Some details of the lives of Bartholomeo COMPAGNI, Florentine Merchant in London; Giovanni Battista CASTIGLIONE, Groom of Elizabeth Is Privy Chamber; Thomas KEYES, Sergeant-Porter; Sir Robert PIGOTT of Dysart, Queens County; Major John PIGOTT of Grangebegg; Sir William GILBERT of Kilminchy; Captain John PIGOTT of Stradbally, M.P.; Rev Henry Robert PIGOTT of Dublin, Ceylon N.S.W.; Rev John Eustace GILES; Henry Robert Maguire PIGOTT, M.H.R.

Monday, May 24, 2021 Major Walter PIGOTT

Walter PIGOTTwas probably born at Dysart, Queens County, about 1667, give or take a year, as the third or perhaps fourth son of Thomas PIGOTT (about 1641 - 1702) and his wife Elizabeth WELDON (they were married by License dated 1663), and a younger brother of Robert PIGOTT (about 1664 - 1730) of Dysart, and John PIGOTT (about 1666 - 1710) of Antigua and Kilcromin.
In November 1686, a Bill was brought before the COURT of Chancery, Ireland, by Francis MOORE, the Plaintiff [Court of Chancery Bill Books, Findmypast]. The subject of the case was not stated. The Bill, sponsored (or prosecuted) by Jo: LOGAN and Rob: ROCHFORT, was dated 8 November. The defendants were Mrs WELDON, Walter WELDON, Walter PIGOTT, and Adam LOFTUS. An Answer, by Celia WELDON, was dated 17 November 1686. Celia was probably the wife of Walter WELDON.

Like his brothers,Walter PIGOTTserved in the Army.I had originally thought that he served in NORTHCOTT's Regiment of Foot, and later in VILLIER's Regiment of Marines, but it is perhaps looking more likely that this may have been another Walter PIGOTT (see below), from Shopshire in England.However, it is possible that they were, at some time, both in the same Regiment - and that to avoid confusion, and to distinguish between them, Irish Waltermay have dropped the use of his given name, especially after he acquired the rank of Brevet Major.

Walter, after likely service in the War of the Spanish Succession,went to the West Indies; he was probably the Major PIGOTT who was appointed by Thomas OTTLEY, of St Kitts,to command a group of armed men to protect his vessels against French pirates, 1718.

Walter PIGOTT, of the Queen's County, Gent, was witness to an Indenture of Lease, dated 11 November 1720[Memorial 17360, Volume 30, Page 221],by which his brother-in-law Lancelot SANDES of Kilcavan (the widower of Walter's late sister Elizabeth PIGOTT) madea lease of 600 profitable acres in the Townlands of Ballymacrossan and Couldonagh, Barony of Phillipstown, King's County,to Walter BIRMINGHAM of Grange, County Kildare.
Walter was named in the will, dated 5 January 1728, of his eldest brother, Robert PIGOTT (about 1665 - 1730) of Dysart in the Queen's County, as follows:"... To my nephews Pigott and Richard SANDES 300 pounds in trust for my brother Walter PIGOTT." [Vere Langford OLIVER, in his 'History of the Island of Antigua,' Volume 3, 1898, Page 25.]It would appear that Robert may not have been fully aware of the circumstances of Walter's where-abouts and/or family.And it is quite possible that his SANDES nephews may have alerted Walter to the fact that his brother had made his will, and the bequest made to him in trust - in much the same way as their father had done, 26 years earlier, when Robert PIGOTT, then in London, had been advised that his father, Thomas PIGOTT (about 1641 - 1702), had begun to break-up the inheritance by installing his second son, John PIGOTT (about 1666 - 1710), then married with issue, including a son and heir, in the Dysart estate home of Kilcromin.These testamentary arrangements were confirmed in a Deed of Assignment, dated 30 September 1730 [Memorial 44375, Book 65, Page 63] - see below.
Walter was named in a number of entries in Registers of Quaker Tythe Sufferings [Quaker Records,], for the parish of Dysart-enos, Queen's County, the first probably taken during the harvest of 1728, perhaps about the time of the autumn equinox, 21 September:"John RIDGWAY had taken from him for tithe... And by Walter PIGOTT and his assistance, Tithetaker under said Pigott SANDS - 25 car loads of hay and 2 ridges of potatoes, worth 3:10:0."At this time, although his brother Robert had sold Dysart, he had retained the right to keep dwelling there, and the right to receiving the tythes.
Thereafter, the new owner, Emanuel PIGOTT, Robert's second cousin, was recorded as the Improprietor:
1730: "John RIDGWAY had taken from him for tithe... by Walter PIGOTT and his assistants, Tithe-taker under said Emanuel PIGOTT - 30 carloads of bere, 3 carloads of wheat, 270 stooks of oats, 32 carloads of hay and 2 ridges of potatoes, worth 10:12:0. All worth 22:12:0.
1731: "John RIDGWAY had taken from him for tithe... by Walter PIGOTT, Tithetaker under said BALDWIN - 20 carloads of bere, 5 carloads of oats, 3 carloads of wheat and 28 carloads of hay, worth 7:0:0. All worth 20:10:0."
1732: "John POWER had taken from him for tithe... by Walter PIGOTT and his assistance - 5 carloads of bere, worth 12:0..."
1733: "John RIDGWAY had taken from him for tithe... by Walter PIGOTT, Tithetaker under said BALDWIN - 10 carloads of bere, 15 carloads of oats, 6 carloads of barley, 26 carloads of hay, and 2 ridges of potatoes, worth 11:10:0. All worth 22:10:0.
"John POORE had taken from him fortithe, by said Walter PIGOTT and FITCHPATRICK and assistance - 13 carloads of bere, 15 carloads of oats, 2 carloads of pease, 1 carload of barley, 2 carloads of hayand 4 ridges of potatoes. All worth 7:11:0."
1734: "John RIDGWAY had taken from him for tithe... by Walter PIGOTT and his assistance, Tithetaker under J. BALDWIN - 34 carloads of hay, 11 carloads of bere, 2 carloads of barley, and 2 ridges of potatoes, worth 6:11:0...
"John POORE had taken from him for tithe... by ye aforedsaid Walter PIGOTT and his assistance, Tithetaker under J. BALDWIN - 3 carloads of hay, 10 carloads of oats, 2 carloads of pease, and 5 ridges of potatoes, worth 2:13:0. All worth7:15:0
1735: "John RIDGWAY had taken from him for tithe... by Walter PIGOTT and his assistants, Tithetaker under said BALDWIN - 25 carloads of hay, 17 carloads of bere, 7 carloads of wheat, 22 carloads of Oats, 8 carloads of pease, and 2 and a half ridges of potatoes, worth 10:17:0. All worth 21:8:0."
Walter was named in above-mentioned Deed of Assignment, dated 30 September 1730 [Memorial 44375, Book 65, Page 63], executed by Pigott and Richard SANDES (as Trustees), Walter and Thomas PIGOTT (as Parties) and Richard WARBURTON of Garryhinch (connected with an earlier set of deeds); and reciting those earlier Deeds of Lease and Release, dated 17 and 18 May 1725 [Memorial 28893, Book 46, Page 352], concerning the sale of Dysart, with other lands, in the Queen's County, by Robert PIGOTT of Dysart, to his cousin Emanuel PIGOTT of Chetwynd, County Cork.And further therein reciting that Robert PIGOTT of Dysart had by his last will and testament, dated 5 January 1728, did:"... charge and encumber the said Lands of Dysart, and the said other lands, with the sum of 900 pounds sterling, and did, inter alia, leave and bequeath unto his brother Walter PIGOTTthe sum of 300 pounds sterling, part of the 900 pounds, charged on the said lands of Dysart and said other lands, and by a will remaining as of record in His Majesty's Prerogative Court of this Kingdom may more at large appear, a Probate of which will, administration cum testamento annexo was by the said Court granted and committed unto Thomas PIGOTT, nephew of the said Testator and of Walter PIGOTTthe Devisee."And by the said (30 September 1730) Deed of Assignment:"They the said Pigott and Richard SANDES, Esq's, Trustees, and Walter PIGOTT, Devised, and Thomas PIGOTT, Administrator, did, for and in consideration of the said sum of 300 pounds sterling, to them some or one of them paid or secured to be paid, Assign, Transfer and Make Over unto the said Richard WARBURTON, his Heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns..."This Deed was witnessed by John BOWKER, of Coolhrie, and Matthew CASSAN, of Maryborough, both in the Queens County.
Walter was probably identified as"... old Major PIGOTT"of Antigua, 1732 - see (*) below. However, this date corresponds with a period when Walter appears to have been back in Ireland.
In 1744, Walter PIGOTTwas Plaintiff in a case brought before the Court of the Exchequer in Ireland [Court of Exchequer Bill Books, Findmypast]. The subject matter was not disclosed. The Defendents were listed as Pigott SANDYS (sic), Thomas PIGOTT, and John BOWKER. The Bill was undated, but SANDES' answer, per Mr DEMPSEY, was dated 20 April 1744; a reply by Mr CASSAN Attorney, was dated 30 November; a further rejoinder by DEMSEY for SANDES was dated 26 February 26 February 1744(-45); and PIGOTT's answer, by Mr GREEN, was dated 21 May 1746.

Walter was of Stradbally, Gent, 16 June 1751[Memorial 132594, Volume 201, Page 233], when he was party to Articles of Assignment that were the Settlements for the marriage of his youngest daughter Margaret PIGOTT to William GRAY of Maryborough, Gent. This deed was notregistered until 21 June 1759, and may have been associated with, and perhaps forced by,Walter's death.
Walter PIGOTT, of Ballymadock, Queen's County, died in or shortly before 1759; he was so named as deceased in a "Handlist of the Voters for (the Borough of) Maryborough, 1760," which was published in 1954 by F.H. KEARNEY in "Irish Historical Studies" [Volume IX, Number 33, March 1954, at pages 53-83], the joint journal of the Irish Historical Society and the Ulster Society for Irish Historical Studies.There were three consecutive lists, recorded in a manuscript note-book, now in the National Library, in Kildare Street, Dublin, under the Earl of Drogheda Papers [Ms 1726]. KEARNEY only published the final list, which was an up-grade inevitably used by political agents for the 1761 General Election. The list mentioning Walter PIGOTT was the preceding list, undated but probably made about 1759, or perhaps earlier. I have not yet seen the unpublished lists, and was advised of Walter's entry by library staff about 18 months ago.The Earl of Drogheda probably came into possession of it after he was appointed as Governor of Maryborough in the 1780s.
Walter was evidently married, with issue, probably including:
1.John PIGOTT, bornabout 1710; a Mariner; in 1732 he delivered, by his own hand, a written introduction from John GUNTHORPE in Antigua, to Abraham REDWOOD (1710-1788), a Merchantin Newport, Rhode Island (his father, Abraham REDWOOD Senior, had beena Merchant in Antigua from 1687 until 1712, whence he removed to Salem, Massachusetts, and thence to Newport in 1729,shortly before his death).
GUNTHORPE's letter, dated atAntigua on 24July 1732,included the following paragraph:
"Deare Abraham...

