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WHY A MEMORY CAFEPosted on June 21, 2019 Memory Cafe, but why a cafe? Everyone knows what to expect when they walk into a neighborhood cafe. This isn t the place you go to for the best steak in town, or when you are formally dressed. A cafe is unpretentious, modest, while providing wholesome and dependable fare.  No one need to feel hesitant walking into a cafe, everyone is welcome.  If you are in a strange town and you see a cafe, you know what to expect.You know what s on the menu, breakfast any time of the day, as well as a piece of pie. There might be a kind waitress or patron who can give you information or directions around the town. Or maybe a sympathetic ear to listen to your troubles.What s on the Menu at a Memory Cafe?First we know what s not on the menu. No one is going to ask you a bunch of questions, a diagnosis, or try to assess you. A Memory Cafe is not a:treatment centerclinic health care facilitypsychologists officeor a respite / day-care no one is dropped off at a Memory CafeWhat is on the menu depends entirely on the needs of the participants. A Memory Cafe, can meet many needs. Some cafes focus on activities such as art, painting, music, playing games, dance, etc. Other cafes may focus on education or socialization and emotional support. Memory Cafes provide caregivers a place to meet other caregivers providing home care, finding they are not alone in their journey. Memory cafes provide a real answer to caregiver burn out. Many Memory Cafes are a combination of all of the above.SOMETIMES IT S ALL IN THE WORDS YOU USEWhen selecting a Memory Cafe you will want to contact the host and inquire as to the level of confusion of the people they serve. If a person has been diagnosed to have mild cognitive impairment and the caregiver is searching for information. Arriving for a visit to a group focusing on crafts for people diagnosed with Alzheimer s disease could be distressing. Even the person with a diagnosis of sudden dementia could be shocked to hear the words Alzheimer s disease.The word memory is a much softer, gentler word than dementia or Alzheimer s. Memory, is in such common use that many people reference problems with their memory without fear of labeling. People even frequently say I must be losing my mind but no one would think of saying I m losing my brain. (For information on what is happening to the brain with dementia please see Imagine, You the Best Caregiver on Amazon) Words have such a strong impact that many people have suffered from depression after receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer s disease.When the cafes began in Europe they were called Alzheimer s Cafe or Dementia Cafe. So much better today, when the name has evolved into Memory Cafe. Come, get involved and be part of this positive, healthy movement.Where can you find a Memory Cafe?Memory Cafes are intentionally located in places that are safe, friendly, welcoming, and inclusive.Such as:community centersgalleriesmuseumslibrarieschurchesand yes, coffee houses and cafesMemory Cafes can be found right where you are, on line,  at  There you will find not only locations all over the U.S.A. but  also several other countries. If unable to locate a cafe in your area, there are helps on this site to start your own Memory Cafe.Virginia Garberding RNCertified in Gerontology and Restorative NursingFiled Under: Memory Cafe Tagged With: Alzheimer's Disease, caregiving, dementia, dementia activities, dementia care, memory cafeFRONTOTEMPORAL DEMENTIAPosted on February 4, 2019 Frontotemporal Dementia - Developing Brain and Shrinking Brain are SimilarThe frontal lobe of the brain is where reason, judgement and decision making is located. As the frontal lobe of their brain begins to shrink and die, the elder begins to make [Continue reading]Filed Under: Frontotemporal Dementia Tagged With: frontotemporal dementia, sudden confusion, sudden dementiaCaregiver Burnout how to Avoid BurnoutPosted on January 14, 2019 Avoid caregiver burnout by creating a community of support. I think more than any other concern I hear, is the concern from caregivers that they are going it alone. Whether you are new to care-giving, as a person who is experiencing sudden dementia [Continue reading]Filed Under: Uncategorized Tagged With: caregiver burnout, caregiver support, creating caregiver supportFALL PREVENTION is all about Predictable EventsPosted on October 2, 2018 Fall prevention always begins with knowing the person, because falls are predictable. Because falls are now known to be preventable; a past history of falls will predict the next fall, a sudden onset of confusion or dementia will predict a fall,  [Continue reading]Filed Under: Falls Tagged With: dementia falls, elderly falling, elderly falls, elderly falls are predictable, fall prevention, preventing falls in the elderlyDementia Vs Delirium and the Observant CaregiverPosted on September 14, 2018 Dementia vs delirium - the commonly used words describing delirium are; acute, rapid, fast, sudden, all suggesting "speed." Not so with dementia.  