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End Your Breastfeeding Problems and Breastfeed Longer! Need a solution to your specific breastfeeding problems?Do you need some help from somebody who has been there, done that and gotten the sore nipples? Well, you have come to the right place!This website is dedicated to the new Mommy who wants to prepare herself for a wonderful bonding time with her child.It is also dedicated to those Mothers who are already breastfeeding, who are searching for ways to increase milk supply, or who have any other specific breastfeeding problem.Table of ContentsMy breastfeeding storyYour commentsPoetry by fellow breastfeeding momsMy Personal Breastfeeding Story I have two children, a boy (Tyler) born in 2007, and a girl (Lisa) born in 2011.When I had Tyler, I was told that he was too "big" to give normal birth to, which I realize now, was a lie. He was only 3,5kg at 38 weeks. I went with it, not knowing any better. I was naive and never once thought about questioning the doctor, and had never even heard of the term "making an informed decision."I had a planned C section, and everything went as planned until I tried to breastfeed. I had absolutely no help whatsoever and knew nothing about breastfeeding. I never really gave it a second thought and always assumed that it would be smooth sailing. Well, I struggled to get him latched on. I assumed that I was not producing enough milk and then started pumping instead of breastfeeding, to see how much I was producing. Well, it all went downhill from there! My milk supply slowly dwindled, and after about two months of trying and crying, I gave up. I went through depression - I felt that I had failed my baby. I believed that I had a low milk supply. Nobody explained the workings of breastfeeding at the hospital, and my mother never breastfed me. I didn't realize that I needed to have my baby physically at the breast to stimulate breast milk production.I wanted to know why I wasn’t able to produce enough milk but found no support online. This was the original reason I started this site. After all the research I did, I realized that there was actually nothing wrong with me (that could not be remedied) and that I was just lacking the info. I was determined to make breastfeeding work the second time around, but at the back of my mind, I still doubted that I could successfully breastfeed.I decided then that I would find out as much as I could about breastfeeding. This website was started to help myself and other mothers with breastfeeding problems. So I did a lot of research and figured out where I had made my mistakes. I loved learning about breastfeeding and loved being able to help other moms, too.I came to the conclusion that I would be better off having a natural birth if I wanted the best chance at breastfeeding my second baby, so I decided to have a Vback (vaginal birth after c-section). I wanted a home, water birth, and I got what I wanted, without a doctor (none of the doctors would support my decision to have a Vback). I found a wonderful midwife (Sue King) and Doula, who were there for me at the end (unfortunately not during my pregnancy).I went into labor two days early, and when the midwife got there, I was already 9cm dilated. I was in labor for a total of six hours. I was very calm, and it was the most peaceful, enjoyable, and empowering experience of my life. The birth was completely natural, with no medication whatsoever.Lisa's Natural Home BirthI had absolutely no problems breastfeeding her - I knew what to do (because of the site and all the research). I am still breastfeeding my little girl at 15 months, and I am loving it. (Update - It's now been over five years - Lisa breastfed until she was two).I am currently studying to become a breastfeeding counselor and birth Doula. I would like to help one mom at a time and make sure that they get what they need and deserve, right through their pregnancies as well as afterward.I hope this encourages somebody.(Join us on our facebook page - "breastfeeding problems" ) Acid reflux or heartburn is quite common during pregnancy and is a result of changing hormones in the body. MyMed has all the information you need on treatment and coping methods.What other Moms have said about our website...Second Time Aroundby Anonymous This web page has given me that little bit more confidence to try breastfeeding again with my second baby due next week!From explaining the colostrum to latching on, and all the benefits of breastfeeding, I would defiantly recommend this web page to ALL pregnant women to help with breastfeeding their babies! Thank you!!Waiting, Not Quite Expectant MotherbyBear Berry(Illinois)I'm doing all that I can before becoming, well hoping to become pregnant.I think that this is the most information and thorough reading I've found!This was very helpful in obtaining new info and renewing info that I've been aware of.Thank you for your effort in advocating for breastfeeding; which in my opinion can open doors for more natural processes such as, non-medicated births. I believe that breastfeeding is a boost in the empowerment of women.This is definitely something that we need in our culture. Thanks again!Best Website I've Come Across!byJessica Serrano(Winston Salem,NC,USA)You have answered pretty much all the doubts and questions I had. I can relate to most of the things on this website! I'm really happy I found it,this will be #1 on my listasthe website to go when I need something cleared out for me!Thank you so much!!I am a mother to a 9-month boy, and I'm solely breastfeeding!ThankyoubyRayna Paana(United States)Thank you thank you thank you! This by far is the most helpful and