"I beg leave to recommend the Bearer Mr.John PIGOTT, Son to old MajorPIGOTT(*) of our Island, to your
Friendshipand favour, and if you can be any way servisable to him by assisting him to get an Employment in the
Commandof some goode Vessel; I shall take it as a very greate favour, for He is truely a young Gentleman of Meritt,
being, very modest, sober, industrious, a brisk Sayler, and goode Artist, which I aver to be the Character given to
me of him by two Captains of Men of War, he had the honour to serve under as Midship Man for four years last
past. Capt. Malbone I am in hopes will provide for him, and use your interest with him to that end."

This was inevitably Colonel John GUNTHORPE (about 1683-1740), the son of Major John GUNTHORPE and Feelove COOKE, and so a first half-cousin of our CaptainJohn PIGOTT(about 1704-1763), who was likely to have been this MidshipmanPIGOTT's first cousin german.
Very likely to have been the second Captain John PIGOTT, who is mentioned by Robert PIGOTT in his 1808 Petition, as having returned to Irelandabout 1760 "... after many years service abroad."
2. eldest daughter.
3. middle daughter or daughters.
4.Margaret PIGOTT; as the "youngest" daughter, she was married at Stradbally, by settlements dated June 1751, to William GRAY of Maryborough (with issue), and to which deed her father was a party (see above).


English Army Lists and Commission Registers, 1661-1714, by Charles DALTON [Volume V, 1702-1707, at page 144]:
Colonel George VILLIER's Regiment of Marines.
All Commissions dated 10 March 1702...
Captains 1st Lieutenants 2nd Lieutenants
George VILLIERS (Colonel) Tho. HORNER (Capt-Lieut) Hy RAINSFORD
Walter PIGOTT (fn 11) Fleetwood WATKINS Saml BELL
Wm COURTNEY (Grenadiers) David EVANS Tho. SUTTON
Chaplain, Tho. ROSE.Adjutant, Abr. COAKLEY.Quarter Master, Jno. ANDREWS.Chirurgeon, James CHURCH.Footnote 11 [Page 46]:
Walter PIGOTT - Appointed Captain in Col Wm NORTHCOTE's Regiment of Foot, 16 February 1694; Bt Major 15 Sep 1706; resigned his Commission in Jos CHURCHILL's Regiment of Marines, 18 June 1708.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Muster Roll, 31st (Huntingdonshire) Regiment of Foot (also known as the 2nd Regiment of Marines), taken at the Siege of Alicant, Spain, in March 1707, for the 61 days from 5 April 1707 to 4 June 1707 (both dates included):

Joshua CHURCHILL, Colonel; and as Captain of his own Company, comprising one 2nd Lieutenant, one Captain, one surgeon, one sergeant and 23 privates.
Captain ADAM's Company, with one 1st Lieutenant (Cutts HASSAN) and one private.
Major PIGOTT's Company, with one 1st Lieutenant (Fleetwood WATKIN), one Corporal (Nicholas STURCH), and five privates (John CAMPDEN, John DRAB, Ferdinand ROBERTS, William STOCK nd James EDMONDSON).
Captain MARSHALL's Company, with one 1st Lieutenant (John BECKWITH), two sergeants and 18 privates.
Captain TAYLOR's Company, with one corporal and 11 privates.
John PHILIPS, Chaplain.
Alexander WILSON, Surgeon.__________________________________________________________________________________________


There was another Walter PIGOTT, bornabout 1670 (fromthe age he recorded on the Allegations of his third marriage in1706), a son of Thomas PIGOTT of Chetwynd, County Salop, by his first wife Elizabeth LOET.
He was therefore distantly related - as about 7th or 8th cousin - to the above Walter PIGOTT of the Queen's County.Probably the Captain inWilliam NORTHCOTT's Regiment of Foot, 1694; Captain, George VILLIERS' Regiment of Marines, 1702; served in the War of the Spanish Succession; advertised rewards for information on deserters from his company, 1702, then residing at Wimborne Minster, Dorset.
In Hilary Term, 1711, Walter PIGOTT, Esquire, executed his complaint in the High Court of Chancery, against Joshua CHURCHILL and Edward CASTLE, claiming money due to him, his servants, and his company, for services as Captain of a Regiment of Marines commanded by Joshua CHURCHILL; the original document containing this information is indexed under date of 9 November 1719, which is well after Walter's will was proved - so perhaps that document was a final answer delivered by the Court after his death?
Walter's will, dated 1716, was proved P.C.C., January 1719, late of North Bowood Farm, Netherbury, Dorset.
Walter was married firstly, atWinterborn Zelstone, Dorset,12 February1697-98, to Amy COMPTON, widow of Joseph HUSEY of Stourpaineand Wimborne (his Administration dated 24 July 1695). A further probate grant was made for her first husband Joseph HUSSEY on 15 February 1703, naming Thomas HOBY as the principal creditor, Amy PIGOTT alias HUSSEY, the relict, deceased, and her brother Robert HUSSEY and sister Mary FRAMPTON, Widow, the original 1695 grant being renounced. Yet another grant was made on 14 November 1708,when Walter PIGOTT was named as principal creditor of goods not administered by Thomas HOBBY, now dead, and Mary FRAMPTON the sister (of Jospeh HUSSEY), the 1703 grant being renounced.
Walter was a Widower, of the parish of Hampton, County Middlesex, when he was married secondly, by License for the Royal Chapel, Hampton Court, 16 September 1703, to Rebecca ENGLISH, Spinster, of the same parish:

Image courtesy of - London and Surrey Marriage Bonds and Allegations, 1597-1921.
Walter was again a Widower, aged 35 years, of the parish of St Clement Danes, Middlesex, when he was married thirdly, by License dated 26 April 1706 for Trinity Chapel, parish of St Martin-in-the-Fields, London, on 27 April 1706, to his cousin Mary STEVENS, Spinster:

Image courtesy of London and Surrey Marriage Bonds and Allegations, 1597-1921.
The Marriage Settlements recorded Walter at Wimborne Minster, Dorset - and she was daughter of Maximilian STEPHENS by Mary PIGOTT of Chetwynd, Salop.Walter's signatures on both of the allegations for the above licenses were identical, and one of them mentioned his "Militare" status.
Mary died on 10 September 1737, aged 48 years, was buried in Totteridge Parish Churchyard (Totteridge is bounded by the Parishes of Hendonand Finchley), as the"...relict of Captain PIGOTT"[Country Journal or Craftsman (London), Saturday 17 September 1737], andthe tabular stone on her grave records her as the"...widdow of Captain PIGOTT, and daughter of Maxemilian STEVENS, Esq" [History of Hertfordshire, by Edward CUSSANS, 1972, Volume 2, page 302].
These two mentions of his rank as Captain does raise the question as to whether the Brevet Major was another Walter.

Walter andMary had issue:
1.Ann PIGOTT(baptised atSt Martins-in-the-Fields, London, 6 July 1708).
This Walter was clearly a Captain, and not a Major.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -However, the footnote in DALTON's Commissions Register records that Walter PIGOTT, of VILLIER's Marines,received a brevet promotion to the rank of Major in September 1706;and that he resigned from Josiah CHURCHILL's Regt (formerly VILLIERS'), with the rank of Major,in 1708.
If the rank of Mary's late husband was correctlyrecorded as Captain, then it would appear to confirm that there were two Walter PIGOTTs, who both had Army connections, and perhaps with the same regiment.
There istherefore apossibility that some of this Army career recorded abovemay have been about ourWalterof Dysart.___________________________________________

