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Female-Led & Owned

Diversity in our team is key to us as well as ensuring diversity is represented in clinical trial participants.

Global CRO

80+ years of combined experience in clinical trials and regulatory affairs and 30+ years in clinical practice and creating accredited educational programs.

Strategic Advisory

Experience in clinical trials, plant based & progressive medicine to help sponsors and research sites drive research.

About Us

Knowde Group, Inc.™ is a Canadian-based global Contract Research Organization (CRO) dedicated to the advancement of Progressive Therapeutics™, that uses a strong collaborative approach and vast connected network of expert advisors, research sites and partners.

Our consultants have deep industry expertise in a broad range of therapeutic areas and indications including Emerging Biotech, Psychedelics & Cannabinoid Clinical Trials.

Combining innovation and extensive experience, we take a consistent approach to consulting services, clinical research, commercial outsourcing, and data intelligence, to help clients join the dots between their needs and our offering.

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Go-To Market Strategy

Regulatory & Ethics

Capital Access & Funding Support

Project Management

Full Service Clinical Trial Support

Data Management

Additional Capabilities

Consultation services for building clinics (previous experience with ketamine, Sleep, Pain, Cannabis and Ophthalmology clinics) and research sites (Phase 1-4 capabilities, SOPs, Operational Infrastructure etc.)

General Advisory and Due Diligence Services related to client-specific needs

Clinical Trial Monitoring Services (Risk-Based Monitoring)

Educational services for sites and research teams

Pharmacovigilance services

Advisory services around public reimbursement

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Past Events

Psychedelic & Cannabis Research Summit 7-8 Oct 2021.

Belinda Eriacho, MPH, is of Dine’ (Navajo) and A:shiwi (Pueblo of Zuni) descent. Her maternal clan is One-Who-Walks-Around and she was born for the Zuni Pueblo people. Belinda was born and raised on the Navajo reservation, located in Arizona, United States of America.

She is the wisdom carrier, healer, and founder ofKaalogii LLC, focused on cultural and traditional teaching, inner healing, and an international speaker on various topics impacting Native American communities in the United States.

The objectives for her presentation:

Create inner-standing of the heart of Native Americans around interconnectedness to our universe.

Provide solutions for improving and inclusion of Native American culturally-based research.

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