNO-LUMICON DRAWING MACHINE VIDEO! THE MESMERGRAPH DRAWING MACHINE VIDEO! machine the draws patterns in sand JOE FREEDMAN'S AMAZING CYCLOID DRAWING MACHINE A review of this outstanding device World of Warcraft: WHY I QUIT EVEN THOUGH I LOVE THE GAME STORMWIND CITY A very large map of the famous city in World of Warcraft FIGUREPRINTS VIDEO! The perfect memento to honor your favorite World of Warcraft character Pages About Weaving: TRIANGLE LOOMS How build and weave on them AN ENGINEER WARPS A LOOM A fast and simple way to warp a loom LOST ART OF KNITTING NANCYS VIDEO! How to make and weave with a Knitting Nancy PRECISION VARIEGATED WARPING Create solid blocks of color! FIVE TRICKS TO IMPROVE AN INEXPENSIVE INKLE LOOM HOW TO MAKE A MAGNETIC BASKET WEAVING PLATFORM VIDEO! Addams Family Pinball Pages: THE BEST PINBALL GAMES FROM THE VPFORUMS.ORG WEBSITE MY ADDAMS FAMILY PINBALL GAME CENTER How I set up my game ADDAMS FAMILY GAME MODIFICATIONS How I customized my TAF THE ADDAMS FAMILY PINBALL GAME Playfield details and ball aiming ALTERNATE TAF GAMES TO PLAY Fun drills and shot sequences to try! THE RESTORATION FROM HELL What went wrong with a restoration PLAYFIELD RESTORATION Restoring a seriously abused TAF playfield PLATINUM EDITION TAF My fantasies about making a dream Addams Family game MALFUNCTION SURVEY 50 owners discuss reliability, problems and fixes DMD SCREEN SHOTS 100 Dot Matrix Display Screen Captures! MY TAF PROBLEMS Ways it broke and how they were fixed MYLAR REMOVAL Five removal techniques compared ODDS AND ENDS Rumminations that don't fit on the other pages ASTRONOMY PAGES: TELESCOPE MAKING 21 telescope making articles STELLAR ASTERISMS Locations and sketches of 62 asterisms SOLARSCOPE REVIEW VIDEO! THE MAKING OF VOYAGERA motorized chair for giant binoculars HOW TO ALIGN BINOCULARS VIDEO! OBSERVATIONAL ASTRONOMY The best objects in 15 constellations ASTRONOMICAL PHOTOGRAPHS My choices for Hubble's best photos SUNSPOTTER SOLAR TELESCOPE REVIEW VIDEO! GREEN LASER POINTERS FOR STAR PARTIES HOW TO FIND AND IDENTIFY MICROMETEORITES VIDEO! HOW TO BUILD AN ASTRONOMICAL BINOCULAR CHAIR VIDEO! Pages Related to Photography: INTRODUCTION My photographic expertise and purpose of these pages ODDBALL IMAGES Some of the strange images available on this site MY BETTER PICTURES My best work IMAGES ON THE INTERNET Comparison of JPEG sampling densities PICTURES OF HUMMINGBIRDS LENSES FOR THE CANON EOS 20D Canon, Sigma, Tamron, Tokina lenses SONY DSC-F707 DIGITAL CAMERA A photographic sub-novice reviews this camera CANON 100mm F2.8 MACRO LENS A performance evaluation page BUILD YOUR OWN FLASH FOCUSER Triple your flash's range for only $5 MARVIN SCHMIDT'S PHOTOGRAPHS My brother's work PHOTOGRAPHIC PRODUCT REVIEWS WHY I PURCHASED A CANON EOS 20D CANON MP-E 65mm 1-5x MACRO LENS ELIMINATE DEPTH OF FIELD CONFUSION HOW TO MAKE 3D POKESCOPE IMAGE PAIRS CANON 580EX SPEEDLITE FLASH DURATIONS FEATURES I WISH CAMERAS AND LENSES HAD COMPARING THE CANON 20D TO THE NIKON D70 HOW TO STRETCH THE DEPTH OF FIELD IN A PRINT WHICH COMPANY MAKES THE BEST CAMERA