encouragingwebsite Ihave been to by far. Iwasat a low tonight and needed all the ideas and explanations I found on your page. I will visit again and again! THANK YOU!!!ThankyoubyMelinnaBoyle(Hesperia causa)Thanks!All information given on this page helps so much, thank god the page is here.Loveyou all.Finally someanswers!Helped A Lot!byAnonymousThisactually helped out a whole lot. I couldn't figure out why my daughter kept passing green watery bowel movements. Now I get why! It makes a wholelottasense to me now.This was AWESOME!by Quetta H(San Diego, CA, USA)This was loaded w/ info and not a lengthy read! Quick and to the point and very detailed!! I found the info I wanted/needed, all my questions were answered in the text, and I am completely satisfied! Thank you! :-)HellobyCorinnaThank you, finally an informative and useful- resourceful website.This isn't my first time parenting, but it has been 16 years since the last one.The nurses and their info at the hospital are still generic and suited for the ideal Mom that doesn't exist.I just needed some suggestions for my over-active letdown. And this website is a great resource.Of course, mine doesn't settle after 6 months- it just keeps going.Thank you again!Thanks!!!!byAshleyThiswebsite has given me the confidence and peace of mind about pumping exclusively. I was having problems with very painful breastfeeding from the day my baby was born.We saw a lactation consultant, and I was willing to try everything to make breastfeeding work, but after many feedings where I cried the whole time due to pain, I realized that it was not good for my baby or for myself. I was not enjoying that bonding time with my baby, instead of dreading it, crying, and wincing the whole time. This website has made me feel like I'm still doing what's best for my baby and not like a failure for having to pump or even supplement with formula when pumping isn't enough.THANKS! I feel relieved. Great website with lots of useful information!Thank you verymuchbyMariana Montesinos(Maracay, Venezuela)Thank you very much for all the information you show on this webpage, I had a breastfeeding problem, and after reading your tips and solutions I feel I´m solving everything better with my baby, and we both feel much better now.Thank you again. I put this webpage in my list of favorites, and I always recommend it to other breastfeeding moms :-)Thanks for theinformationby Yoke (Antwerp - Belgium)I've been looking and looking for information about my deformity and am glad to find a nice and clear explanation finally.. With some addedWikipediaworkto getsome details, I can finally tell what's wrong with me.Even though I'm not pregnant, and have nothing close to a child-wish, I found this very informative and so is the rest of the pages I looked at. (justlivingcuriously youknow)Thank Tee(New York)Hi! This has been one of the best websites with breastfeeding information I have come across!My son is 3 months old, and I have been having a low supply of milk, so I think. But this information has helped me to understand these types of issues.So I'm just stopping by to thank you for sharing!Thanks!by AnonymousHello there, I referred to your website earlier morning yesterday. Came across it through a google search.I've had a lot of difficulty in feeding my 2 weeks old baby. AndIwas really planning to give up whenI thought there really may be a way to breastfeed whilelyingdown.That'swhatIgoogled and came across. Really, really help me understand the concept of a good latch and attachment. I can see the difference in the ease of mommy and the baby in just one day.Thanks a lot for the help. Before that feeding times have been more liketug-of-warbetween us. Wordscan'tthankuenough. But still, Ihave to use them. Take care. A lot of prayers foruand the baby.Love, MBreastfeeding Poetry by Breastfeeding Moms Breastfeeding ProblemsBreastfeeding problems can bring you down, but do not fear, I've come to town.To share with you the things I know -things to help your milk to flow. While still pregnant, take the time to bring your nipples up to prime.There's cream to buy to get them ready.And don’t forget baby’s new teddy.Newborn's need to learn to latch and proper position is the catch;The nose and chin should touch your breast, the splayed out lips will do the rest.Latching pain can make you cry -sometimes your nipples are just too dry.Wear loose clothing, avoid all soap, lanolin cream is your best hope. But still, your nipples might get cracked, your boobs might feel like they've been attacked;and then your tender nipples bleed this is not something new moms need.Of course, you want to lose the pain ... it drives a mommy quite insane.Use plain water to keep them clean then use some of your own booby cream. Clogged ducts mean your milk won't drain. These hard lumps can be a pain.They will not harm your little one, but do not let its course just run. First, apply warm cloths to soothe, massage them to get your milk to move.Avoiding stress, and bras too tight, will have you feeling quite alright. If baby nurses on demand you will hold the upper hand.Breasts too full of milk can be hard to latch on to - that's the key. The way to help this - if you so please, is give those boobs a little squeeze.Release some milk before next feed there's plenty left to meet the need.Mastitis will make your boobies sore, cracked skin, clogged ducts, engorged for sure. If you feel you have the flu, here are some simple things to do: Go see your doctor now, today! Start antibiotics straight away,hot pads and an emptied breast - keep feeding baby that's the best. But what about the other side -breastfeeding problems you try to hide?Your milk does not seem near enough