C 10/357/29COMPTON v. PIGOTT.Plaintiff - Henry COMPTON.Defendants - Walter PIGOTT and Amy PIGOTT his wife, Robert HUSSEY and Mary FRAMPTON.Subject - Marriage contract, Hampshire.Document type - two bills and answer.Date 1699.[Kew].
C 10/414/6COMPTON v. PIGOTTPlaintiff - Hoby COMPTON.Defendants - Walter PIGOTT, William HIGHMORE, clerk, Edward YARD, Amy COMPTON, Widow, Robert HUSSEY and others.Subject - Marriage contract, Hampshire.Document type - bill and answer.Date - 1701[Kew].
C 6/397/7COMPTON v. COMPTONPlaintiffs - Elizabeth COMPTON, of Hampshire, next friend, Elizabeth COMPTON infant, Henry COMPTON infant, Katherine COMPTON infant, and Anne COMPTON the younger infant.Defendants - Hoby COMPTON, infant, Thomas HOBEY, esq, guardian, Sir Dewey BULKELEY, Kt, Maurice BUCKLAND, esq, Henry HOOKE, esq, and John WILLIS, gent.Subject - The Plaintiff Elizabeth's claim against the executors and trustees of the will of Henry COMPTON, esq, of Bisterne, Hampshire, her late husband. She wanted to be re-imbursed for the maintenance of her eldest son and was concerned that her younger chidren's portions would be compromised if the trustees paid an annuity to her brother-in-law: mentions Richard COMPTON, esq, of Bisterne, Hampshire, Amy PIGOTT (alias Amy HUSSEY alias Amy COMPTON) his wife: property in Crow, Hampshire; Exbury Farm, Exbury, Hampshire; Leape, Hampshire; Totton, Hampshire; Berkeley Minstead, Minstead, Hampshire; and Brook, HAmpshire.Document type - Bill, four answers, two schedules.Date Range - 1705-1706.[Kew].
C 8/625/91PIGOTT v. COMPTONPlaintiff - Walter PIGOTT.Defendants - Hoby COMPTON, Thomas COMPTON, William HIGHMORE, Mary FRAMPTON, Hubert HUSSEY, John SLORSCH and others.Subject - personal estate of Richard COMPTON, Bisterne, Hampshire.Document type - two bills and three answers.Date - 1706.[Kew].
C 6/362/53PIGOTT v. HIGHMORE.Plaintiff - Walter PIGOTT, esq.Defendants - Anne HIGHMORE, widow, Mary FRAMPTON (alias MAry HUSSEY), widow, and George FILLISTER, gent.Subject - Response to an earlier judgement relating to a marriage agreement and the inheritance of lands and effects in Dorset and Hampshire.Document type - Answer only.Date - 1706.[Kew].
C 11/741/37PIGOTT v. EALESDocument type - Bill and answer.Plaintiffs - Walter PIGOTT, esq, of North Bowood, Dorset.Plaintiff - Mary EALES.Dateof Bill (or first document) - 1715.
PROB 18/35/79Probate law suit, THORNHILL v. PIGOTT, concerning the deceased Walter PIGOTT of Bowood, Netherbury, Dorset, but [who died ?] in the precincts of Bridewell, London. Allegation.Date - 1719.[Kew].
D/PIT/T417North Bowood Farm; ground on the south side of Witch Street, St Mary le Strand, Middlesex, in deed of 1720; marriage settlement of Walter PIGOTT of Wimbourne Minster and Mary STEPHENS of Middlesex, 26 April 1706; copy will of Thomas HAWES, esq, of St MArgaret's, Westminster (21 May 1743). (WECKETT, THORNHILL, PIGOTT, STEPHENS, SNAPE, TONGE, GALLOP, WALLER, POLE, MUNDAY, POLLARD).Date range - 1706 - 1743[Dorset History Centre].
C 11/1990/37PIGOTT v. PIGOTTBill and two answers.Plaintiffs - Ann PIGOTT of St Paul, Covent Garden, Middlesex (only daughter of Walter PIGOTT, esq, deceased, late of North Bowood, Dorset, and Mary PIGOT his wife), infant (by said MAry PIGOTT, her mother).Defendants - Robert PIGOTT, esq, Andrew SNAPE, D.D., Maximillian STEPHENS, esq, Jeremiah THORNHILL and Mary THORNHILL.Date of Bill (or fist document) - 1720 JFP[Kew].
C 11/1435/18PIGOTT v. WECKETT.Bill, Answer and Plea.Plaintiffs - Mary PIGOTT (widow of Walter PIGOTT, esq, deceased, late of North Bowood, Dorset), Ann PIGOTT, aged 14 (sole daughter and heir of the said Walter PIGOTT and Mary PIGOTT his said wife), infant (by her said mother) and Maximillian STEPHENS, Esq, of Surton, Surrey.Defendants - William WECKETT, gent, and Mary WECKETT his wife, Jeremiah THORNHILL and Elizabeth THORNHILL his wife.Date of Bill (or first document) - 1723.[Kew].
C 11/1329/75WEKETT v. THORNHILLDocument type - Bill only.Plaintiffs - William WEKETT, clerk, of Brancepeth, Durham, and Mary WEKETT his wife (executrix and residuary legatee of Walter PIGOTT, esq, deceased, of North Bowood, Dorset).Defendants - Jeremiah TORNHILL, Mary RAYNOR and (unknown) RAYNOR.Date of Bill (or first document) - 1728.[Kew].

No comments: Monday, April 5, 2021 Edmund KING, a PIGOTT Spouse; Transported Convict; Shepherd* * * THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS * * *__________________________________

Edmund KING, born about 1795 (from age at marriage); he was of Swathling, North Stoneham, Hampshire, Bachelor, Yeoman, aged 24, when he made allegations of his intention to marry Constantia Maria PIGOTT, by means of a Sarum Marriage License Bond dated 30 June 1819 [transcript of Archdeaconry of Sarum Marriage License Bonds, Findmypast].

St Michael's, Compton Chamberlayne.Image courtesy of the web-site.
He was married in the parish church of St Michael, Compton Chamberlaine, Wiltshire, by the Rev T.H. SOUTH, A.M., on 1 (some newspapers) or 2 (other newspapers, and church records) July 1819, toConstantia Maria PIGOTT, Spinster, aged 34, of Compton Chamberlaine, third daughter of the late Captain John PIGOTT, and niece of the late Baron POWER of Ireland [Gentlemen's Magazine, Volume 89, Part 2, July-December 1819, page 87; Hampshire Telegraph, 5 July (on Thursday 1st); Salisbury and Winchester Journal, 5 July (on Friday 2nd); British Press, 5 July (1st); Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser, 6 July (1st); Oxford University and City Herald, 10 July; Hampshire Chronicle, 12 July (2nd)], and aged 34, Spinster, Bondsman FIGES, Hatton, Linendraper, of Romsey, Hants [Sarum Marriage License Bond]:

Image courtesy of, England, Church of England Marriages and Banns, 1754-1916, Compton Chamberlayne.
I find no further reference to this Edmund KING in English records. It is possible that this Edmund KING was the next, but the age difference, if all has been stated and recorded correctly, suggests otherwise.

Edmund KING; indications, from the following convict records, are that he was born about 1801, at Porchester, Hampshire.This was 7 or 8 years later than the date indicated for the Edmund KING who was married to Constantia Maria PIGOTT, in Wiltshire, in 1819. Some doubt remains as to whether these were the same Edmund KING.
On 2 July 1835, at the Police Court, Queen's Square, Westminster [Morning Advertiser (London), Friday 3 July 1835]:"A respectable looking man, Edmund KING, who said he was a farmer, in Hampshire, was... brought before Mr GREGORIE (*) upon an alleged charge of forgery."Mr GILPIN, the land-lord of the Mitre and Dove, King Street, Westminster, stated that he knew the prisoner by his using his house when he came to town for some years past. On Saturday fortnight, he came and asked witness if he could accommodate him with a bed. He lived at the house until Saturday last, when he left, having previously borrowed5 on a promissory note of10, payable on demand, and drawn upon Messrs MASTERMAN and Coy, the bankers, by one Thomas SMITH, whom the prisoner stated to have been his Solicitor, residing at No 14 Lincoln's Inn-fields. Upon the bill being presented it was dishonoured, no such person as the drawer being known there; and inquiries having been made in Lincoln's Inns-fields, the pretended Mr SMITH was not to be found. Complainant then applied to an officer of this establishment, and the prisoner was apprehended."DAWKINS, the officer, said that from some documents found upon the prisoner, he had every reason to believe that he was a man of property."The prisoner, in reply to the charge, said that in consequence of his father's death he had lately become entitled to considerable property, a portion of which consisted of a farm in Hampshire; he had come to town to sell out some of the stock, and had employed a person of the name of SMITH, who had been introduced to him as a solicitor, to settle his father's affairs. He was short of cash, and applied to this person, who drew the bill upon Messrs MASTERMAN, who he stated were his bankers. He had given this man a power of attorney to sell out the stock, upon which security he had received the promissory note."Mr GREGORIE - Do you know where to find this attorney?"Prisoner - No; he gave me his address in Lincoln's Inns-fields; but he was introduced to me in a casual manner."He was ordered to be remanded till Saturday, in order that one of Messrs MASTERMAN's clerks should be in attendance; and also that a person might attend who could identify the prisoner's handwriting."
(*) David William GREGORIE, Esq, A Magistrate of the Police Court at Queen Square, Westminster, who died on 16 October 1842, aged 52, and was buried in Westminster Abbey.
On 9 July 1835, Edmund, as"... a middle aged man who stated himself to be possessed of considerable property, a part of which was an estate in Hampshire," he was further examined by a Mr GREGORIE, "... on a charge of forgery, preferred against him by John GILPIN, the landlord of the Mitre and Dove, King Street, Westminster," stating, in his defence (inter alia)"... that he had come to town to settle the affairs of his father, who was lately dead" [Evening Mail, Friday 20 July].
On 18 July 1835, Edmund KING, a Farmer, was "... committed by D.W. GREGORIE, Esq,... (for) Feloniously uttering a forged order for10, well knowing the same to be forged, with intent to defraud John GILPIN..." [London, England, Newgate Calendar of Prisoners, 1785-1853,].
Edmond KING, aged 33, was formally tried by judge and jury at the Central Criminal Court (the Old Bailey), 17 August 1835, on the same charge, of uttering a forged order for 10, stating in his defence that he had gone to see Mr HILL, at the Inner Temple, and there met a person named SMITH, who told him HILL was no longer there, but as he was an Attorney, offered to assist - "I told him I was entitled to some money in the funds belonging to my sister and me, and wished his advice as to selling the Stock out,"adding that when SMITH returned with a power of attorney, he signed it, "... gave it to him to take to Mr BROOKES, a Stock Broker, who had done business for my family for many years, with instructions to sell the stock out," and that "... after going to the Zoological Gardens, I went to Knightsbridge Barracks - I was formerly in a regiment - I stopped there all night..."[Old Bailey trial reports, on-line].Edmond was found guilty, and sentenced to Transportation for Life.
Under Prisoners on Orders, Middlesex, for prisoners Under sentence of Transportation for Life, he was recorded as:"Edmund KING, 33, August 1835, Hulks"[London, England, Newgate Calendar of Prisoners, 1785-1853,].
He was transferred from Newgate Prison, 14 September 1835, to the prison hulk 'Leviathan,' moored at Portsmouth [U.K. Prison Hulks Registers].
The National Archives, at Kew, lists the following record (not yet sighted);HO 17/100/125.Prisoner name - Edmund KING.Prisoner age - 33.Prisoner occupation - Farmer and sheep and cattle dealer.Court and date of trial - Old Bailey Sessions, August 1835.Crime - Forgery, Uttering a false cheque for 10.Initial sentence - Transportation for Life.Gaoler's report - 'Character not known; Connections Respectable.'Annotated (Outcome) - Nil.Petitioner(s) - The Prisoner.Grounds for Clemency (petition details) - Prisoner is young and from a respectable family with Naval connections; prisoner is innocent but did not have counsel nor all of the witnesses he expected to attend; prisoner was duped into committing the crime.Other papers - Letter from Viscount Palmerston to Hon H. Manners SUTTON.Letter from [Robert KILLOCK], Leviathan Hulk Ship, to John Henry CAPPER.Additional information - Prisoner was ordered to Leviathan hulk ship. Prisoner was formerly in the Royal Regiment of Horse Guards.Date Range - 1835-1843.A letter from PALMERSTON to KING, dated 1843, appears in full further below.
Edmundsailed for Van Diemen's Land on the convict transport barque 'Henry Porcher,' 485 tons, HART (Master), from Portsmouth, 1 August 1836, as one of 258 male prisoners, and arriving in Hobart, 15 November 1836, being recorded as a Widower, with one child, a brother of "... Captain George KING, now Port Officer in Van Diemen's Land," and claiming to be worth between 8,000 and 9,000 [Convict Arrival Indent, web-site].