LENSES? EXPERIMENTS WITH CLOSE-UP LENSES AND TUBE EXTENSIONS Pages Dealing with Medical Issues: COLDS Everything you want to know about them MY HERNIA A record of symptoms, the operation, and healing BRAIN FREEZES What they are and what causes them HEART ATTACK 101 My symptoms, surgery and recovery MY LASIK EXPERIENCE A detailed account of having the new wavefront LASIK THE REVITALIZE STUDY Experiences of a stem cell test subject ALMOST LOSING AN EYE NUTRITION AND EXERCISE Vitamin, mineral and exercise information MY LINGUAL FRENECTOMY FLIRTING WITH DEPRESSION My clinical depression and its cure PLAYING THE SUPPLEMENTS GAME Lessons learned and tricks of the trade MY EXPERIENCE WITH SHIN SPLINTS How I got them and the cure ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHY FOR DUMMIES MECHANICAL ANIMAL AUTOPSY REPORT Just a little fun MY ROTATOR CUFF SURGERY EXPERIENCE What it was like and how it healed Sports: ARCHERY A hint to give you an extra point per in BILLIARDS Articles on shafts, custom cues, tables, chalk, and much more TWO USEFUL PING-PONG TOOLS Stop breaking your back picking up balls AN UNCONVENTIONAL DART GAME A different target for a challenging game Science: SILLY PUTTY What it is, its history, how to make it and experiements with it MAGIC ROCKS VIDEO! Information about these stalagmite growing kits ANTIBUBBLES VIDEO! What they are and how to make them AIR BLASTERS VIDEO! Smoke-ring and air-puff guns AFTER IMAGES How to make and what causes ghost images when you close your eyes MYSTERY EGGS A case study showing where many the pages on this site come from PLASMA LAMPS VIDEO! A simplified explanation of how they work IRIDIUM FLARES What they are and how to see them. LUCID DREAMING How to live your wildest fantasies! FECHNER COLORS VIDEO! How spinning black and white disks produce colors OPTICAL ILLUSIONS Interesting and entertaining illusions DIY SOUND VISUALIZER VIDEO! MICROSCOPIC POND LIFE VIDEO! Pictures, videos and techniques for viewing common microbes HOW SUPER GLUE WORKS PERMANENT MAGNET GUNS VIDEO! HOW MUSICAL TOPS WORK VAN DE GRAAFF GENERATORS VIDEO! Buying, using, and how to make them MY ELECTRIC ROCKET ENGINE The USAF's starship Enterprise's impulse engines MENTOS - DIET COKE GEYSERS Create the highest eruption HOW TO MAKE A SINGING TUBE VIDEO! to make tubes that produce sound from heat THE TRUTH ABOUT SARAN WRAP What really makes it so sticky DUST FIREBALL MATERIAL TESTS VIDEO! Ten powders tested to see which produces the best fireball explosion WINTERGREEN LIFESAVER FLASH VIDEO! Why it happens with photos ELECTRIC ROCKET ENGINE BASICS How different electric thusters work BUILD YOUR OWN JACOB'S LADDER VIDEO! WHAT'S INSIDE AN LED LIGHT BULB VIDEO! HOW TO BUILD A SIMPLE FERROCELL VIDEO! HOW TO BUILD A HOMOPOLAR MOTOR VIDEO! Detailed explanations of how they work and how to make them WHAT'S INSIDE LED FLAME EFFECT BULBS VIDEO! SUPER-BRIGHT GLOW-IN-THE-DARK PAINT VIDEO! HOW TO MAKE AND USE A CLOUD CHAMBER VIDEO! New video of a cosmic ray collision THE FASCINATING WORLD OF ICE AND SALT How salt melts ice and makes it