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ALPHA Welding Control The ALPHA welding control unit can be incorporated in a new resistance welding machine or can be used as a replacement (upgrade) unit for your old controller and this at very low cost. [To read more, click on picture] GAMMA-2 Welding Control Readily adjusts to accommodate all types of single phase resistance welding equipment, including: rocker, press, seam, butt, flash butt, brazing, gun, robotic equipment and special welding applications. [To read more, click on picture] Electrodes, coppers and other parts Techno-Control Cybernetic is a distributor of electrodes and electrode holders from many copper supply manufacturer. Our qualified staff will gladly guide you through the wide variety of suitable replacement parts for your equipment. [To read more, click on picture] Technical and consulting services Our experience and knowledge of the spot welding process are at your service to help solve any type of problems or to increase the performance of your equipment. [To read more, click on picture] Remanufactured resistance welders Techno-Control Cybernetic completely remanufactures all types of resistance welding machines. We acquired our excellent reputation by the quality and reliability of our products. [To read more, click on picture] Rocker type spot welders The rocker arm type is the most commonly used stationary resistance welding machine. The upper arm is pivoted at the top front of the frame. The lower arm is usually mounted horizontally and can generally be adjusted on a front vertical column for work clearance. [To read more, click on picture] Seam welders A standard Seam Welder is usually built on a press type welder frame, but the upper and lower electrode holders or platens are replaced with welding wheels mounted on shafts rotating in current carrying bearings. These wheels are driven by motor gear. [To read more, click on picture] Suspended Gun type spot welders Suspended gun type spot welders are used for their mobility and their ease of movements for large or complex assemblies. The gun type welder can be mounted on a balancer to ease the vertical movements and on an overhead travelling crane for horizontal movements. [To read more, click on picture] Butt and flash-butt welders Butt welders are used for welding parts end-to-end, usually metal wires. It uses electrode-clamps that hold the parts and inject current until the point of fusion of the materials. It then brings the parts together to be joined. [To read more, click on picture] Capacitive discharge and micro welders Capacitive Discharge spot welders are one of the most cost-effective welding solutions for fine-spot resistance welding. Whether you are manufacturing battery packs or microscopic assemblies, Capacitive Discharge spot welders are the most affordable, precision fine-spot resistance welders on the market. [To read more, click on picture] Wire bending and welding machines [Read more...] Custom resistance welding machines We offer a custom design service that can create a specifically built resistance-welding machine for your applications. Our team has the qualifications and experience to design and manufacture automated or semi-automated equipment tailored to your needs. [To read more, click on picture] Resistance welding course The welding industry has requested a resistance welding training program. Education will lead to improved quality. Techno-Control Cybernetic has developed a four hour resistance welding course covering the following subjects... [To read more, click on picture] With the power of our personnel, their expertise, the quality of our products and services, Techno-Control Cybernetic has become a leader in controllers and machinery manufacturing dedicated to the resistance welding industry.Techno-Control Cybernetic specializes in the manufacturing of quality resistance welding controllers, we also offer technical services and consulting services, remanufacturing and rebuilding of used welders as well as custom-builtequipment tailored toyour specific needs, we also carry and supply all spot welding parts and consumables (electrodes, coppers and others related parts). In short, we offer the complete solution to your resistance welding needs.Why should you buy from Techno-Control CyberneticOur controllers are manufactured with the highest quality standards on the market (CSA CSAUS Approved). We offer you equipment adapted to your specific needs as well as the flexibility to expand with your products or production requirements.We have our client s needs in mind at all stages of our relationship. That reflects our motto: Your resistance welding partner . We, at Techno-Control Cybernetic, are your one stop resistance welding supplier. You will find all you need for your resistance welding requirements, may it be production or project related.We invite you to contact usfor any questions, need of advice or to submit a quote requestregarding our products and services. Serving you is our priority. As you can read in this page (click here), Techno-Control Cybernetic offers a four hours resistance welding course. It is usually given to small groups of 4 to 8 employees directly at the client's facility.To help smaller companies and individuals, we have decided to offer this course in our facility.So if you are interested in registering for our next course, please contact us. We plan to schedule a course when we have a minimum of four (4) participants. Come and read this article published by "Produits pour l'Industrie Qu becoise" written by Jean-Pierre Derdeyn, president of Techno-Control Cybernetic inc.http://piq.clbmedia.dgtlpub.com/2012/2012-09-30/home.php?page_view=8Please send us your comments regarding this article and your suggestions for future topics. Techno-Control Cybernetic has an economical solution to improve the performance and weld quality of your pinspotter. By completely remanufacturing your pinspotter, including the installation of an ALPHA Series digital welding controller, you will regain the performance of new equipment but for the fraction of the price.Replacing an analog welding timer by an ALPHA digital welding controller will result in eliminating variable welding quality by increased control of the welding heat and time.We can also help you optimise you productivity by having simultaneous welding of two or more pins.Contact us for more details. advantage of special prices when signing for a "blanket order"contract. By planning your yearly consumption of electrodes, you can getbetter prices for higher quantities. Thisway, we can ship every 60 days your portion of electrodes for that periodor you could request that a larger amount be shipped (based on your need andwithin your yearly limit). Call us toget more details regarding this offer.

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Techno-Control Cybernetic Inc: Controller and machinery manufacturer for the resistance welding industry. Manufacturier de contrôleurs et machines pour l'industrie de la soudure par résistance.

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