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What is the Canadian Legal Innovation Forum?

The Canadian Legal Innovation Forum was founded in 2018. It focuses on how the intersection of business and law continues to evolve in Canada and beyond.


CANLIF Vancouver Conference:
November 29th, 2022

On November 29th, 2022 the Canadian Legal Innovation Forum returns to Vancouver with its annual forum being held at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel.

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2022 Webinars

CANLIF’s webinar series returns in 2022 with programmes focused on the intersection of business and law. The webinars feature speakers from law firms, legal departments and their third party partners from Canada and abroad.

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To provide legal practitioners with context, information and guidance on how practitioners in the legal sector are evolving their business and practice strategies in a disruptive era.

To encourage collaboration between the Canadian legal sector and the businesses they work alongside to tackle tough challenges. And leveraging the opportunities linked to these challenges.

To create platforms to convene a national and international network of innovators focused on driving change in the legal sector to connect, learn and collaborate on.

Our Webinars

Canadian Legal Innovation Forum Webinars are a series of focused, collaborative presentations from experts at law firms, law departments and third party sector service providers focused on key themes related to the intersection of business and law.


Previous Webinar Series Available On-Demand

Choose from our extensive list of on-demand webinars focused on legal innovation.





CANLIF 2021 Legal Department Survey & Report

The Canadian Legal Innovation Forum is publishing its first annual report focused on measuring innovation in Canadian legal departments. The report will be available from July 13th.

The report is underpinned by a survey of over 80 legal departments in Spring 2021 measuring the scope, structure and impact of innovation initiatives in legal departments. It focuses on their strategic priorities, how they are using technology to manage workflows and solve pain points and how they are collaborating with external legal service providers to deliver value.

The report is free to download - you can register to download the report here.


Content & Reports Articles

Cyber Security: How can law firms and organizations prepare for data breaches?

Earlier this month CANLIF, in association with Ricoh, held a webinar on cyber security. Specifically, how to prepare for, respond to and remediate data breaches.

Managing cyber security is a key challenge organizations face, with 2021 setting a record for significant data breaches. To dissect the topic, CANLIF assembled a panel of experts to discuss key drivers and trends related to cyber security and best practices in preparing for, managing and remediating breaches.

Read More → For Class Action Lawyers, Tech Adoption Is No Longer an Option

The most successful class action and mass tort firms are adopting technology at a faster rate than the legal industry at large because they rely more heavily on scale and efficiency than other practice areas. And, on the other side of the value equation, law firm clients are increasingly demanding such technology adoption.

Read More → CANLIF Legal Innovators Series: Why I quit my job as a corporate lawyer to found a legal tech startup

In the first of our CANLIF Legal Innovators Series, Amir Reshef - Co-Founder + CEO of dealcloser - shares his journey from deal lawyer to being the co-founder + CEO of a fast growing legal technology company.

Read More → How are law firms innovating to address client needs?

By Jennifer Brown, Editorial Consultant, ADB Insights

It’s easy to say law firms lag behind other industries when it comes to adopting technology and tailoring services to client needs, but the reality is many firms have embraced the idea that to compete in today’s marketplace, they must implement processes and tools such as project management, data analytics and collaboration platforms to drive efficiencies, engagement and retention.

Read More → How are legal department leaders managing in a crisis?

By Jennifer Brown, Editorial Consultant, ADB Insights

Responding to a crisis is something in-house counsel are prepared to do on a daily basis. In the risk manager and trusted advisor's role, lawyers are generally ready to lead through difficult challenges when their knowledge of the law and analytical thinking makes them ideal team players.

Read More → CANLIF 2021 Legal Department Survey & Report

As an extension to its Canadian Legal Innovation Forum platform, ADB Insights is creating its first annual report focused on innovation in Canadian legal departments.

Read More → Article: Is it time for a KM playbook at your law firm?

By Jennifer Brown, Editorial Consultant, ADB Insights

“There’s never been a better time for knowledge management to move the agenda forward than right now.”

The global pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in law firms. In particular, it has shown a greater need for the silos of knowledge to be served up on platforms lawyers can use — and as the pandemic lingers, knowledge management (KM) teams are trying to bring that vision to life.

Read More → Article: How are law firms innovating in a disruptive era?

Jennifer Brown, Editorial Consultant, ADB Insights

Significant advances in society have historically been born from crisis. The need to change both mindset and processes can result in finding collaborative solutions where there was once resistance.

This article focuses on how some Canadian law firms are innovating in a disruptive era.

Read More → Article: Embracing innovation and collaboration to deliver better litigation results

Andrew Bowyer, CEO, ADB Insights

This article explores the evolving drivers (and attendant risks) in the Canadian litigation landscape and what it means for legal departments, law firms and their third party legal sector service providers.

Read More →

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