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NATURE UNLTD IN SAGADA Trekking. Hiking. Spelunking. Food. That's Sagada.DASOL HIDEAWAY In this simple town of Dasol, Pangasinan lies an unspoiled island paradise sprinkled with white sands and a total half of mysteriously formed rock formations. HUNDRED ISLANDS, PANGASINAN The Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan is one of the many tourist attractions in Luzon Island. Give yourself a summer treat; enjoy island hopping, kayaking, swimming, and snorkeling. A month after I visited Manila to catch up stories with some college buddies, I headed north to Baguio. It was a few days after Valentine s Day. I and my friends do not have a concrete plan on what to visit in Baguio for two days but then we decided to visit the places we haven t been before and those two are the Colors of Valley in La Trinidad, Benguet and Bencab Museum in Baguio.Is the article interesting? Useful? Funny? Inspiring? Or simply worthy? Then Follow @TravexTravels. Read, read, and lead! More related posts below.About four hours away from Manila, Puerto Galera is must-visit beachparadise, especially if you don t have the luxury of time on your hands. Locatedin the island of Mindoro, it boasts of beautiful beaches, lush mountains,affordable accommodation facilities, hospitable locals, and so much more! Thereare so many things that you can do while there and the long list includesisland-hopping, star gazing, rock climbing, and so on. Putting all these intoconsideration and with the prevalence of countless Philippine travelpackages out there, it can be said that PuertoGalera is the place to be if you yearn for a summer vacation that is one forthe books and light on the pocket. But before anything else, it is best tobecome acquainted of some of the finest attractions that you can enjoy if yourtrip to the said beach paradise pushes through. Read on because this is whatthis write up is all about. Talipanan FallsThe Talipanan Falls is one of the mostfamous falls and awe-inspiring attractions in Puerto Galera. It is safe to saythat it s just what the doctor ordered if you re an adrenaline junkie who wantsto engage in an exceptional trekking experience and enjoy breathtaking scenery.To get there, it is best if you are going to hire a local guide that usuallycharges around PHP 200.00. Also, make sure to leave early in the morning if youwant to take pictures of Mindoro monkeys. Puerto Galera Mangrove Conservation and Eco-Tourism ParkThe Puerto Galera Mangrove Conservationand Eco-Tourism Park is a 22-hectare property that is composed of mangrovetrees, reefs, sea grass, and so on. While there, you can enjoy a captivatingview of a mangrove forest that boasts of a somewhat mystical environment. It isa bit hard to reach, but you can be rest assured that your efforts won t go towaste, especially after finding out for yourself that the awareness formangroves is gaining momentum and further losses are slowly (and surely) beingprevented. Underwater CaveThe Underwater Cave in San Antonio is a majestic place that can takeyour breath away. Located in a small pocket beach, there is a ladder that youcan use to enter the mentioned opening. If the tide is low, you can easily exiton the other side, but if it is the other way around, you have to dive to reachthe other side. If you re a good swimmer, you can try reaching the bottom. Inthe process, be prepared to be mesmerized by its natural beauty that ishighlighted by a myriad of limestone walls, different corals, and others.Bulalacao MunicipalityIf you want to experience anunadulterated beach that is not overshadowed by mainstream tourism, then theMunicipality of Bulalacao is the place to be. It is perfect if you want toindulge in beach activities without sharing it to a large number of people. Insome ways, it is like the Tambobong Beach inPangasinan, but with a twist. What makes the municipality special is thepresence of 13 untouched islets that resembles a shooting star if you look atthem through a, say, bird s eye view.Sinandingan LighthouseBeing a coastal town, Puerto Galera hasits own lighthouse. Located in Sinandingan, the said structure delivers anexhilarating view of Isla Verde (Green Island). On top of this, it is alsoknown for its diving spots that boasts of vibrant underwater plants that inhabitthe nearby beaches.Coral GardenThe Coral Garden, which is locatedbetween Boquete and San Antonio, is an attraction that you shouldn t miss.Though only eight feet deep, it is home to a myriad of marine animals such asstarfish, clown fish, sea urchin, seasnake, and so much more. To add, it is also the habitat of rare corals. If youchoose to go snorkeling, make sure to hold on the outrigger of your boat. Youcan bring pieces of bread so you can feed the fish. Infinity FarmThe Infinity Farm is slowly turning intoone of Puerto Galera s most sought after vacation spots. Located within closeproximity to Calapan City, it is ideal if you want to indulge in clean air,mountain-fresh water, and so much more.Summing upThere you have it, some of the attractions that you ought to includein your itinerary if your Puerto Galera getaway pushes through. By doing so,you can be rest assured that your trip is one for the books and it is fun aswell as exciting as advertised. Remember, the beach paradise is well worth yourtime, money, and effort, especially if you don t have the luxury of time onyour hands and at the same time want to enjoy a summer escapade that is worthremembering. Did you find this article informative? Do you have other Puerto Galeratips and pointers that you want to share? Give us a shout on our comments page.We weren t that tired although we visited one of the highest elevations in the greater region of Baguio. That is because the hike to Mt. Sto. Tomas didn t require as calories to burn to reach Café in the Sky. The road to Café in the Sky is already well paved so to get there, you only need to commute via jeepney from Baguio and hire an FX to bring you on top and have a coffee in the café.This was my first out of town trip after I set foot in Manila from a very long flight coming from the lands of southern hemisphere. I embraced my longings with my ever loving home province of Tarlac and when a friend of mine planned to visit Baguio City for the nth time again, I did not think twice I packed my backpack with good old time jackets, took enough cash and got myself ready for another five-hour trip. Not soon enough, I was back to the city where popular pine trees grow and strawberries are celebrated.For those who are nagmamadali or those who have other places to check out aside from Baguio City, one day itinerary will work for you. Although one day is not enough to see all the tourist spots in Baguio, it is already good for people who only have a day to taste the weather, food, and culture of Baguio City.

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