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8 Tips for a Successful Network Migration

I have done many network migrations over the years. Now a days its a more rare event but this weekend we migrated some Core switches with very little down time. What are some of the things that you should do

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Python Script Pulling AWS IP Prefixes – Part 3

The two previous posts described what the script does and modules used as well as how the script leverages YAML. This time, we will go through the function that generates the access-list name. The code for this is below: The

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Python Script Pulling AWS IP Prefixes – Part 2

In the previous post I described some of the design considerations for this script and what modules I use. In this post, we will look at using YAML to collect data and use it in Python in the form of

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Python Script Pulling AWS IP Prefixes Part 1

I have been playing around with Python lately with the goal of building basic skills in it. I have found that to make good progress what works best for me is: Have a project that I find interesting to work

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Route Replication the Easy Way

Easy Virtual Network (EVN) was a technology Cisco came up with back in the days to make it easier to implement VRFs without the pain of running VRF lite or the complexity of running a full MPLS + BGP network.

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11 Tips on Gaining Experience in Network Design

For people that want to pursue a career in network design, it can be tough getting the experience needed for such a role. How do you get design experience if your current role does not involve design? There are still

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Networking Interviews How to Ask Good Questions

Im not sure if its just us in networking/IT, or people leading interviews in general (probably the latter), but we have a tendency to ask really bad questions in interviews. Often the questions revolve around factoids or things that need

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My Journey Towards the Cisco Certified DevNet Specialist – DevOps By Nick Russo

On 19 January 2021, I took and passed the Implementing DevOps Solutions and Practices (DEVOPS) exam on my first attempt. This is the sixth DevNet exam I’ve passed and probably the last! Much like my experience with enterprise and

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AAA Deep Dive on Cisco Devices

Ive been working on some AAA configuration lately and I went through some of my older templates and realized that I didnt want to simply use them without verifying first if I still believed that this was the best way

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Finding Ways of Teaching

Some days ago I tweeted about that when you are trying to master a topic, you should both find different sources to learn from, as well as different mediums, such as reading, listening, watching videos, but also not to forget

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