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Me, sick.One of the first recipes I posted way back in the day was for something I called "Sick Day Soup" - basically just a half-assed semi-homemade chicken noodle soup that I made for Kendrick whenever he was feeling bad. In keeping with most (all?) of the recipes I posted back then, it was full of shortcuts (using store-bought broth, pre-shredded chicken, whatever), and while I continue to think those shortcuts make sense for everyday cooking, sometimes - like when a person you care about is sick - it's nice to level it up and make something really warming and healing and special.Enter: My new and improved Sick Day Soup. It takes awhile to make, but actually requires very little in the way of effort - most of it's just letting the ingredients cook themselves down on the stovetop while your home fills with wonderful smells. And the results? Are spectacular, and 100% worth the time. (I delivered a big jar of this stuff to my sick friend, and then polished off the rest - literally all of the rest - myself.) I've always been intimidated by the idea of contouring, but this singlehandedly transformed my daily makeup routine. I have cheekbones now! (Use code JORDAN15 at checkout for a discount.) Speaking of contouring: this Charlotte Tilbury product is great. This, for the very spoiled kitty cats in your life. Today is the official release date of The Big Activity Book for Divorced People (order here!), woo! To celebrate, I tried A New Thing (divorce! evolution!). Caveat: I have zero technical skills and essentially just tried to teach myself how to use GarageBand while sitting under a sheet, so suggestions and feedback are welcome. I have a few more of these planned, so I'd also love to hear whether you...you know...like this.Listen away below! This is the most interesting thing about me, according to many, many (most?) people: The fact that I was fired from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.It’s a tricky thing, writing about an incident that so clearly paints me as the sad sack, the bitter ex-actress who coulda been a star! …and then wasn’t, and was instead relegated to a footnote in the storied history of a television show. I’m that guy who was almost on Friends instead of Matt LeBlanc. I’m the fifth Beatle.This is my story.Listen to all the Audioblog episodes here. A decade after my career began, I was fired. And I realized that it had finally happened. I'd been revealed as what I'd been all along: A fraud, whose slights of hand nobody seemed to recognize as trickery save for me.All episodes here.My children have moved several times over the course of their lives. Probably too many. I have worried about this - about the effect all these moves might have on their sense of security; their understanding of "home." Not long ago, I confessed this to a friend - one who has moved her own children several times, including transcontinentally - and what she said to me was this: "There are parents who stay still. You don't. That's simply the mother they have, and it's neither a good thing nor a bad thing...it's just one of the things that make your family what it is."I like to think that's true; that they'll grow up feeling like they've had the opportunity to experience many different places, and that those places - and the people who they've met and loved - are still a part of them. It is true that they have a mother who is restless, and who tends to impose her restlessness upon them, but along with all that restlessness comes adventure.I grew up in a completely different set of circumstances. Shortly after I was born, my parents bought an apartment on the West Side of Manhattan, in a converted piano factory with massive arches that used to frame horse stalls, and wrought-iron balconies crisscrossing a large central courtyard that grew tulips in the spring and was the stage for what I firmly believe was the world's scariest Halloween display come fall. Most of the residents were in the theater or film industry; that was who gravitated towards Hell's Kitchen back then - or maybe it was just the only place in the city they could afford. When I was twelve, a director who lived on the first floor asked me - out of the blue - to audition for a commercial, and by the end of the day I had an agent and had set off down a path that would shape the next two decades of my life. I feel the butterfly effects of that chance meeting in my life still. I'd never heard the term "love-bombing" before. And then it happened to me.Pandemic habits got you drinking more than you think you should? This app is a mind-blower.I do not especially love cleaning…but I love Spring Cleaning. Mostly because you can apply the idea way beyond the reaches of your rugs: Spring is a great time to chop off a few inches of hair, streamline your wardrobe to highlight those pieces you really do wear, and whittle down your beauty products to the bare necessities. You can even - stay with me, here - spring clean your mind. (Click here for a Tarot spread for spiritual decluttering.)In other words: I think about it less as "cleaning," and more as "simplifying."Below, alllll the ideas you could possibly want if you're in a simple life kinda mood this weekend. "Ten years ago, after a truly spectacular career implosion, I created Ramshackle Glam to follow my experiments (and frequent failures) in the spheres of fashion, beauty, entertaining, and home décor, and in the years since the site has grown into something I never saw coming." read more Get the glam.Hi! 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