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The Only GPS Tracker Designed for Special NeedsA proven safety device with assistive speakerphone to protect your loved one give you peace of mind "The safest, most reliable GPS tracker for your loved one, there is no better choice than AngelSense!" GPS for Autism Safety & Independence Every Month is Autism Awareness Month at AngelSense AngelSense is the only GPS tracking solution that was designed specifically for those with autism to provide: Protection from Wandering & Bullying Increased Levels of Inclusions Greater Independence & Confidence Peace of Mind to Parents & Caregivers Maximum Safety for Real-Life Emergencies Non-Removable Wearing Designed for children with sensory sensitivities, can only be removed with a special parent key School Bus Monitoring See live tracking map, updated ETA, speed, and detailed history for each and every ride Assistive Speakerphone Auto-Answer Speakerphone on your child’s device to talk to them during an emergency SOS Call Request Know right away if your child needs you with the simple & non-intrusive SOS button Emergency Detection Alerts Get immediate alerts for emergencies: Elopement, unfamiliar places, late arrivals and more Share Live Location At a click of a button, temporarily share a real-time map with search & rescue teams AngelSense is fully compliant with school regulations, adopted by thousands of schools nationwide "Don't hesitate on ordering this device!!!" I turned away for less than 30 seconds and my son took off and was nowhere to be found. After 15 minutes and a call to 911,my son s shoes were found in the mud near our house.We were so lucky that another mom found him in his muddy socks in her yard. She figured that something was wrong and grabbed him.After realizing my son missing, all I could think was why didn t I have AngelSense on him. I could ve instantly known where he was. I literally ordered it right after finding him. I can t imagine going through that again and feeling so much worry and despair.  If you have a child who is a wandering risk, or isn t able to tell someone their name or address, don t wait! The peace of mind I have now is so worth it. I can see the exact location of his bus, which is great when I m out shopping and rushing to meet him!!! If he ever runs off again, I can call him and it automatically answers and anyone near him can hear me. And of course, I can find him because it pinpoints his exact location. DO NOT WAIT TO ORDER THIS DEVICE!!! It s lifesaving.Read More Lyndsey P. AngelSense saved the day. It was my daughter s first day of school and I had just started relaxing when it was time for her to come home.She s 5 years old, an eloper, and non-verbal. Long story short, SHE WAS PUT ON THE WRONG SCHOOL BUS! I don t know what I would have done without  AngelSense. I could see the route wasn t right and made calls right away to get her home safely.Read More Beth L. My son has and is a runner. One day he disappeared on at school,and they couldn t locate him! From 12 miles away, I used the alarm on his AngelSense GPS device so the school staff could find him in his hiding place. OMG it was such a huge relief!Read More Stephanie D. Every needs AngelSense. As a parent, it’s like having another set of eyesand being with them when you can’t physically be there.Read More Helen M We have used AngelSense for years. All the doors have alarms, as well as the fence. Escape proof? Nope, my grandaughter figured out how to get over a 6 foot fence! The neighbors found her in their pool and she can’t swim! I ordered AngelSense right away.You just put it on and it lets you know exactly where she is. They even have a belt if your kid is a stripper. Recently, an autistic boy eloped and drowned in a nearby river. No one wants their child to end up a statistic. It’s not worth the risk. I almost waited too long. $38 per month is more than worth saving the life of your child.Read More Cheryl W. For safety, AngelSense is the absolute best thing I have ever bought her. I can view exactly where she is, the route she s taking, and everything.One thing I love is to be able to listen to what’s happening and speak with her. She is so happy when she hears my voice when she s on her way home! Thank you AngelSense for making life a bit more peaceful.Read More L. Jackson AngelSense completely saved my 3 year old son when, in the blink of an eye, he took off while at a large crowded park. I was with 3 other young kids when he ran!I used the GPS and tracked him down, I also set off the alarm so I could hear him. Plus a call to speak with him until I knew he was safe. Lord, I seriously love AngelSense.Read More Susannah I LOVE AngelSense. I wasted around $300 trying similar GPS devices with absolutely horrible results.This is a great investment and the peace of mind I get is priceless!Read More Krissy Banzet Non-Removable with 2-Way Voice Secured with customized, sensory-friendly wearables2-way voice with auto pickup speakerphone Proactive Alerts & Live Location Sharing The most powerful yet easiest GPS solutionImmediate alerts about your child’s location, and live location sharing with search teams. Proven to save lives! 2-Way Voice with Auto Pickup Speakerphone Talk to your child at any time. Tell your child to stop or calm them down, or talk to people nearby. “ this device saved her life!”Watch CBS coverage how AngelSense prevented a tragedy for a 15-year-old girl with autism “It’s a new project to keep our kids safe”Watch news report showing how Autism Society of Acadiana Launches AngelSense GPS Program “Only AngelSense will stop these tragedies!”The tragic death of Trevyan Rowe who eloped after getting off the school bus has his community advocating for change. We Are Special Needs Parents Too! Our entire Call Center Team is staffed with parents of children with special needs, and we all use AngelSense daily with our own children. We will be happy to share our own experience with you. Call Us: 1-646-770-2950 100% Satisfied or Refunded Our 30-day money back policy gives you time to make sure that our solution meets your needs. Call now to speak with an agent who is a special needs parent & uses AngelSense daily Call Now: NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY. 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The only GPS Tracker for Kids with an Assistive Speakerphone, designed for special needs. Exclusive Sale Up To 70% Off!

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