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Traditional Korean antique, arts and crafts, artworks by modern master Korean artists famous for celadon porcelain, white pottery, mother of pearl from the Korea antiques gallery. Korean online shop of Antique Aliveoffers Hanji paper craft as paper lamps, traditional music, unique home decor accessories. Awaken your curiosity about Korea with Antique Alive! Here you can experience the unique culture of this wondrous country. Read about magnificent Korean master artisans who are revitalizing Korean artistic traditions that have existed since time immemorial. Browse our online art gallery representing the works of talented contemporary Korean artists. Plan a wonderful holiday in Korea with our educational, cultural and relaxing tour packages. Shop our online store featuring beautiful, one-of-a-kind traditional handicrafts reborn for modern living spaces and lifestyles. And discover Korean culture through our blog, where you can learn about Korean history, music and dance, art, architecture, food and more. Begin a breathtaking journey of discovery with Antique Alive, and bring the beauty of Korea’s culture and traditions into your home today! Ancient Korean poets often used expressions such as ‘blind silhouettes’ and ‘blind waves’ when they wrote lyrical prose about a summer day. For them, trembling images captured through a bamboo blind waving gently in the cool summer breeze were an important source of poetic inspiration. The role of Korean traditional woven blinds is similar to curtains in that both are used to reduce light or heat. However, while curtains block out light or heat, the translucent blinds allow air to circulate through them and let those inside to see out... more movements of the tassel pendants that gently move in the... more K-Classical (Korean traditional music), the mother of K-Pop, is distinguished from other Asian or Western music by its unique tempo distribution, warm and soft tone color, calm and meditative character, and spontaneous creativity and cheerful mood in folk music. Korea is a country renowned for its rich cultural and aesthetic beauty borne from its noble history dating back 5,000 years. Come visit Korea and begin a fantastic journey into the cultural traditions of the past today! Visit our store and discover naturally beautiful Korean handicrafts created from traditions lasting millennia! Korea possesses an amazing culture that blends ancient traditions with contemporary lifestyles. In these blog posts you will experience a taste of Korean culture and learn about Korea's incredible history, exquisite architecture, traditional dance and music, beautiful Buddhist arts and breath-taking natural wonders. Open your heart and mind, and experience "The Land of the Morning Calm" in its astounding grandeur. essays provide resources and in-depth information about Korean Handicrafts and arts, including historical backgrounds and details of techniques and designs, as well as the poignant life stories of the master artists. Traditional Korean arts, antique and crafts, works of art by master modern Korean artists renowned for Buddha statue, jade sculpture, grass weaving from the Korea antiques gallery. Korean online shop of Antique Aliveoffers mulberry paper craft as paper lamps, classical music, unique home decor accessories. 2516, 623 Gaeporo, Gangnam, Seoul 135-989 South KoreaPhone: +82-26247-3111, Email: support@antiquealive.comBusiness Registration Number: 120-87-84076, Gangnam Online Shopping Mall Number: 01788

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Traditional Korean gift store online selling Korean arts: South Korean antiques, art and craft. Traditional anniversary gifts by year, Korean antique, arts and crafts, artworks by modern master Korean artists famous for celadon porcelain, white pottery, mother of pearl from the Asian antiques gallery. Korean online shop of Antique Alive offers Hanji paper craft as paper lamps, traditional music, home decor accessories.

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