Image courtesy of the Libraries Tasmania On-line Collection.CON 31-1-26, Image 149."Principal Superintendent of Convicts;Alphabetical Record Book ofConvicts arriving in Van Diemen's Land:'J' 1834-1835, 'K' 1830-1836."Transferred from the Sheriff's Office, Hobart, 6 December 1951, totheTasmanian State Archives:Accession Number 2/156, File 2(b).
Edmund's arrival in Van Diemen's Land appears to have sent officials there into a bit of a flurry of organisational activity.On 21 November 1836, the Colonial Secretary, Van Diemen's Land, wrote to his counterpart in Sydney:"Sir,"(re) Edmund KING, Life."I have the honor to acquaint you, for the information of His Excellency Sir Richard BOURKE, that the convict whose description is herewith enclosed, and who recently arrived here by the 'Henry Porcher,' has been placed on board the Barque 'Lady Nugent' with a view of his serving the term of his Transportation at New South Wales."The individual in question being the brother of Captain KING, R.N., Port Officer at Hobart Town."His Excellency Colonel SNODGRASS has no doubt that the notions which induce the adoption of this course will be obvious to His Excellency Sr Richard BOURKE."I have the honor to be, Sir, Your most obedient Servant, - (indecipherable signature)."
The convict transport barque, 'Lady Nugent,' FAWCETT (Master), 535 tons, had arrived three days earlier, from Sheerness, with 306 male prisoners.
One of the attachmentsto the above letter, was a report, of same date, written by the Muster Master in Hobart, J.G. EMMETT:

[Image of Muster Master ELLIOTT of Hobart's letter.State Archives of N.S.W., Kingswood; AO Reel 2423, Colonial Secretary, Musters and other papers relating to Convict Ships, 1817-1840; 'Lady Nugent,' 1836, Ref 2/8264-66, from page 25.]
One significant item in this report was the identification of his siblings, as follows:"... one Brother is Captain George KING now Port Officer V.D. Land, William, Frederick, Augustus, Charles, 1 at Chesterfield, a Tanner, 1 at America, 1 on Sea Coast Station, 1 sister at Cape Town, 1 sister died at V.D. Land was married to Mr HAMMOND..."And another, on a separate page, was his very detailed physical description, inevitably made by the Muster Master as Edmund stood, unshod, before him:"Personal description of Edmond KING."Trade - Ploughman and Farm Servant."Height (without shoes) - Five feet eleven inches three quarters."Age - Thirty Five."Complexion - Dark."Head - Oval."Hair - Black to Grey."Whiskers - Black."Visage - Long."Forehead - High."Eyebrows - Brown."Eyes - Dark Hazel."Nose - Long."Mouth - Wide."Chin - Large."Native Place - Porchester."Remarks - Bald top of forehead."
The 'Lady Nugent' sailed for Sydney, 24 November 1836, with "passengers," and 21 male prisoners.On his arrival in Sydney, 2 December 1836, another convict indent recorded the following details:"List of Male Convicts by the ship 'Lady Nugent,' James FAWCETT, Master, DUBIE, Surgeon Superintendent, Arrived from the Cape of Good Hope and Hobart Town, 5th December 1836:No 19.Edmund KING; Age, 35 years; Born, Portchester; Employment, Ploughman and Farm Laborer; Trial Crime, Uttering forged order; Tried at London, 17 August 1835; Trial sentence, Life; Height 5 feet 11 and 3/4 inches, Complexion dark, Hair black-to-grey, Eyes dark hazel, Top of forehead bald, forehead high, long nose - brother in Van Diemen's Land"[Convict Indents, N.S.W., 1836,; Biog Item No 170612664, Biographical Data Base of Australia].There were no details entered in it for his Religion, Marital status or Former convictions.
Further "instructive" correspondence arose - The Colonial Secretary of N.S.W., the addressee of the 21 November 1836 letter from his counterpart in Van Diemen's Land (see above), wrote to The Principal Superintendent of Convicts, Sydney, on 6 December 1836 [Letters Sent re Convicts, Ref 443, 4/3682, Reel 1049]:"Sir,"I do myself the honor to transmit to you the accompanying Muster Roll of eighteen Prisoners from the Cape of Good Hope, and two from Hobart Town, arrived yesterday in the Ship 'Lady Nugent.'"..."Edmund KING The Prisoners named in the margin, arrived from"Life Hobart Town, are to be sent by the earliest opportunity, the first to Port Macquarie, as a special,"Nathaniel and LAURENCE to Norfolk Island, under his"LAURANCE sentence to that settlement."Life I have the honor to be, (sign) Alex'r McLEAY.", under "N.S.W., Australia, Convict Records, 1810-1891," records the following details, under the sub-heading of "Phoenix Hulk, Entrance Books":"Edmund KING, Lady Nugent, Protestant, Farmer, Life."Admitted - 5 December 1856, from the 'Lady Nugent.'"Purpose - F. orders."Disposed of - by orders, for Port Macquarie, on 26 December 1836."It would appear that the reference to the Hulk 'Phoenix' here probably referred to the previous 18 entries in the list, for those convicts transported all the way from England on the 'Lady Nugent' who were not landed at Hobart Town, and not the extra two who had joined them there, transferred from the 'Henry Porcher.'
Edmund was first listed in monthly returns for Port Macquarie, on 31 January 1837 [AO Reel 827, 4/5646].
On 20 January 1843,Edmund KINGwrote to Viscount Palmerston (*), concerning the status of his sentence, to which he replied, from London, 31 August 1843, addressed to "Edmund KING, Convict, Port Macquarie, N.S.W.," and date stamped in Sydney, 18 March 1844, and Port Macquarie, (indec) 1844, as follows:"I received some little time ago your letter of the 20th of January last, in which you say that in May 1836, before you sailed for New South Wales, the Master of the 'Leviathan,' the Hulk in which you were confined, received a notice from Mr CAPPER (**) that your sentence of Transportation had been mitigated, so that instead of being for life it was to be for seven years: you further state that no warrant or authority for such mitigation has been received in the Colony. Upon receiving your letter, I made inquiry at the Office of the Secretary of State for the Home Department, and I have been there informed that you aremistaken in supposing his sentence was mitigated. For although an application was made for a mitigation of tat sentence, that application was not complied with and your sentence remains therefore such as it originally was. "I am c, "Palmerston."To which was added a note by Sir Henry PARKES, stating that"... this letter lay in the Convict Office, Sydney, unclaimed until 1866"[State Library of N.S.W., A 31/p.44, Ref Code MIC 336500].
(*) Henry John TEMPLE (1784-1865), 3rd Viscount Palmerston; a British M.P., he was Foreign Secretary, 1835-41, and 1846-51, so in Opposition when he wrote this letter; he was Prime Minister, 1855-58 and 1859-65.(**) John Henry CAPPER, Esq, a Home Office Clerk in 1814, when he became Inspector of Hulks; by 1844, he had been elevated to Superintendent of Ships and Vessels Employed for the confinement of Offenders under sentence of Transportation, at Whitehall.
Edmund KING obtained his Ticket of Leave on 13 February 1845:"Ticket Number 45/364; Prisoner's Number 36/2589; Ship, Lady Nugent, Master FAWCETT; Place of Trial, Central Criminal Court, 17 August 1835; Life; Allowed to remain in the District of Port Macquarie on recommendation of Same Bench. Dated October 1844" [Ticket-of-Leave Butts (NRS 1202), N.S.W.].In this printed pro-forma, no details were included under headings for Native Place, Trade or Calling, Offence, Year of Birth, or Physical Features.
Edmund's Ticket-of-Leave, Number 45/364 (see above), was endorsed, in handwriting, crossways in the margin, with the following:"Cancelled for absence from District, 6th November 1850. Vide Governor's minute on list, Registered No 60/325/ when apprehended. See Letters from same Reg 51/2375 respecting (indecipherable word) deeds."
On 1 May 1851,Edmund KINGwas reported absent from his District (Port Macquarie), and illegally at large:"Edmund KING, Lady Nugent, 50, Porchester, farm labourer, 5 feet 8 inches, fair complexion, light brown hair, light blue eyes, top of forehead bald, forehead high, nose long; from Ticket of Leave, Port Macquarie, since November 1850" [N.S.W. Government Gazette, 2 May].But, apart from having a high and bald forehead and a long nose, this looks like a different man to the one who arrived in Hobart, then Sydney, in late 1836!
In September 1865, the following Memo was sent by the Police Convict Branch, to the Principal Secretary, with the intention of publishing details in the Police Gazette:

State Records Authority of N.S.W.,"Annual Return of Convicts who Died, 1867-1891," Volume 4/4552.Also listed under "Police Convict Branch, Letters to Officials, 1862-1892."Image courtesy of
There do not appear to be any more entries in Gazettes for convictEdmund alias Edward KING after 1851.
I find no further reference to this Edmund KING in Australian records. It is possible that he was the next.

In January 1849, anEdmund KING was engaged to be married to Mary SADLER, a widow, but his bride-to-be was allegedly murdered by the man Edmund had sent to fetch for the wedding. At the inquest, Edmund deposed to the Coroner that he was a Superintendent for George WYNDHAM at Glendon Brook.I had originally thought that thisEdmund KINGwas the convict who arrived on the 'Lady Nugent' in 1836, but despite some circumstantial clues, there is no conclusive evidence that he was.George WYNDHAM, a pioneer of the present Wyndham Estate Winemaking dynasty, grew up on Dinton, Wiltshire, a village a little over a mile north of the village of Compton Chamberlaine, where he may well have been acquainted with the family of Constantia Maria PIGOTT, who, in 1819, was married toEdmund KING.But, in the absence of conclusive evidence, it remains a possibility that the 1819 PIGOTT spouse, the 1836 convict arrival, and WYNDHAM's 1849 Overseer in 1849 may have been three different men. Although I think that is unlikely.
Edmund's Ticket-of-Leave, Number 45/364 (see above), was endorsed, in handwriting, crossways in the margin, with the following:"Cancelled for absence from District, 6th November 1850. Vide Governor's minute on list, Registered No 60/325/ when apprehended. See Letters from same Reg 51/2375 respecting (indecipherable word) deeds."
On 1 May 1851, Edmund KING was reported absent from his District (Port Macquarie), and therefore judged to be illegally at large:"Edmund KING, Lady Nugent, 50, Porchester, farm labourer, 5 feet 8 inches, fair complexion, light brown hair, light blue eyes, top of forehead bald, forehead high, nose long; from Ticket of Leave, Port Macquarie, since November 1850" [N.S.W. Government Gazette, 2 May].But, apart from having a high and bald forehead and a long nose, this looks like a different man to the one who arrived in Hobart, then Sydney, in late 1836!
On 7 April 1851, Edmund KING, of the District of Paterson, Widower, was married at the Church of St Mary, Allen's Creek, by License, to Amelia NEWTON, of the same District, Spinster, by J.W. ADDAMS, in the presence of Alfred ALSON, of Alleyn River, and Bruce Williamson HUME, of Nevallyn [Volume 37B #643, State Library of N.S.W., AO Reel 5012, SAG Reel 3073; image of marriage registration,]:

