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Review your website for free on RankWise RankWise offers you the best free website tool online. Enter your website. We measure the results, you fix and enjoy ! Professional SEO dashboard for a fraction of the cost Free trial included, get started immediately Practical and clear solutions for your website Start your SEO Dashboard FREE TRIAL White label solutions for SEO professionals. Easy to implement and full technical support White label reports SEO scan api and plugin Keyword tracking Full technical support Contact us for White label SEO Duplicate content can harm your website ! That is why we have added the duplicate content scan to our Dashboard Use your SEO Dashboard to locate duplicate content on your website! Be eligible to win a free subscription on a daily basis We are proud to present the new and improved Site Detective! As we want to share are excitement about this new feature we are giving away a free dashboard on a daily basis to our followers on Google+ and Facebook. Be sure to follow us and become eligible for a free dashboard subscription! Become eligible and follow us on Google+ and facebook Join us If you want to be eligible you must follow our Facebook page or Google+ page. Site Detective The Site Detective is a new feature that we added to our already comprehensive SEO tool and dashboard. We index your site to find the most common made mistakes and point them out to you. These mistakes are otherwise difficult to find and RankWise makes this very easy to do so. Things the site detective looks for are forgotten inline CSS styls, CSS declarations, missing titles and much more.

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