Dementia comes on so slowly as to hardly be noticed, and usually written off as a "senior moment." Yet, [Continue reading]Filed Under: Delirium Tagged With: Delirium, delirium symptoms, dementia, dementia delirium, dementia symptoms, dementia vs delirium, reasons for sudden dementia, sudden confusion, sudden confusion and delirium, sudden dementia, suddenly confusedACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVINGPosted on September 7, 2018 Activities of daily living are all the normal things a person does during the day for their self-care. It includes walking, dressing, eating, toilet use, how you re-position in bed, how you get in and out of a chair and your personal hygiene.It [Continue reading]Filed Under: Activities of Daily Living Tagged With: activities of daily living, ADL, ADL's, care giving, caregiving, elder assistance, nursing home, skilled nursing facilityHOME CARE GUIDE for anyone to be the Best CaregiverPosted on September 1, 2018 Needing a home care guide.Current estimates are that 25% of those with Alzheimer's disease receive home care . That number of 5.4 million people with AD does not include all of the other elderly with various diseases. So many of which are also [Continue reading]Filed Under: Caregiver Support, home care Tagged With: care giving, caregiving, caregiving at home, elder care, family caregiver, guide to home care, home care, home care guide, providing home careSUDDEN CONFUSION FROM A UTIPosted on August 28, 2018 Margaret, in her early 80's,  was enjoying life until the sudden confusion from a UTI.  Margaret not only has a UTI, but has had a series of urinary infections. Every episode results in another onslaught of serious antibiotics and yes, an increase in [Continue reading]Filed Under: Sudden Confusion Tagged With: causes for sudden confusion, reasons for sudden confusion, sudden confusion, sudden confusion and delirium, sudden confusion causes, sudden confusion UTI, UTI causes sudden confusionHOME CARE for the Person with DementiaPosted on July 25, 2018 Home care can be divided into "home" and "care." When it comes to the home, many simple changes can make a major difference for the elder. Any nurse can tell you that their training started with safety. In nursing safety is a constant and on-going [Continue reading]Filed Under: home care Tagged With: care giving, caregiving, dementia care, home care, person centered care, person centered care giving, senior careNURSING HOME COMPARE then DecidePosted on July 1, 2018 How does one go about that all important nursing home search?  How does one nursing home compare to another? Begin by being clear about what you want to compare. Is your biggest consideration price, services, staffing levels, facility appearance? Do [Continue reading]Filed Under: Nursing Home Tagged With: best nursing homes, choosing a nursing home, compare nursing home, dementia care, Find Nursing Home for Dementia, finding a good nursing home, finding a nursing home, nursing home, nursing home compare, nursing home placement, picking a nursing home12370Next Page My new book is now available through Amazon!Click image to purchase.Free Gift Sign up to receive the free download of the guide to visiting a person with dementiaName: Email: Free Gift Sign up to receive the free download of "Life Story Book"Name: Email: Subscribe for UpdatesLeave This Blank:Leave This Blank Too:Do Not Change This:Your email:SearchPlease Get to Know Me Help your elder find comfort, relevance and respect no matter how frail he or she is.Find out why the quality of life depends so much on the family no matter who the direct caregiver may be.Find out how to have a meaningful visit with your parent when they have dementia.Testimonial:Katherine from Wisconsin said "I bought a book for each of my three children because this is what I want them to know if I ever need to be taken care of." Click on image to purchase book through AmazonCategoriesCategories

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