St Mary's Anglican Church, Allyn River, Allynbrook.Image, by Tania HACKETT, courtesy of the website.
A notice was published in Bell's Life in Sydney and Sporting Reviewer, Saturday 24 May 1851:"MARRIED. April 7, at St Mary's Church, Allen River, by the Rev P.W. ADAMS, Mr Edward KING, late of Glendon Brook, to Miss Amelia NEWTON, of Glenthorn, Gosford."
The image of the Allen's Creek church register page indicates that all of the additional entries inserted into the printed pro-forma are by the same hand, and probably that of the Officiating Minister. Sadly, we therefore cannot make a comparison with the actual signature of Edmund KING in the 1819 Church Register entry for his marriage in the Compton Chamberlaine parish churchto Constantia Maria PIGOTT (see above).
Amelia died "... at her residence, near Glen Innes, New England, September 28th, 1855, after giving birth to a son, which she survived only 8 hours, Mrs Edmund KING, leaving a disconsolate husband and four children to mourn their loss" [Sydney Morning Herald, 10 October]; another death notice recorded her death"At Glen Innes, on the 28th ult, in childbed, Amelia, the beloved wife of Edward KING, leaving her husband and four infant children to deplore their loss. The deceased was 30 years of age, and was highly respected by all who knew her" [Maitland Mercury, etc, 10 October].
They had issue five children, of whom the four survivors, two sons and two daughters, in about 1857, went to live with their uncle and aunt, Mr and Mrs John MEANLEY (%), at Casino:- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -1. William George KING, born at Muswell Brook, 24 November 1851, and baptised by the Minister of the Parish of Rowan, County Durham, 29 December, a twin, father an Overseer; he died in Newcastle Hospital, 8 September 1915, of West Wallsend, late watchman of Carrington Wharf, and was buried at Sandgate Cemetery, C.of E., 10 September [Newcastle Morning Herald and Miner's Advocate, 10 September]; of Brisbane, when he was married at St John's, Brisbane, 5 March 1880, to Elizabeth Rachel BULLOCK, third daughter of Richard BULLOCK, of Garford, Berkshire [The Telegraph (Brisbane), 9 March]; she died at Wallsend Hospital, 8 August 1904, aged 49 [Newcastle Morning Herald, etc, 13 August]; they had issue: a. Meanley KING, born at Brisbane, 10 May 1880. b. Ada Bertha KING, born in Qld, 8 December 1881; she was married at St Paul's, Stockton, 29 December 1900, to Edward Joseph BOWLING, of West Wallsend [Newcastle Morning Herald, etc, 13 August]. c. Edmund James KING, born in Qld, 19 October 1884; he died in Qld, 31 March 1885, an infant. d. Flora Gladys KING, born in Qld, 31 January 1886. e. Elsie Mary KING, born in Qld, 20 July 1890.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -2. Edmund James KING, all ditto, the other twin; he appears to have died in infancy.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -3. Annie Maria KING, born at Clairevaulx (*), 18 February 1853, and baptised at St Peter's parishchurch, Armidale, New England District, 24 April 1855, her father an Overseer; she died at Costin Street, Valley, Brisbane, 13 January 1921 (parents named in registration as Edmund James KING and Amelia NEWTON), and was buried at Toowong Cemetery; of Greenwood, Richmond River, N.S.W., when she was married at Rockhampton, 10 June 1875, to William KING, eldest son of Mr T. KING, Ipswich [The Queenslander (Brisbane), 26 June]; they had issue: a. Ethel Adelaide KING, born in Qld, 13 August 1878. b. William Henry KING, born in Qld, 24 September 1880. c. Florence Mabel KING, born in Qld, 10 March 1882. d. Elsie KING, born in Qld, 18 August 1883.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -4. Bertha Louisa KING, born at Clairevaulx, 8 July 1854, and baptised with her older sister; she died at her residence, South Casino, 12 September 1914, "... a well known resident of Casino, had been ailing for some time. During her last illness, her sister, Mrs KING of Toowoomba, Qld, was in constant attendance upon her" [Richmond River Express, etc, 15 September]; she was married firstly, at Ipswich, Qld, March 1873, to John Alfred EAMES; they were divorced, Decree Nisi August 1899, Decree Absolute March 1900; he died in Townsville Hospital, 11 December 1900, aged 51 years; they had issue: a. Annie Amelia Isabella EAMES, born in Qld, 20 July 1874 (father James Alfred in Index). b. Oswald Vivian EAMES, born at Richmond River, N.S.W., 1880. c. Nita Iliece EAMES, born at Richmond (River?), 1881. d. Aubrey R.C.R. EAMES, born at Casino, 1883 or 1884. e. Nita E. EAMES, born at Casino, 1886.William Robert Davey KING and Annie Maria KING, probably the same couple, had issue: f. Ivy Maria (or Moira?) Spencer KING, born in Qld, 16 October 1884. g. Robert Davey KING, born in Qld, 23 March 1886. h. Edward John KING, born in Qld, 25 November 1887. j. Nita KING, born in Qld, 9 May 1889. k. Ida Helen KING, born in Qld, 21 September 1890. l. Walter Harold Norman KING, born in Qld, 10 January 1892.
Bertha was married secondly, in Brisbane, 18 August 1910, to Charles Hugh BENGER.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -5. John Meanly KING, born at Stonehenge, near Armidale, 28 September 1855, and baptised at St Peter's parish church, Armidale, 3 October 1855, father a Shepherd - he later identified his birthplace as Farrickaba Station, near Glen Innes; probably at Syntax Street, Ipswich, 1905 [Moreton Division], Cab Proprietor; ditto, 1913, at Brisbane Street, Ipswich, with wife Mary, Home Duties; he was of Greenwood, Richmond River, when he was married, by Rev'd Father O'REILLY, at Spring Hill, Brisbane, 9 June 1876, to Mary JACKSON, only daughter of John Henry JACKSON, of Brisbane [Queenslander (Brisbane), 17 June; she died in Qld, 6 December 1933:

The KING family grave, Ipswich General Cemetery, R.C. Section B.Image posted on the web-site, courtesy of "Anne - here lies."
John and Mary had issue: a. Annie Amelia KING, born in Qld, 17 June 1877; she appears to have had illegitimate issue: i. Isabell Stephenson KING, born in Brisbane, 5 August 1897 (#6085), daughter of Annie Amelia Meanley KING; she died in Qld, 28 July 1970 (her grand parents were registered as her parents), and was buried in Ipswich general Cemetery, aged 72 [M.I.]; she was married in Qld, 6 August 1932, to Joseph McHUGH; he died in Qld, 12 September 1962, aged 65 [M.I.]. ii. Patrick KING, born in Brisbane, 11 January 1900, son of Annie Amelia KING.Annie was married in Victoria, 1903 (#898), to William Michael McCLELLAND; of Melbourne, 1939; he died in June 1949, and was buried at Fawkner Cemetery. b. John Meanley KING, born at Unumgar, Richmond River, N.S.W., 17 August 1879 [Brisbane Courier, 1 September]; of Boonah, Qld, 1939; he died at Ipswich, 6 November 1947, and was buried at Ipswich General Cemetery, aged 68; he was married in Qld, 23 April 1902, to Josephine Agnes CORDON; she died 29 June 1966, and was buries at Ipswich General Cemetery, aged 84; they had issue, including: i. William Joseph Meanley KING, born in Qld, 18 September 1902 ii. Muriel Josephine KING, born about 1904; she died 29 June 1933, and was buried with her parents, aged 28 years. iii. Charles Vincent KING, born in Qld, 30 June 1907; he died Qld, 2 November 1972. iv. Mary Beatrice KING, born in Qld, 18 June 1910; she was married Qld, 7 October 1933, to Colin James O'BRIEN. v. Phyllis Ena KING, born in Qld, 6 March 1913; she died 9 September 1920, and was buried with her parents, aged 7 years. vi. John Meanley (Jack) KING, born in Qld, 10 September 1915; he died in Qld, 20 November 1940. vii. Cyril Francis KING, born in Qld, 20 March 1918. c. William Joseph Meanley KING, born in Qld, 5 May 1882; he died at Ipswich Hospital, of typhoid fever, 23 March 1900, aged 17 years and 10 months [Queensland Times and Ipswich Herald, 27 March]; he was buried in his parent's grave (see image above). d. George Edmund Meanley KING, born in Qld, 4 June 1885; at Joyce Street, West Ipswich, 1919 [Moreton Division], Carpenter, with wife Anne, Home Duties; he died in Qld, 2 June 1957; he was married in Qld, 5 June 1912, to Annie McCRYSTAL; they had issue: i. Evelyne May KING, born in Qld, 30 June 1913; she was probably married in Qld, 15 August 1936, to Robert Oswald BORN. ii. Allen George KING, born in Qld, 16 October 1915; he died in Qld, 19 August 1953. iii. Monica Ann KING, born in Qld, 20 January 1920; she died in Qld, 6 September 1992, and was buried with her husband, aged 72; she was married in Qld, 19 December 1942, to Mervyn Morgan DALE; he died in Qld, 5 July 1963, was buried at Ipswich General Cemetery, aged 46. e. Joseph Meanly KING, born in Qld, 30 November 1887; he died in Qld, 23 August 1956, and was buried at Boonah General Cemetery, aged 68. f. Cyril Alphonsus KING, born in Qld, 2 August 1890; he died in Qld, 22 June 1956. g. Mary Meanley KING, born in Qld, 30 April 1893; she died in Qld, 14 May 1895, a child; she was buried in her parent's grave (see image above). g. Kathleen Beatrice KING, born in Qld, 14 May 1896; she died in Qld, 20 March 1974; she was married Qld, 9 August 1922, to James Daniel BYRNE; both of Bundaberg 1939.
h. Victor Louis KING, born in Qld, 8 November 1898; he died in Qld, 7 September 1946; he was married in Brisbane, 4 July 1928, to Eva Mary DRAPER; of Brisbane, 1939.
(%) John MEANLEY, born at Aldridge, Staffordshire, 22 August 1820; he was of Casino, Northern Rivers, N.S.W.; he died at Tabulum, N.S.W., 11 August 1860; he was married, N.S.W., 1849 [Volume 34C, #25], as her first husband, to Maria NEWTON, a daughter of Willliam NEWTON, of Crowcombe, Taunton, Somerset, by his wife Anne RICHARDS, and an older sister of Amelia NEWTON (the wife of Edmund KING); John and Maria, then in Casino, "adopted" her four surviving young KING nephews and nieces in about 1857; Maria was married secondly, at Greenwood, Richmond River, N.S.W., 12 June 1873, to John WHITE, second son of John WHITE, Esq, of Parton, Cumberland, England [Evening News (Sydney), 30 June].
(*) Clarevaulx alias Clairvaux Station, near Glen Innes, was the 28,000 acre property of Captain Philip DITMAS, late 66th Regiment (he died at Beaminster, England, in 1871), and his wife Anastatia FAUNT (she died at Clarevaulx in 1860); they had arrived in N.S.W. from London on the ship 'Douglas,' 29 September 1839; their only son and heir, Philip Clarevaulx DITMAS, was born in N.S.W. in about mid 1840, and was killed in a fall from his horse, 10 March 1861, just a few months short of his 21st birthday.
An Edward KING appeared before the Police Court, Maitland, October 1855, claiming to have paid 40 to Mr RAVENSCROFT, a Clerk of Petty Sessions (but since resigned), as an Immigration remittance, desiring to bring out a friend from Great Britain, but due to be returned to him, as he claimed, because the party in G.B. had since married, and the 40 had become an insufficient amount [Maitland Mercury, etc, 21 November].
An Edward KING, otherwise GALLAGHER, died at or near Murrurundi, 2 February 1862:"MURRURUNDI - A correspondent writes:- A man named KING, or GALLAGHER, this morning cut his throat in a most fearful manner. He had been for some years employed at stations on the plains as a shepherd, but has for some time been ailing, and only ten days since absconded from the hospital here in the night. No cause can be assigned for the act he has committed. He was taken to the hospital, and placed under the care of Dr GORDON, but died shortly after." [Sydney Morning Herald, 4 February].An inquest was held at Murrurundi:"An Inquest was held this day by Captain WHEELER upon the body of Edward KING, or GALLAGHER, who committed suicide by cutting his throat with a razor. Evidence was given which left no doubt upon the minds of the jurors, that deceased committed the act while in a state of temporary insanity, and they returned a verdict accordingly" [Maitland Mercury, 8 February].
The Index to Statutory Death Registers in N.S.W. records that his death (by reduction, on 2 February) was registered at Murrurundi, 1862 #4853, "Age 59, Died Murrurundi."These last two entries undoubtedly substitute for the absence in the Register of parental details, and is not an uncommon feature when the Registrar has been informed by a Coroner. As KING was for the second time a Widower, it is quite possible that no-one then living knew his parents names anyway.

