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You are the architect of your inner transformation, your full potential is within you, awaiting its awakening. — Payam The world is awash with many practitioner titles which may confuse you. Simply put, I apply traditional and emerging evidence based therapeutic models, combined with Shamanic plant and earth medicines to help you unlock your inner wisdom.I am the guide for your inner healing in a process we undertake together. We will co-create a safe, supported and embodied inner-journey, to unburden blockages, access your own healing and unlock your unlimited potential. Explore Yourself Stories of Seekers“Working with Payam has had an immense impact on my life. I have experienced a profound transformation on the levels of consciousness, emotion, heart, body, mind, and spirit. Payam opened his heart and mind to me, and gave his complete being into my healing process.Payam’s ability to help me was deep, intuitive, compassionate, empathetic, and patient. He has shown me how to open up to truth. His love and concern for the total well being of all who work with him is incredible. I’m so grateful for the new and beautiful path that this work has brought forth.”—Eli G.“Payam has helped me with what no Western practitioner or medical professional was able to - which was uncover and heal the source of my deepest trauma; something that years of therapy alone could not accomplish. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with him, and experience his passion and love for helping others heal and find their souls again, or perhaps for the very first time. Self-love and acceptance have always been very elusive concepts to me, until Payam showed me how truly beautiful (and possible) they are. I very much look forward to continuing this journey of self-love and self-discovery, and strongly encourage others to take this very important leap towards their own self-healing.“— Hope M.“I was honored that we spent a transformative sacred time together! You welcomed me, so that my presence can be supportive to my partner and with open arms you trusted me as an observer learner of your gift as a Shaman healer blending the powers of plant medicine! It was a special healing time I will always cherish!As a trained mental health clinician with a commitment to learning and expanding my understanding and clinical practice in Trauma healing, I thank Payam for his wisdom and gift of elevating my heart and mind to the an alternative form of healing our deeper shadows that can not be to reached solely by traditional Western talk therapies! I witnessed Payam’s healing and forever thankful for expanding my knowledge. Everyday I’m still unfolding the layers of expansiveness!!My deepest gratitude to you!— Glenda Danek, LCSW”I cannot express enough how eternally grateful I am for Payam and his openness, strength, grace, and love. He puts his heart and soul into his work, and through his compassion and dedication, I was guided through some of the deepest work I have ever encountered in my life. Payam created a safe space for me to dive into old wounds and trauma, meet my truest self, and learn to heal through mind, body, soul. His willingness to meet me at every step of the way and help empower the Self that needed to come through has been completely life changing. Since my work with Payam, I am moving through my life in deep awareness love, knowledge of my worth, and clarity of my life path. I am forever thankful!Again- Thank you for your bright light and deep soul.— Ceclili A.“One doesn’t pick a surgeonfor his personality, one picks him for their skill. I came to Payam for a chronic pain that had morphed into a sharp stabbing ache from which I could not find any relief. After two meetings he told me it was rooted somatically to my relationship to my alcoholic mother. I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. During the earth medicine session, he extracted the somatic energy which I could not rid myself of. I cried when I realized the pain was finally gone and I had finally found freedom. Payam empowered me to trust my own instincts, so that I could stand in my own power. to see my own strength and to listen to a higher level of energy connected to me and in me. My life shifted when was able to release my trauma, connect to my higher self and become my own inner healer.Thank you!“— Britt C.


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