Since 2013, New Harmony Dulcimers has been striving to re-invent the Mountain Dulcimer. Of course we take great pride in showcasing beautiful woods and Simple Elegance in craftsmanship, but most importantly, we constantly innovate to bring you a sound like no other….

That New Harmony Sound

Meet the Builders

Rick Gooden

Long-time woodworker-turned-luthier Rick Gooden is the Company Founder and lead designer of the New Harmony Dulcimer line. With a background in music, acoustics, electronics, engineering and automation, he has always taken a unique approach to the optimization of his dulcimers’ performance.

Rob Woodring

Rob joined New Harmony Dulcimers a few years in, and has been training to continue the legacy ever since. A woodworker and luthier from the guitar world with a background in graphic design, electronics and audio, he handles the rest of the workload in the dulcimer factory.