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The Hungarian Vizsla is a very social dog, they love people and generally other dogs. They are very tolerant and are not an aggressive breed. They tend to want to play with every dog they meet, owners need to be mindful that not all other dogs they may come into contact with might not have the same personality. They are easily bored and benefit from brain play toys to keep them motivated. They do not thrive in a loud ,unsettled atmosphere, wanting to please their owners they would become stressed in an environment where there was a lot of shouting or arguing.Vizsla are intelligent and work well for treats and clicker type training. Vizsla puppies are slow to mature and they can be two or three before starting to settle. Once mature they will enjoy long walks with their owners, as babies exercise is limited to allow plates to grow. We do not sell puppies to be kept outside , they area breed that demands close social contact with their owners. www.champdogs.co.uk/ breeds/ hungarian- vizslathis is the link to my champdogs site. Welcome to our website we are the top Hungarian Viszla kennel in the history of the breed in Ireland. I hope you enjoy browsing our site. I am originally from Scotland but moved to Southern Ireland in February, 2007 due to being unable to find dog friendly properties in Scotland. We are based in the country near Letterkenny which is approximately 30 minutes from Londonderry airport and about 1hr 45mins from either Larne or Belfast ferry ports.We plan to move in the near future and will update the site once relocated. I have always had dogs in my life, and grew up with various breeds, whippets, cocker and Springer spaniels and German Shepherds. I began breeding and lightly showing American cockers in 1988, I was in the breed for around six years, and bred a few very nice litters. More and more health issues were creeping into the lines and I decided that I could not continue to produce puppies in a breed with so many problems. I began attending dog shows to look at what other breeds might appeal to me and after doing the necessary research decided that the Hungarian Viszla was the dog for me. I bought my first Viszla in 1994 from Judith Carruthers of Stanegate Kennels and showed her until she had an accident; she was then retired from the show ring but went on to produce a lovely litter of pups. I continue to have Hungarian Vizslas, some of which we show. All of my dogs are hip scored, and I would not consider using or allowing my dog to be used on any dog that had not been scored. We have also started eye testing and recently submitted the DNA for our dogs in relation to the Myositis condition currently being researched by Di Addicott in the UK. Due to the popularity of Yogi (Aus. Ch., Sh Ch. Hungargunn Bear Itn Mind) we decided to import semen from Australia in 2009 from Naomi Cragg of the famous Hungargunn kennels, the dog we choose was Sh Ch. Hungargunn Hyperno, we first used the semen on Vhari one of our original foundation bitches (Stanegate Anastasia at Risley) who had a litter of eight puppies in July, 09 from which we kept a dog and a bitch; both made their debut in the show ring in March, 2010. They were named Risley Mark the Moment (Marco) and his sister Dakota aka Risley Made to Order which was quite apt given they were by an AI mating. More about them later. On our website each dog has its own page where you can learn about their success in the show ring, their pedigree and view some pictures, and some information on their achievements. Some of our dogs live in our kennels, but spend some time in the house in the evenings; they live in a heated purpose built kennel block with large outside runs. We also have access to 10acres of rough ground behind the property to let the dogs have a good run. We are lucky enough to have two forests close by where the dogs can practice their natural hunting instincts and improve their hunting skills. Beaches are in abundance in the area and we have several forest walks nearby, so we are often seen loading the dogs into the van for a day at the beach. Whilst we have no interest in hunting several of our dogs have gone to working homes, some as show dogs and most as family pets. Whatever their path is to be, the most important thing to me as a breeder is that they go to a loving home where they will be appreciated for the wonderful breed they are.Vizsla are known by the term Velcro vizsla they love people, company of humans and other dogs. They are not the breed for someone who wants a dog in their life to occasionally pat, they want to be a part of your life.Anyone requiring information in relation to owning a Viszla is welcome to phone or e-mail, all replies will be answered. Initial contact only by email I then prefer to speak to people direct.We do NOT sell puppies to be bred from, all of our puppies are under contract , sold as pets. They are lavishley reared, well adjusted and socialised puppies that come with a lifetime support. We take responsibility for what we breed , if at anytime you need to part with the puppy/adult then it is a requirement the animal is returned to myself, where it will remain until a suitable home can be found, this is part of our contract and non negotiable. I am the secretary for The Hungarian Viszla Club of Ireland and would be available to offer advice and or information on this beautiful breed, which may not be the right breed for everyone. We tend to breed from our dogs after careful consideration, and usually when we want to keep something ourselves for the ring.We hip score our dogs and have begun eye testing. Whilst the hip score is important there are parameters that need to be considered. It is important that the dog has an even score in both hips rather than a 3 in one hip and a 11 in the other.As I update my website I will post health checks for each dog. We also have tested our stud dogs for cerebral ataxia all clear. It is concerning to us that breeders are not being vigilant in relation to which lines they are using given there is access to the Polymyosotis website where breeders and individuals can view the dogs having either produced or contracted this awful condition. Di Addicott is involed in the research into this condition in vizsla. Everyone should make contact who is breeding to enquire if their dogs would assist the research. We are proud to have used Gr Ch Russett Leather Wild Bill Cody MH, JA.Cody was mated to Dakota and from this litter we kept a dog and a bitch both multi ch. A bitch went to the USA to the owner of the dog , Betty has made Sioux up to a Gr Ch, she also has her hunting titles and is now doing obedience. Risley are always looking at how they can promote and improve their lines, and are very excited about our plans for 2019/20 .The plans have been a long time in the making , but are now coming to fruition. Logan arrived from Australia in 2016 and joinEd our show team, Exceeding any expectations we may have had. In late 2016 a visit to Brno resulted in two puppies being selected to join our kennel from Locura kennel. Frodo and Fendi both arrived early in 2017. They have been a great addition to our breeding program, both have gained their Sh Ch titles. If you require information please use our Contact page, to allow us to respond.. Logan was purchased from Aceweis Kennels in Australia..Linda Jarvis and Liatt O Malley selected this boy as pick of litter. He arrived into Ireland late 2016. Logan is a very outgoing boy, he lives up to his origins hailing from Australia as he is either digging or bouncing like a kangaroo. He has excelled in the show ring , having gained his Sh Ch, Int Ch, Serb Ch, Cro Ch, Lux Ch, Belg Ch, SLOChand junior champion title, not bad for a dog whohas just turned three. Logan visited crufts in 2019 , we were delighted with his 2 nd place in open dog class from an entry of 15 dogs, this qualifies Logan for life and gives him his stud book number in the UK. Logan has been extensively shown in Ireland, the UK and Europe Since he arrived, he will continue to be shown at select shows in 2020.

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Sh ch, Int Ch Risley Made to Order import Australia .

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