[Courtesy of the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, New South Wales Government.]
His death certificate records that he was a Shepherd, age 59 years, was born in England, and had been in New South Wales for about 30 years. There are no details of marriage or children.The informant was Dr W.H. GORDON , of Murrurundi.His burial was recorded at Haydenton, with no oficiating minister. I expect that his grave is probably unmarked.
It is not yet confirmed that this was the absconding prisoner, Edmund KING. But the fact that his occupation is listed as shepherd is of interest, given that the youngest son of Edmund and Amelia KING, born in 1855, was recorded as a son of a shepherd.

James KING; he was probably buried at Titchfield, Hampshire, 15 February 1785; he was married at Titchfield, 19 November 1767, to Rachel KNIGHT; she died on 13 October 1830,"... at the residence of her son-in-law, Capt. SHORT, Titchfield... at the advanced age of 86 years, sincerely beloved and regretted by all who knew her" [Hampshire Telegraph, 25 October], and was buried at Titchfield, 19 October 1830; they are said to have had issue:A1. James KING, said to have been born in 1768-69, and died in 1829. Probably [A] below.A2. Thomas KING, 1770-1856.A3. Solomon KING, 1771-1781.A4. Rachel KING, 1774-?A5. Mary Moira KING, 1776-1783.A6. William KING, 1778-?A7. Sarah Ann KING, 1779-1811; she was married at Titchfield, 28 January 1806, to William SHOVELLER; they had issue, including: a. William King SHOVELLER, baptised at Gosport, Hampshire, 14 June 1809; Royal Marines; he proved the will of his aunt Eliza Wimbleton SHORT, 1865; he died at Leinster Terrace, Dalkey, Rathdown, 9 April 1887, aged 77, Major, Royal Marines Light Infantry (retired); he was married to Georgina (-?-); she died at Northumberland Avenue, Rathdown, 25 December 1891, aged 80, widow of Major; they had issue: i. Henry James King SHOVELLER, born about 1855; he died at 133 Rathgar Road, Rathmines, 23 September 1875, aged 20, Bachelor, Inflammation of lungs, informer by his father.A8. George Rodney KING, 1782-?
A9. Elizabeth Wimbleton KING, baptised at Titchfield, Hampshire, 2 November 1786; she was at Mill Street, Titchfield, 1841 Census, aged 55+, Independent, born in County, with two domestic servants; ditto, 1851 and 1861, Widow, Fund Holder, born Titchfield, aged 66 and 76 respectively; she died at Titchfield, 26 February 1865, her will proved at Winchester, 21 March, effects under3,000, on the oath of William King SHOVELLER, of Balloncor, near Sligo, Captain, Royal Marines, the nephew and sole executor [National Probate Calendar, England and Wales]; she was married at Swanwick, near Titchfield, 21 June 1810, to James SHORT, Captain, Royal Marines; his will, dated 26 February 1831, was proved P.C.C., 27 February 1833, mentioning his wife Eliza Wimbleton SHORT, and his cousin William James Barefoot HAMMOND.________________________________________________________________

