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description:Need your press release spread around? This is the business that can help you do exactly that. Plant your business news articles online with Biz News Buddy.
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Business News without all the Pop-Ups, Pop-Unders Slider Ads A News website should be about the NEWS, not the advertisements. Here at Biz New Buddy it is the full intention, and a large part of the mission, to spotlight the people, businesses and places who seek us out with dignity, integrity and aplomb. Businesses who want and need their information to be the highlight of the page.

One thing this means is no "giggly" video ads, pop-ups, pop-unders, sliders or "opt-in" requirements to read about business or other subjects that may be added in the future. This is a promise you can count on.

Having made that statement, please peruse our sponsors page to see who helps us stay live on the internet. Want to become a sponsor? Contact Eileen Brown to discuss the possibilities.

Sometimes understated is the best approach.

Biz News Buddy boasts a Family Friendly environment.
Just the Facts, Ma'am." --- Joe Friday
Jack Webb - Dragnet Biz News Buddy publishes your articles press releases Not just any blog or website, Biz News Buddy will publish your Press Release and/or Article and share it at the Big Five to multiple accounts ---

Plus, you can ---
share the information yourself with the share buttons;
have your employees share each day;
have your friends and family share too.
There's more ---
Everyone can leave a nice comment regarding your article or press release.
But don't worry about comments, this is not about comments - it is about spreading your words around the web to places where the people are gathered.

Show your business acumen by having press releases published at multiple sites too. Ask about options on posting your information in other locations.

Biz News Buddy is dedicated to Business Information and spreading that information far and wide at the same time. This is the main gig here at Biz News Buddy.

Whatever information your business needs spread around there is no better way to spread that news than through a press release that makes the rounds on the big five social media platforms.

With the right tools at hand your information can go far.

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A Press Release can boost your visibility 10,000 fold!

Don't depend on just your own reach, use the reach of others who believe that advertising has a place and that that place is one sidebar! Not in your face; everyplace.

Biz News Buddy - Magazine EditionTo round out the publication to online newspaper there is an additional "Magazine Edition" of Biz News Buddy that displays the headlines with an image to attract attention to the current news items appearing at Biz News Buddy. Take a Look!

Biz News Buddy - Magazine Edition - Curated by Eileen Brown ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Inside Biz News Buddy ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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Need your press release spread around? This is the business that can help you do exactly that. Plant your business news articles online with Biz News Buddy.

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