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Hating Jews—the Enduring Curse Anti-Semitism is a critical issue for every ethically sensitive human being. When G7 leaders convene this week to discuss Afghanistan, they should be clear about the core goals: extricate their nationals and Afghan partners, and then work constructively with China, Russia, and other interested parties to end the country's 40-year downward spiral. Enough of destruction; it is time to build. Read more... "Dominion" must be understood as a loving relationship with the entire natural world. Read more... The tragic deaths of 215 Indigenous children not only reveals the horrors of Canadian settler colonialism at the heart of Canada's policies, but it also exposes how a politics of systemic racism and disposability is reproduced by the erasure of history, writes Henry A. Giroux. Read more...More articles in Justice for All...Israel/Palestine A Christian Liberation organization shares its perspective on recent news from Palestine. Read more... What is really at stake is a theology of sex, especially impressed on Christianity by the sex-obsessed Augustine of Hippo Read more... Many Orthodox Jews violate Jewish ethics and laws Read more... Atomic dangers may be reason to worry about growing re-legitimation of German militarism. Read more... In patriarchal social orders, we are socialized out of our biology, domesticated into a patriarchal existence of scarcity, separation, and powerlessness. Where control is a primary mode of functioning, mistrust is rampant, and generosity seems foolish.Finding our way back to flow means walking back, upstream and uphill. Read more... A review and response to Amy-Jill Levine and Marc Zvi Brettler’s The Bible With and Without Jesus: How Jews and Christians Read the Bible Differently (HarperOne, 2020). Read more... You’ve said that you’re both pro-Palestine and pro-Israel. How does that work?I’ve read a lot in Tikkun about how capitalism is morally bankrupt, but I don’t see another alternative. If we don’t have capitalism, what will we have?Rabbi Michael Lerner answers your questions.Submit a question How to Be an Activist Spiritual activists bring spiritual and psychological wisdom and a commitment to healing and transforming the world to their activism. We practice empathy in word and deed, build beloved communities, and work transform consciousness. We help decode how things have gotten to this point and what is needed on a systemic level to turn things around.Tips on how to be a spiritual activist:Affirm the Humanity of Self and Others (even those with whom we do not agree and whose behavior we are challenging)Advocate for a World Based on a New Bottom LineSupport a Sacred Relationship with the Earth and Celebrate the Awe and Wonder of the UniverseHonor Our Diversity of Faith, Belief, and ReasonShare a Vision of the World You Want (not simply what you’re against)Be Unrealistic’ (put forth proposals that are deemed unrealistic )Engage in Non-Violent Action Grounded in the Above ValuesRead more here.

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The Prophetic Jewish, Interfaith & Secular Voice to Heal and Transform the World

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