Product Analytics
for Data-Driven Teams

The only product analytics platform that connects directly to your data warehouse to provide actionable insights across the entire customer journey — without SQL or writing a single line of code.

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Connect Your Data

Integrate with any existing data source, including your data warehouse/lake, CDP, or directly from your website or mobile app

Know Your Customer

Optimize acquisition, visualize customer journeys, and maximize retention without knowing SQL

Optimize User Experience

Identify how users engage and where they drop off and make data-driven decisions to improve feature adoption and eliminate points of friction

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Multipath Funnel

Visualize and optimize conversion and retention with Indicative’s unique multipath funnel.

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Customer Journeys

Discover the most common paths customers take through your product and towards conversion.

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Ask, answer, and act on the most important questions about your customers and their behaviors.

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Cohort Analysis

Build behavioral cohorts that pinpoint the features and campaigns that most engage and retain customers.

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“Indicative has helped us make much quicker business decisions so that we can optimize campaigns in real-time. We are able to go all-in on some tactics and shut off underperforming tactics with much more agility than we were capable of doing in the past.”

Matt Myers

Head of Customer Acquisition

“Prioritization should be more of a science than an art, and we can use Indicative to not only recognize where the majority of our customers are, but to be forward looking in predicting how many will be impacted by changes we make across our products.”

Thomas de Simon

Vice President Product

“We use Indicative in order to track how our customers are using different parts of our systems, to ensure that we’re investing in the right places and building the right tools for them to be successful.”

Benjy Boxer

Director of Product Strategy

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