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Tight deadline? Technical questions? Tricky problems? Demanding project? Don't worry, I'm here to help. I work with leading marketing agencies, companies and start-ups to help with the development of websites and web applications. How can I help you?

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My current tools of choice are Craft for CMS work and Laravel for custom solutions. Every project is unique, but not every problem is. I use my experience to navigate development issues, deal with difficult challenges and get demanding projects done on time and on budget. Let's talk about your project.

It's all about trust

Who would you entrust your brand to? I have been fortunate to work with many award winning agencies and top brands. They trust my ability to deliver successful projects, to work alongside them with integrity and to uphold their high standards.Get in touch if you would like to talk about your project.

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It doesn't matter if you're inNew York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco,Toronto, Vancouver or somewhere in between, if you have an interesting project and need help, let's chat.You can contact me via email, connect on Twitter @derrickgriggor you can call me @ 905.251.0319.