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WelcomeOwning and riding a horse is supposed to be fun,yet many horse-owners struggle to find that joy because of a constant and expensive battle to keep their horses sound. Professional advice for hoofcare and diet often dictates the horse should be confined to restict grazing, or removed from access to grass permanently. Months or even years later, the horse may still be footsore on any surface other than soft turf or sand and the unlucky owner is left to conclude that horses are not meant to be 'rock-crunchers' and not meant to eat grass.Same InformationThe information presented on the pages of this site reportshow an alternative approach to diet and management has resulted insome horsesdevelopingconsistently strong feet that do not need any protection from shoes or boots on any terrain, regardless of weather conditions- a true 'gravelproof' hoof. Photographs and radiographsdocument internal and external structural changes in the hoof over several years.This novel approach to nutrition that optimises intake of certainminerals, primarily magnesium, has allowed many horses to enjoy the freedom of 24hr grazing.The information provided here is freely available to everyone who may be interested butis foreducational purposes only and does not constitute nutritional advice for any horse. The intention is to initiatethought and discussion so that thehorse owner can make apersonal decision about what is appropriate for any individualhorse. All health problems should be referred to an appropriate veterinarian. There are no products or services for sale, no sponsors, and the author does not receive any benefits or discounts from any suppliers mentioned. Whilst copyright to the entire contents of this website belongs to the author, you are permitted to download or copy any items of interest for personal use provided, however, that you do not otherwise reproduce the material without the author's prior consent nor make use of any segment out of context or with the intent to malign the author.- Pauline MooreTwo Horses, Two Different Problemssolved by the Same Dietary SolutionRory and HopperStructurally weak feet and hoofdistortions for most of his life, laminitis and CushingsHow did this horse acquire strong, gravelproof, bare feet at age 20 with:No exercise programs andNo restriction to 24 hr grazing?1/7Click hereto read 'Rory's Story'Beautiful feet all his life,strong horn, never shod,no hoof distortions, no laminitisSo why did this horse havea short stride and toe-strike until age 13?How did he acquire a long stride and and heel-first landing?1/4Click hereto read 'Hopper's Story'What's on this site? Movement Hoof These pages outline some of the criteria that define a strongfoot, and also what to look for in body posture andmovement. Rory Hopper Full documented 'lifestories' are detailedfor these two horses who both had displayed years of poor movement with a short stride and toe-first landing. For one of these horses the problem was primarily in the feet, for the other the problem was primarily in the body, yet an identical dietary solution enabled both horses to acquire strong, functional, bare feet and good movement - when all else had failed. These two horses are representative of many other horses who have enjoyed similar positive changes from a similar approach to diet. Diet, Feeds-QuickLook, Magnesium, Other Minerals, These pages and their subpages provide some basic information about the feeds and minerals that have been used. Elements that have been eliminated are also discussed. These pages discuss commonly encountered diet-related problems Therapy There may be more factors involved than just hoof sole thickness and hardness in order for a horse to be 'gravelproof' without some form of hoof protection. The subpage Low Plantar Anglediscusses the importance of a strong caudal foot, and how it is possible to growstrongerdigital cushions within thefoot. Alsorevealed ishow some horses have been able tomove comfortably and happily, barefoot, on sharp stones and gravel within minutes of simplyadjusting the angles formed by the three bones of the hoof and pastern. For some horses, therapeutic stretching has been beneficial. TheStretching subpage shows how this can be done safely for horse and handler.

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How to grow a strong bare hoof

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