[A] James KING, born about 1769 (from age at burial); of Swathling (Swaythling), parish of North Stoneham, Hampshire, January 1829, when he died, and was buried at Fareham St Peter and St Paul, 5 January, aged 59 years [Hampshire Burials, Findmypast]; of Swathling, parish of North Stoneham, County of Southampton, Tanner and Farmer, when he made his will, dated 7 July 1822, leaving his whole estate to his"... dear wife Sarah,"whom he appointed sole executrix, and was witnessed by W'm R'd B'n DAVIES, Thomas CHURCHER and Benj'n ROSE; a notice, dated 17 January 1829, was inserted in the Salisbury and Winchester Journal [Monday 19 January], by which "A.H. PERKINS respectfully informs the Public that he is instructed to Submit to Auction, without the least reserve, on the premises at Swathling, 3 miles form Southampton, on the latter part of the present month, the LIVE DEAD STOCK, FARMING IMPLEMENTS, together with the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, late the property of Mr James KING, deceased"; another notice, dated 16 January, was published in the Hampshire Chronicle [Monday 26 January], advising that "All Persons having any account against James KING, late of North Stoneham, in the county of Southampton, tanner and farmer, deceased, are desired to send the particulars thereof forthwith to Mr BARNEY, Southampton, and all persons indebted to the estate of the deceased are requested to pay their accounts to Mr BARNEY for the use of the Representatives of the deceased"; James's will was proved P.C.C., 22 January 1829, by his daughters Sarah Ann FOWLER the wife of Mattheas FOWLER, and Rachael KING, Spinster, as"... Sarah KING the wife, sole executrix and universal legatee died in the lifetime of the testator."James is said to have been married at Hursley, Hampshire, 27 July 1789, to Sarah PORTER; she died at Swathling, and was buried at Fareham St Peter and St Paul, 9 November 1827, aged 56 years; they had issue:- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -1. James KING, "... admitted born" 29 March 1790, as recorded in the Baptismal Register of Fareham St Peter and St Paul, 15 April 1804. Possibly a witness to the will of Frances PIGOTT of Compton Chamberlaine, dated 9 August 1838 (unless a member of the KING family of that town, who may have been related to this family?).- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -2. George KING. Probably [B] below.
James and Sarah are believed to have had other issue, for most of whom no baptismal details have been found, and including siblings mentioned by one of them in 1836:- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -3.Edmund KING, born about 1795 (from age at marriage); he was of Swathling, North Stoneham, Hampshire, Bachelor, Yeoman, aged 24, when he made allegations of his intention to marry, by Sarum Marriage License Bond dated 30 June 1819, toConstantia Maria PIGOTT, of Compton Chamberlaine, third daughter of the late Captain John PIGOTT. See above.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -4. William KING, possibly born in 1796; mentioned in his brother Edmund's Convict Indent, November 1836; possibly the William KING, who joined the 43rd Regiment of Foot, 5 June 1817, aged 21, born Portchester, Hampshire, Labourer, 5 feet 10-and-a-half inches, Brown hair, Grey eyes, Fresh complexion, Stout.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -5. Sarah Ann KING, born at Porchester, about 1797-98 (Census returns); she was probably the Sarah Ann KING who witnessedEdmund KING's marriage in 1819 to Constantia Maria PIGOTT; she proved her father's will, 1829; she was of St Maurice Winchester, May 1831, when she gave her consent, as sister and guardian of Charles KING, of Martyr Worthy, a minor aged 20, for a license (of the Bishop of Winchester), dated 16 May, for his marriage to Mary DELLER, of Droxford; Sarah Ann was at London Street, Basingstoke, 1841 Census, aged 50+, with her husband; she was at Merrow Road, Stoke-next-Guildford, Surrey, 1851 Census, aged 53, born Porchester, Hampshire, with her husband; she died at Shalford, near Guildford, Surrey, 14 July 1856,"... the wife of Mr Matthias FOWLER, formerly of the Star Inn, Guildford" [West Surry Times, 19 July] "... and daughter of the late James and Sarah KING of Swathling, near Southampton, aged 58"[Hampshire Advertiser, 19 July], and was buried at Shalford St Mary the Virgin, 19 July; she was married at North Stoneham, Hampshire, 7 October 1824, to Matthias FOWLER; he was an Inn Keeper, at the Anchor and Hope Inn, October 1832, when he moved to the Angel Hotel and Commercial Inn, Lymington, an"... old established Hotel and Posting House" [Hampshire Advertiser, 13 October]; in May 1836, he inserted a notice - "TO LET, from midsummer next, the Angel Hotel, Commercial Coach and Posting House" [Hampshire Advertiser, 14 May]; he was declared bankrupt, 1837, and in May, the "First Rate Freehold Posting House, Hotel, Tavern and Commercial Inn, in the centre of the High Street of that fashionable Watering place the Town of Lymington bordering on the New Forest" was notified "... FOR SALE BY AUCTION, on the premises, on Thursday 18th May, at six o'clock in the evening, by Mr YOUNG, before the major part of the Commissioners named and authorised in and by a Fiat of Bankruptcy awarded and issued forth against Mathias FOWLER, of Lymington, Hants, Wine Merchant, and under instructions of the Assignees, that highly valuable and Old Established INN, THE ANGEL" [Hampshire Independent, 6 May]; he was at The George Inn, London Road, Basingstoke, 1841 Census, aged 50+, Inn Keeper, with wife and three sons; in May 1845, the License for the Star Inn, in the parish of St Mary, Guildford, was transferred to Jessie BOXALL, the premises"... lately and until now in the occupation of Mathias FOWLER"[Sussex Advertiser, 6 May]; he was at Merrow Road, Stoke-next-Guildford, 1851 Census, aged 62, Retired Inn Keeper, born Newburgh, Berkshire, with wife Sarah; he was at Basingstoke, 1861 Census, a Widower, aged 72, Fund-holder, a lodger; he died at Gloucester Street, South Lambeth, 12 October 1862, aged 74 years [Hampshire Chronicle, 18 October].Sarah Ann and Matthias appear to have had issue: a. Matthias James FOWLER, baptised at Southampton All Saints, 20 February 1825; he enlisted in the 7th Dragoon Guards, in London, 17 April 1848; he transferred to the 5th Dragoon Guards, 29 January 1858; he was at Preston Barracks, Brighton, 1861 Census, District H.Q., 5th Dragoon Guards, aged 35, born Southampton, Soldier; he was discharged at Cahir, Ireland, November 1863, aged 38 years 8 months, after 14 years 62 days service, intending to reside at Gloucester Street, Lambeth, Surrey; he was at 55 Mawdley(?) Street, Lambeth, 1871 Census, aged 46, Railway Clerk, born Southampton, with his wife Mary (aged 35, born Norfolk) and son Percy (aged 2, born Lambeth); his death was registered in London, September quarter 1879 [Volume 1b, page 331], aged 54, his body having been found in the River Thames, in a sack, on 29 June 1879, last seen alive on 23 June, latterly of 12 Dalywell Road, Stockwell, having"... been in service of the London and South Western Railway Company for over 9 years, as Chief Clerk in the goods department at Nine Elms Station"[Morning Post, 3 July]; a Railway Clerk, of 57 Mawbey Street, he was married, at St Barnabas church, South Lambeth, Surrey, by Banns, 21 October 1867, to Mary RICHES, full age, spinster, daughter of John RICHES, Farmer. b. Henry FOWLER, born about 1826; aged 14, with his parents, 1841 Census. c. George FOWLER, born about 1827; aged 13, with his parents, 1841 Census; he is said to have died at Reading, Berkshire, on 22 September 1898. d. Robert FOWLER, baptised at Lymington, Hampshire, 28 August 1830, son of Matthias and Sarah Anne; possibly the Robert FOWLER was buried there, 11 April 1831, aged 0. e. John Sowter FOWLER, baptised at Lymington, 5 September 1833, son of Matthias and Sarah Anne; he was aged 8, with his parents, 1841 Census. f. Alfred Porter FOWLER, baptised at Lymington, Hampshire, 14 September 1836; he was probably the A.P. FOWLER who was residing at Shirley Common , Millbrook, 1841 Census, aged 5 years, with his probable aunt R. KING, in the household of George STRATTON; as Alfred P. FOWLER, he was at 18 High Street, Guildford Holy Trinity, Surrey, 1851 Census, aged 15, born Lymington, Hampshire, an Apprentice to Peter AUSTEN, Grocer and Tea Dealer; as"... Manager of the Brompton business of Messrs COPEMAN and LACEY, army contractors"in Chatham, Alfred Porter FOWLER died at Brompton, in May 1860, aged 24, from an overdose of opium, medically administered for the treatment of rheumatic fever [Berkshire Chronicle, 2 June], and was buried at Gillingham St Mary, Kent, 27 May- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -6. Frederick KING; mentioned in ditto, 1836.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -7. a daughter; mentioned in 1836, as being in Cape Town. Possibly the Miss M. KING, of No 5, New Street, Covent Garden, October 1835, when Mrs FOWLER, the wife of Mathias FOWLER, of the Angel Inn, Lymington, sent by post a letter enclosing a 10 pound note, which was intercepted by a postal officer in the G.P.O., and was prosecuted by FOWLER for embezzlemen [Albion and the Star, 29 October].- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -8. Eliza KING, born about 1804-05 (age at death); the "...second daughter of Mr James KING, Tanner, of Swathling, near Southampton, and a niece of Captain SHORT," when she was married, 22 June 1823, to "James HAMMOND, Esq, of Shadwell, London, Merchant, nephew of Captain SHORT of Titchfield" [Salisbury and Winchester Journal, 9 June]; she was mentioned in her brother's Convict Indent, 1836, as having died in Hobart in 1831, the wife of Mr HAMMOND; she first arrived in Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land, 15 April 1824, on the ship 'Heroine,' 450 tons, Captain W. OSTLER, from London (15 November 1823) via the Cape (29 February 1824), with her husband; she sailed from Hobart, 19 February 1826, on the ship 'Andromeda,' bound for London direct, as Mrs HAMMOND with one child [Colonial Times and Tasmanian Advertiser, 23 September]; she arrived back in Hobart, 11 January 1830, on the ship 'Chatham,' 354 tons, Captain BRAGG, from London (14 September 1829), Plymouth (19 September), and touching at St Jago (6-9 October), with her husband (charterer, with merchandise) and two children [Hobart Town Courier, 16 January]; she died at Hobart, 16 June 1831.Eliza was married at Lurgashall, Sussex, 22 May 1823, to John Meers HAMMOND (son of William HAMMOND, and named in his will, proved P.C.C. in 1824, together with siblings William James Barefoot HAMMOND, Thomas Mitchell HAMMOND, and Elizabeth PILGRIM); James first arrived in Van Diemen's Land,15 April 1824, on the ship 'Heroine' from London, with his wife and two children, accompanying James GRANT and his wife Caroline (NEVE), who had chartered the vessel; after a return visit to England, James arrived back in Hobart, 13 June 1828, on the ship 'Sarah,' Captain G. KING, from Land's End (8 February) touching at St Jago, which James had chartered, with goods and passenger; he was due to return to England, shortly after September 1828,"... with the intention of immediately returning to the Colony"[Hobart Town Courier, 20 September]; he returned to Hobart on the ship 'Chatham,' December 1829; he died, shortly after arrival in Hobart, 1 June 1830, of a fever taken at St Jago, from which he never recovered.James and Eliza had issue: a. Rachel Anne HAMMOND, born, probably on the voyage to Tasmania, 1824; she was probably buried at Brixton St Matthew, Surrey, 25 February 1829, aged 5 years.
b. Thomas Mitchell HAMMOND, born at Hobart, 15 September 1825 [Colonial Times, and Tasmanian Advertiser (Hobart), Friday 23 September -"... the Lady of J.M. HAMMOND, of a son"]; he was probably buried at Brixton St Matthew, Surrey, 25 February 1829, aged 3 years; an uncle, Thomas Mitchell HAMMOND, Medical man, resided at Brixton. c. Maria HAMMOND, born in 1827, probably in England; sole surviving daughter; she arrived in Hobart with her parents, January 1830; she was married to John MEREDITH. d. Eliza HAMMOND, born at sea, between December 1829 and January 1830, on the ship 'Chatham,' shortly before reaching Hobart on 11 January 1830; she died in Hobart Town, 23 April 1831, Merchant's daughter, aged 15 months [Libraries Tasmania web-site; Ref 1831 #901]..- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -9. Rachael KING, born at Titchfield, Hampshire (three Census enumerations), about 1810; she proved her father's will, 1829; she was at Lymington, Hampshire, March 1837, when she was listed as a Petitionary Creditor to the Bankrupt Matthias FOWLER, her brother-in-law [Perry's Bankrupt Gazette, 4 March]; as R. KING, she was probably residing at Shirley Common, Millbrook, Hampshire, 1841 Census, aged 25+, Independent, born in county, in the household of George STRATTON, and with her nephew A.P. FOWLER (aged 5); she was at Sussex Place, Millbrook, Hampshire, 1851 Census, Unmarried, aged 39, Annuitant; she was at 11 Latimer Street, Southampton St Mary, 1861, Head, Unmarried, aged 47, Lodging House Keeper, with two male lodgers, both Mariners (aged 20 and 21); she was back at Sussex Place, Millbrook, 1871, Head, Unmarried, aged 64, Annuitant; she died at in March 1862, at Hanwell Cottage, Wellington Road, Freemantle, Hampshire, a Spinster, aged about 65 years [Hampshire Telegraph, 6 March], Registered at South Stoneham, March quarter (Volume 2c, page 55), aged 65; she was buried at Millbrook, 2 March 1875 [Parish Burials, Findmypast].- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -10. Charles KING, born about 1810-11; mentioned in ditto, 1836; he was of Martyr Worthy, aged 20, when he obtained a License, dated 16 May 1831, to marry Mary DELLER, of Droxford, with the consent of Sarah Ann FOWLER, his sister and guardian [Southmapton Archives, web-site]._______________________________________________________________

Richard YALDWYN, born about 1762; matriculated, University College, Oxford, 7 December 1781, aged 19, of Blackdown, Sussex, son of John YALDWYN of Lodsworth [Alumni Oxonienses]; he died in September 1807, and was buried at Lurgashall St Laurence, 21 September; his will, dated 29 November 1803, with a codicil dated 12 September 1807, was proved P.C.C., 3 February 1808, on the oath of Martha YALDWYN, widow, the relict and sole executrix.Richard cohabited with Martha SEARLE, the daughter of R. SEARLE, Esq, a tenant on Richard's Blackdown estate, by whom he had issue:- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -1. Richard YALDWYN, born about 1792; he was named in his father's will, November 1803; admitted as Pensioner, Peterhouse, Cambridge, 25 June 1817, of Blackdown, Sussex; Clerk in Holy Orders; he went to Tasmania in 1831; he died at Hobart Town, 10 July 1834,"... late of St Peter's College, Cambridge, aged 41 years"[The Hobart Courier, 25 July].- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -2. Harriot Matilda YALDWYN, born on 19 March 1793, and baptised at Sunbury-on-Thames, London, 11 December 1795; named in her father's will, November 1803; she was married to George KING, Captain, R.N. See below.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -3. Frances YALDWYN, born 29 August 1794, and baptised at St Mary's church, Sunbury-on-Thames, 19 November; named in her father's will, November 1803; she was buried at Lurgashall, 26 May 1804, aged 10 years.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -4. Mary Ann YALDWYN, born 13 November 1795, and was baptised at Sunbury-on-Thames, 11 December 1795, with her older sister Harriot; named in her father's will, November 1803.Richard YALDWYN, Esq, of the parish of Lodsworth, County Sussex Bachelor, was married by License, at the church of St Andrew Holborn, London, 23 May 1797, to Martha SEARLE, of the parish of Saint Andrew Holborn, Spinster, in the presence of Catherine and Peter MARTIN; she was at Blackdown, Lodsworth parish, 1841 Census, aged 70+, Independent, born in County, with John YALDWYN, aged 8 (not born in County), and four domestic servants.
They had further lawful issue:- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -5. Caroline YALDWYN, probably born about 1797; named in her father's will, November 1803.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -6. Jane YALDWYN, baptised at Lurgashall, 26 July 1799; named in her father's will, November 1803.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -7. William Henry YALDWYN, born at Blackdown, Lurgashall, 6 September 1801 [Melbourne Athanaeam Inc.'s web-site]; he was married at Cuckfield, Sussex, 22 July 1839, to Henrietta Mary BOWLES [ditto,].- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -8. John Whitehead YALDWYN, baptised at Lurgashall, 24 May 1803; named in his father's will, November 1803; he was buried at Lurgashall, 24 January 1879, aged 75 years.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -9. Martha YALDWYN, born 27 February 1805, and baptised at Lurgashall, in 1807; named in the codicil to her father's will, September 1807.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -10. Catherine YALDWYN, probably born about 1807; ditto; named in the codicil to her father's will, September 1807._______________________________________________________________

