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YESTERDAY, NEWS arrived that Taliban forces are taking positions in striking distance of Kabul. As of today, August 15th, Kabul has fallen, the US-installed president has fled and the remaining occupation forces are scrambling to flee the city. This is just the latest success, and most TODAY we present the first part of my recent interview on the Sonny Thomas Show on the Resolution Radio Network. The topics we ll be discussing this time include: 11 August, 2021 IN JUNE 2021 a neocon propaganda outfit (based in London but named after a notoriously pro-Zionist US Senator) published an alarmist “analysis” of “Iranian Influence Networks in the United Kingdom”.The report was issued by the Henry Jackson Society, named after Sen. Henry Jackson (1912-1983) OPENLY bisexual Oregon Governor Kate Brown quietly signed a bill last month that removed the requirement for graduating high school children in the state to be proficient in reading, writing, and math, in an effort to aid “students of color.”In the old days it would not be uncommon for the boss to marry his secretary. Nowadays he might have an affair with her, but it s unlikely he would marry her and form a family with her.AINSWORTH SPOFFORD says Col. [Robert G.] Ingersoll gives the following facts about interest: One dollar loaned for one hundred years at six per cent., with the interest collected annually and added to the principal, will amount BY COINCIDENCE, the January issue of Liberty Bell, which contained a notice of Professor James A. Van Allen s strictures on a space program designed for publicity rather than practical scientific results, was in press when a publicity stunt at Cape Canaveral 9 August, 2021 New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern participates in a Samoan ritual humiliation ceremony in Auckland on August 1, 2021. Its defamatory purpose was to denigrate and humiliate Whites, not her.Fearing to Confess, Unable to Deny What Most Jews Know, Jewish Leaders Turn the “Defense” Over to Gentile HandsABOVE you can see a video showing the penalty shootout by which Italy s all-White team defeated England s diverse team in the Euro 2020 soccer match, which had been tied 1 to 1 going in. Italy scored three kicks, while England scored only two both of THE HISTORY of the development of all living beings, from the beginning to our own time, is the history of the struggles of each species against the others for self-preservation 9 August, 2021 THERE ARE TWO major public health issues threatening our globalist kosher bodega. If you immediately thought of obesity and the opioid epidemic, you could not be more wrong. Disgusting mongrel fat-bodies and debased Whites vaccinating themselves in the gutter isn t WHEN Alexander Kinyua immigrated as a child to the US along with his family in the 1990s from the African country of Kenya, his family s story developed into what reads like a puff piece for open borders put out by AOC or JACINDA ARDERN is the West curling up in fetal ball, sucking its thumb, and hoping White people will go away.New Zealand has moved to redeem the sins of its past, with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern issuing a formal state apology for historic racist policing of Pacific people.On Today in History 1858 1858: Charles Darwin, along with Alfred Russel Wallace, first publish their revolutionary essays on biological evolution in The Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society, one of the most momentous events in all human history. Without the concept of biological evolution, a true understanding of our race's place in the Universe would not be possible. 24/7 RadioClick the button to listen to our 24/7 radio network in a new, movable window. You can also use the alternative audio player links below. • Direct stream link • Winamp, iTunes • Windows Media Player • QuicktimeSearch This Site Search for:

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