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We are, your Vette Brainiacs with a touch of Badassery. If you've come here to increase your knowledge horsepower on your Vette its your lucky day. We have the #1 VIN decoder in the world. Our Brainiacs are here for all of your questions big or small. Working on a project this week and need to pick the brains of our Mechanical Masterminds see our Corvette Ask and Answer sections. Maybe you heard of our Vette sound proofing solutions or our Industry Leading Corvette Books of Knowledge series. With our books you will finish first and supercharge your knowledge of Vettes. If you are here for information then look no further. Fuel your cravings for Technical information such as Horsepower, Tech Specs, News, Pictures and Videos. Get ready to light your modem on fire but first what the heck is Badassery? Definition of Badassery:Engaging in seemingly impossible activities and achieving success in a manner that renders all onlookers completely awestruck.News! C8 Corvette Stingray Production Is In Full Swing!The 2020 Corvette C8 Stingray entered production in troubled times. While it has weathered the pandemic storm that has hobbled the world, 2020 saw some production challenges and build holds in the first model year of the first Mid Engine Corvette. Despite all the first year rollout troubles, it's still selling like crazy and very, very hard to find on dealer lots. Asking prices have touched into the six-figure territory. We don't expect the demand to slow anytime soon! Read more about the 2020 C8 Corvette. Fueling problems Feb 10, 21 10:28 PMIm from New Zealand and having problems getting fuel into the tank, keeps spitting back, 2016 C7, CAN YOU HELP Read More Engine oil for dedicated track car Feb 10, 21 10:27 PMI have a C7 that is a dedicated track car, but I drive it to the track and back. I used to use the Mobil 1 15W 50, but was told to switch to ESP 0W 40, Read More Accessory mode for 2005 C6 corvette Jan 30, 21 10:24 AMMy car was dead so I put in a new battery. Now, I can't turn off the accessory mode. Read More About UsThis site was created to serve the online Corvette enthusiasts with a repository of Vette information, pictures, video, news and technical solutions. The site is always in a state of continuous improvement. Information, product recommendations and content contained within our website is always under review ensuring that we provide the most reliable, professional safe and secure place for all exchanges of information, privacy and financial concerns.See your car generation below for these topicsFor technical questions to our experts check out our "ASK" sectionsFor our exclusive Vette Buyers Guides check out our Corvette Books of KnowledgeParts can be found to left of your screen with the heading "PARTS"Specifications, VIN, Decoders, Videos and Several other topics can be found on the left navigation sectionC7 InformationC7 Purchase RequestC7 Vette PicturesC7 Vette VideoC7 Vette Engine LT1C1 AskVin DecoderGeneral C6 Info Start HereC6 Buyers GuideC6 Vette PartsC6 AskC6 Sound ProofingGeneral C5 Info Start HereC5 Buyers GuideC5 Vette PartsC5 AskC5 Sound ProofingC4 AskVin DecoderC3 AskVin DecoderC2 AskVin DecoderWelcome to our site which specializes in Vette information sharing, Corvette Answer Technical assistance and Vette Buyers Guides. We report specific technical information for each generation. Starting with Model Release dates, VIN information, Technical Specifications and reviews then moving to vehicle life cycle events. Those would include common problems, recalls and an "ASK" section where you can post your questions and all users can contribute along with our expert panel of technical experts.We are here to help with problems and make things fun along the way! This is your first place to start if your are a Vette enthusiast! We will show you all about the different generations with pictures. You will find articles on performance add-on's and tips. Horsepower and Top-Speed performance information. We have a decoding service to help you figure out date and casting codes to boot. We also have a free recall and service bulletin search function that is really handy! Besides a VIN decoder we are partnered with Carfax to help you do research on any car!With our site you will never start at another Forum or a Search Engine again.Our Mission:To bring the highest quality interactive content of the Web to you!!To bring also only the best entertainment via video and pictures.To provide easy to find high quality information that you seek. To show you all the cool people, places and things to do on the Web and anywhere!To listen to our users so they can input ideas and content.To help spread the wave that has been dying among our brotherhood by providing help via this site. All we ask is that you pay it forward with a wave to a fellow Vette!To improve Vette information concentration into a central point hence our name!This site is not sponsored by, endorsed by or affiliated with the Chevrolet Motor Division or General Motors Corp.Chris Trautman @ Corvette Assembly Plant 2019About Us: Corvette Web Central | Owner Bio: Chris TrautmanEstablished in 2008 by Chris Trautman, Corvette Web Central quickly grew into one of the top leading Corvette enthusiast websites globally. "This website is a passion of mine just as much as being a Corvette owner," says Chris. He was frustrated trying to find information on the internet about Corvettes which was was not biased or influenced somehow. He has owned three Corvettes over the last twenty years and does not plan to stop owning one anytime soon.Note: Some links on this page are part of our affiliate program and provide a small portion of proceeds to fund the administrative costs and to fund more product reviews. We are not paid to perform the reviews or are we given any products for free. Best Battery for C7 Corvette | Most Reliable | Longest Lasting | Top 3 Best Battery for C7 Corvette that wont die and leave you stuck without your Corvette C7 Z06 Suspension Upgrade | Performance Upgrade | Top 1% of Corvettes C7 Z06 Suspension Upgrade | Top 1% of Corvettes of best handling Corvette have these parts for handling | Find the setup to corner like your on rails! C7 Z06 Coilovers | Best of the Best | Comparisons | Parts to Delete C7 Z06 Coilovers | Best of the Best | Product Comparisons and required parts to delete magnetic ride system Corvette VIN Decoder (C1-C8) Corvette VIN Number Lookup (All Years) Corvette VIN Decoder | VIN NUMBER LOOKUP | Trim Tag Decoder | Build Date by VIN | Sequence Description for all Years and special editions.

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Corvette exclusive information on the next generation Corvette, buyers guides and free tools to research the vette!

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