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Symptom Specific Positional MRI Scanning Only the FONAR UPRIGHT Multi-Position MRI can scan patients in the positions in which they experience problems sitting, standing, bending, leaning, as well as lying down. All other MRIs can only scan patients lying down. The UPRIGHT MRI enables the patient to place himself in the position that generates the pain so that images can be acquired in that very position. Correctly identifying the pain generating pathology can markedly improve patient surgical outcomes. In addition, it enables the surgeon to see all the pathology he has to address, not just the single-position, non-weight-bearing image provided by the conventional MRI. This enables the surgeon to see the full extent to which the disk herniation increases when the patient flexes or extends, or the extent to which the patient's vertebra is sliding back and forth with body position. More For Customers The FONAR UPRIGHT Multi-Position MRI is not just for claustrophobic patients. Unfortunately, the overwhelmingly positive responses from patients to the extraordinary patient-friendly environment of the scanner, especially claustrophobic and very large patients, can overshadow the scanner s most important feature Multi-Position MRI imaging. The UPRIGHT MRI is the only MRI scanner than can scan patients in any position, including sitting, standing, bending (for flexion and extension) or lying down. This unmatched feature is made possible by the scanner s unique magnet configuration. With the opposing magnetic poles oriented vertically, the generous space between them accommodates a special motorized patient bed that can rotate the patient from recumbent to upright. More For Patients Please visit, Health Management Company of America, for Patient Information and Upright MRI locations. Jim McMahon had nearly given up hope, resigned to a lifetime of pain and frightening memory loss. He even considered giving up completely and taking his own life. Then a Long Island doctor helped him find a miracle ... FONAR is currently conducting research studies in a number of areas including Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow (CSF) Studies, Correlated Slice Protocol (CSP) and Scoliosis screening to name a few.More UPRIGHT CSF Videography and QUANTITAVE UPRIGHT CSF Videographics The Discovery of the Abnormal CSF Hydrodynamics of Multiple Sclerosis Patients by the FONAR UPRIGHT Multi-Position MRI (Physiol. Chem. Phys. & Med. NMR (20 September 2011) 41: 1-17) Nobel Prize for MRI Imaging Denied to Raymond V. Damadian a Decade Ago Chem. Educator 2014, 19, 73-90 George Kauffman Department of Chemistry, California State University Fresno, Fresno, CA MRI Videos of the Obstructions of CSF Flow Visualized by the FONAR UPRIGHT MR Imaging of MS Patients More Research


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