to feed your baby, that is rough. The doctor says, "' it's too late let's help this baby gain some weight.Feed him." When he cries you jump; when he's asleep - you sit and pump."All this will regulate your flow - which then will help your baby grow.The more you feed, the more there is. The more he feeds, the more he'll whiz.Watch out for thrush - this yeasty rash Appearing sometimes in a flashYou'll find it on your aching nips, and in and on your baby's lips. This fungi growth is quick to grow. Treat both mom and babe at once to slowthe constant itch, your boobs so sore, there is a med, there is a cure. Sometimes your nipples invert in, they lay so flat against your skin.A handy breast pump helps those needs, then nipple shields when baby feeds.And last, but not the least at all, breastfeeding problems might seem small...when baby takes his fill from one and you're still full, "he can't be done!"But there he sleeps so soft and sweet, but do not take this as defeat -the trick: give him the fullest breast, then let him take a little rest. Breasts come prepared in sets of two, your baby will know what to do...if you take breastfeeding slow - together you will make milk flow.Sustainer of LifeTired eyes, up at three,Breastfeeding session, baby and me,Whether early morning or late at night,He wants the milk that tastes just right:Natural enzymes keep him on track,Free reserves keep me in the black,No matter the time or sort of day,He need only cry, and I’m on my way,Everything in nature has its place,From my abundant milk to his radiant face,I hold my son close to my heart,To seal a bond, no man can part,Society doesn’t want to see,What is natural, loving, caring and free:Rather than from the body taking heed,I should rush to the store to see what I need,Everything I require is deep within,No need to search in a bargain bin,No outside voice must impart,Artificial wisdom to my seasoned heart,I’m not just a sister, a lover or wife,I am a mother; a sustainer of life.Boobies for BabiesYou've seen your breasts just grow and grow; they're filled with mother's milk, don't you know. The best food for your newborn child -boobies drive those babies wild.Those first few days colostrum flows - thick yellow stuff your body knows. Baby needs this healthy stuff...and milk will follow soon enough.Please feed your baby on demand. Those boobs should be at his command. Boobies are his milk-filled vat...fill his belly nice and fat.The more your baby suckles you, the more the milk comes flowing through. Boobies make what baby needs, milk will flow when baby feeds.No need to heat your boobies up - you're ready when babe wakes up. Hold your baby tenderly...bonding is security.Breastfeeding helps a mommy too: you're out of shape, with what you've been through. Suckling shrinks you back to size...just one special boob surprise.Your bond with baby grows strong. Give him your boobs for 6 months long. Watch him grow to a healthy tot...if you breastfeed him a lot.It's really not that hard to do - breastfeeding is so good for you. For your tiny little one...boobies are a lot of fun.Fussy BabyIf breastfeeding time Starts to feel like a testYou may now be wondering.If breastfeeding, really is best?!If your fussy breastfed babyIs driving you up the wallYou may feel as if, it's not worth it at all!Your little one needs the immunity.And protection,That comes with God’sAwesome design and all-knowing direction.It could be that your milk is flowingToo fast or way too slowAnd fussing is the only wayFor your baby to let you knowIt could be that your babyIs growing so fastThat he feels miserableJust wait for the growth spurt to passSo try to exploreThe reasons for the fussBreastfeeding is quite rewardingIt really is a mustIn the endIt will be worth all the fussTit for Tat ~ Breastfeeding In PublicShe's always hungry when you're in public placesWith all unfamiliar and judgmental facesBut without a doubtYou whip them outAnd smuggle your baby some milkBut now they're lookingAt what you're cookingAnd you feel a wave of guiltBut stop right thereThey can gawk and stareIt's ignorance at its bestBecause one look at that tiny soothed little faceWill make you forget the restSo look the onlookers right in the eyeAnd give them a pitiful grinThey'll never understand the perfect bondThat they consider to be a sinI feel bad for all you noobsWho fear the boobsMy baby's hunger pangs come firstWhat I hear is a plea from my childThat she's suffering from thirstWould you deny your child a drinkIf he/she was crying for one?Of course, you wouldn'tIn turn, I shouldn'tSince we acknowledge our children's needsAnd if you have a problem with thatWell, tit for tat!All That's Needed Is You!It’s time to feed your little one,Daddy carries baby to you,Just think - the only one in the worldWho can provide this, is you!No worries about the nutrientsThat may not be there,Just feeding your babyWithout a care.No washing of bottlesOr formula mixing anywhere,Just nursing your babyIn a cozy rocking chair.First trip to the zoo,When baby gets hungry,All that's needed is you.No rushing about the houseWith so much to do,Just cuddling your baby,And getting a little rest too.No diets - you're burning more caloriesThan most in a day,Just by nursing your baby,Losing weight the easy way.To feed your baby best,Only one person will do, to provideThe perfect liquid gold…Only mother’s milk will do.

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Here are solutions for your specific breastfeeding problems. I was determined to make breastfeeding work the second time around, but at the back of my mind, I still doubted that I could successfully breastfeed.

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