colder HOW TO MAKE THREE DIMENSIONAL IMAGES ULTRA-FAST NUCLEAR DETONATION PICTURES Strange images you won't believe PHYSICS AND PSYCHOLOGY OF MURPHY'S LAW HOW SWINGING STICKS KINETIC SCULPTURES WORK VIDEO! AN ENGINEERING APPROACH TO PSYCHIC RESEARCH What a team of PhDs found THE HIDDEN COST OF RESIDENTIAL SOLAR ENERGY SYSTEMS LENZ'S LAW: MAGNET FALLING DOWN THROUGH A COPPER TUBE VIDEO! the magnet falls so slowly THE AFFECT OF PRIMITIVE INSTINCTS ON MODERN MALE BEHAVIOR THE HISTORY, SCIENCE AND SPEED TRICKS OF DRINKING BIRD TOYS VIDEO! Comparison Pages: ANT WARS How to get them out of your house CAT WARS! A comparison of products to keep cats out of a yard OPAL HUNT! VIDEO! My experience purchasing opals on the Internet PRODUCT TESTS VIDEO! Over 100 toys, tools, odds and ends evaluated TELEVISION PIXEL PAGE Comparing magnified images of TV pixels DRAGON NATURALLY SPEAKING A test of this popular voice recognition software WHAT'S THE BEST SEARCH ENGINE TASTE TESTING ARTISANAL HONEYS Taste testing exotic single-flower honeys THE BEST PLACE IN THE USA TO LIVE Based on weather and other factors AQUARIUM AIR STONE COMPARISONS VIDEO! bubblers tested to see which works best THE BEST TOWNS IN CALIFORNIA TO LIVE ANTI-SPYWARE SOFTWARE COMPARISONS 7 programs compared HOW MUCH TODAY'S STUFF WOULD COST LONG AGO Inflation across 2 centuries HOW MUCH COMMERCIAL TIME HAS GROWN OVER THE YEARS Assorted Subject Pages: ABOUT ME A brief biography of this website's owner RAMBLINGS Articles on the strange and mundane GHOST PAGES Explanation and list of lost pages that still exist MY PLEO PAGE VIDEO! Raising a robotic dinosaur ASSORTED LINKS A collection of assorted links SEND ME AN EMAIL Temporarily turned off ABOUT THIS AND THAT How this site came to be BICENTENNIAL QUARTERS 2020 UPDATE!!! WKRP IN CINCINNATI PAGE Episode guide and WKRP DVD review DIY NO-SEW QUILT BOARDS VIDEO! HOW TO SOLVE A 15-PUZZLE HOW TO SOLVE A RUBIK'S CUBE Simple mnenomic trick makes it easier! HOW MUCH DOES ADSENSE PAY estimate how much you can earn with Adsense ETCH A SKETCH AUTOPSY REPORT What's inside, how they work THE PRINCIPLE OF UNIVERSITALITY HOW TO BUILD AND PLAY THE ROYAL GAME OF UR VIDEO! PAGE!!! WAR SURPLUS M67 IMMERSION HEATER RESTORATION VIDEO! WHAT IT'S LIKE TO GO TO PBS's ANTIQUES ROADSHOW HOW TO MAKE A ROOM LOOK LIKE A MEDIEVAL CASTLE VIDEO! PLEASE LOOK HERE IF PAGES OR PICTURES DON'T OPEN VICTORIAN DOMESTIC SERVANT HIERARCHY AND WAGES 2010 CONSUMERS ELECTRONICS SHOW: A FIRST-TIMER'S EXPERIENCES WIFE'S PAGES: GAIL SCHMIDT'S WEBSITE My wife's Inspirational poetry ANTIQUE SEWING MACHINES The story of the May sisters GAIL SCHMIDT'S PHOTOGRAPHY For even more interesting information, please be sure to visit my youtube channel! Site Statistics: 538 pages, 5,000 images, 409 videos and over 1,700,000 words covering more than 400 subjects. .

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Wayne Schmidt's multi-topic site covering everything from telescope making and betta breeding to the strange world of lucid dreaming

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