[B] George KING, "... admitted born"2 June 179129 March 1790, as recorded in the Baptismal Register ofFareham St Peter and St Paul, Hampshire, 15 April 1804, a son of James and Sarah KING.Two weeks after his teenage baptism, on 1 May 1804, George entered the Royal Navy:"... as a Midshipman, on board 'Utrecht,' 64 guns, Captains John Wentworth LORING, Fras PICKMORE and Henry INMAN, lying in the Downs; and from January 1805, until his promotion to the rank of Lieutenant, 3 September 1810, was employed under the present Sir Edw. W.C.R. OWEN, latterly as Master's Mate, in the Imortalite' and 'Clyde' frigates. He was consequently present in several affairs with the enemy's flotilla, also in the attack made with CONGREVE's rockets on the town of Boulogne, in October 1806, and in the ops against Flushing in 1809. On the occasion of his promotion, as above, Mr KING joined the 'Ariel,' Sloop, Captain Daniel ROSS, and sailed for the Baltic. From March 1812 until within a few days of his attainment of the rank of Commander, 15 June 1814, he served off the mouth of the Scheldt in the 'Inconstant,' 36 guns, and the 'Cornwall,' 74, both commanded by Captain Owen. He has since been on half-pay. Commander KING is a Magistrate at Van Diemen's Land. Agents, HALLETT and ROBINSON"[A Naval Biographical Dictionary].
...TO BE CONTINUED...George was of Brook, parish of Witley, Surrey, March 1820 (birth of eldest daughter); at Boulogne-sur-Mer, Pas-de-Calais, January 1827 (baptism of second daughter); his wife was at Haslemere, Surrey, August 1828 and July 1830 (baptisms of their youngest daughter and only son respectively)....Captain George KING, R.N., commanded the ship 'Sarah' on a voyage from Land's End, 8 February 1828, touching at St Jago, and arriving in Hobart Town, 13 June 1828, with goods and 28 passengers, including Mr J.M. HAMMOND, who had chartered the vessel, and was George's brother-in-law; the 'Sarah' set sail on her return voyage from Hobart, 15 February 1829, Captain KING, direct to London, with a cargo of Colonial produce, and several passengers.George KING sailed from London, 6 August 1832, as a passenger on the barque 'Duckenfield,' 317 tons, Captain RIDDELL, bound for New South Wales, via Hobart Town (December 1832), with a general cargo and passengers, arriving at Sydney on 30 December [Sydney Gazette, 1 January 1833]; he sailed from Sydney, 19 January 1833, still on the 'Duckenfield,' Captain Adam RIDDELL, on her return voyage to Hobart Town, with 22 horses and local produce, with part of her original London cargo [The Sydney Herald, 21 January]....He was in Launceston by October 1833, when he was appointed to the Committee, and as Secretary, of the newly formed Cornwall Agricultural Association.George KING, Esq, Commander, R.N. was appointed, October 1836, to be Port Officer, Hobart Town, from the 1st of December, in the room of William MORIARTY [The True Colonist, Van Diemen's land Political Despatch, etc, (Hobart), 21 October 1836].George was appointed Assistant Police Magistrate of Bothwell, December 1845 [Cornwall Chronicle, 3 December; Launceston Advertiser, 25 December; he was farwelled from there, in June 1850, to his old post as Port Officer, Hobart [Britannia and Trade's Advocate (Hobart Town), 4 July].George KING, Captain, R.N., Port Officer, Hobart, was listed as a Member of the Royal Society of Van Diemen's Land, in 1852....George died at his residence, Golbourne Street, Hobart Town, 21 October 1858, aged 65 years, of Apoplexy, Informed by Samuel SMITH, Friend, of Brisbane Street [Registration, 1858 #1171; image viewable on the Libraries Tasmania web-site], or died on 20 October, his funeral to take place at St David's Cathedral, at 3 o'clock, Saturday 23rd [The Courier (Hobart), 21 October].
George was married at Lurgashall, Sussex, 3 June 1818, to Harriot Matilda YALDWYN; she was born on 19 March 1793, and baptised at Sunbury-on-Thames, London, 11 December 1795, daughter of Richard YALDWYN of Blackdown House, Sussex, and his wife Martha SEARLE.As Mrs Captain KING, she arrived in Hobart Town, 4 September 1834, on the ship 'Thomas Laurie,' 297 tons, from London (4 April) via Rio de Janeiro, in the Cabin, with her four children.She died at Adelaide Street, Hobart, 6 August 1869, aged 76 years, also of Apoplexy, Informed by William HAMILTON, Undertaker, Elizabeth Street [Registration, 1869 #7986].
George and Harriot Matilda had issue:- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -1. Frances KING, born at Brook, Surrey, and baptised at Witley, 26 March 1820; aged 14 on her arrival in Hobart, 1834; she was married in Launceston, 1836, to Robert Pringle STUART, of North Esk.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -2. Matilda Adelaide KING, baptised at the British Chapel, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Pas-de-Calais, 8 January 1827; aged 7 on her arrival in Hobart, 1834; she died at 178 Macquarie Street, Hobart, 31 March 1867 [The mercury (Hobart), 2 April]; she was married at St David's Cathedral, Hobart Town, 10 August 1857, as his first wife, to Robert Patten ADAMS, of Hobart, Barrister-at-Law; he was born at Matock, Somerset, in 1831, and died in Hobart, 1911, having married again, with further issue; Robert and Mathilda had issue, mentioned in 1887 as five children: a. Robert Percival ADAMS, born at Hobart, 1859; a pupil at Hutchins School, he was nominated for a Naval Cadetship, 1872, entering the Navy on board H.M.S. Clio at Sydney [Cornwall Chronicle (Launceston), 1 July 1872]; he died in 1894; he was married at Glebe, Sydney, 1 September 1883, to Caroline (Carrie) G. ELLIOTT, eldest daughter of the late Henry Sherman ELLIOTT, of Lismore [N.S.W. Indexes to Marriages, 1883 #2561; Northern Star (Lismore), 2 February 1884]. b. Adelaide Laura ADAMS, born at Holbrook Place, Hobart Town, 1 December 1860 [Launceston Examiner, 4 December]; she died in 1936. c. Violet Isabel ADAMS, born in Hobart, about November or December 1861; she died at Holbrook Place, Hobart 8 March 1862, aged 4 months [The Mercury (Hobart), 10 March]. d. Guy L'Estrange ADAMS, born at Holbrook Place, Hobart, 16 November 1863 [Cornwall Chronicle (Launceston), 21 November]; he died there, 18 March 1864, aged 4 months [The Mercury (Hobart), 21 March]. e. no particulars yet found.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -3. Martha Maria KING, baptised at Haslemere, Surrey, 18 August 1828; aged 6 on her arrival in Hobart, 1834; as the youngest daughter, she was married at St George's church, Hobart Town, 24 March 1852, to Lieutenant Charles Talbot COMPTON, R.N., H.M.S. 'Fantome' [Launceston Examiner, 27 March].- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -4.William KING, baptised at Haslemere, Surrey, 15 July 1830; aged 4 on arrival in Hobart, 1834; he died at Helensburg, N.S.W., 11 July 1895, and was buried at Woronora Cemetery [Anglican Monumental, Section A, Plot 2]; he was married at St James's church, Sydney, 24 April 1852, to Emily GRIFFITHS, of Woolloomooloo; she was born in Dorset, 1833, the third daughter of John Gordon GRIFFITHS (1810-1857), Actor, Theatre Manager, and Publican, in England, Sydney and Manly, by his wife Anne Rosina WYATT; Emily died in Sydney, 30 October 1884, and was buried at Rookwood [Anglican Section R, Plot 1117], aged 50; they had issue: a. William KING, born in April 1853; died in 1854. b. Matilda Adelaide KING, born in Woolloomooloo, 1855; died in Sydney, 1859 #1207, parents named [also 1859, Volume 122B, # 7996 - the burial details]. c. Ernest George KING, born in 1857; he died at 62 Amherst Street, North Sydney, August 1927 (Registered #12434, parents William F. and Emily), and was buried at St Thomas's churchyard, West Street, North Sydney, 16 August [Daily Telegraph, 16 August]; he was probably married at Sydney, 1881 #1556, to Sarah Jane MEAD; she died at Neutral Bay, 20 November 1924, and was buried at St Thomas's Church of England Cemetery, 22 November, aged 68 yeas [S.M.H., 6 December]; they had issue: i. Harold Tasman KING, born at St Leonards, 1883 #9876; he died at North Sydney, 1939 #3804. ii. Phillis KING, born at St Leonards, 1884 #11684; he died at North Sydney, 1953 #17280. iii. Florence Jane KING, born at St Leonards, 1885 #12067; he died there, 1968 #38844. iv. William G. KING, born at St Leonards, 1887 #13141, a twin; he died there, 1887 #5481, infant. v. Ernest J. KING, ditto, #13142, the other twin; as Ernest A., ditto, 1887 #549, an infant. vi. Percy KING, born at St Leonards, 1888 #13566; he died at North Sydney, 1949 #7678. vii Maynard KING, born at St Leonards, 1892 #32957; he died there, 1964 #22532. viii. Roy KING, born at St Leonards, 1896 #7240; he died there, 1896 #3968, an infant.. d. Florence Emily KING, born in 1861; she died at Camperdown, 23 March 1936, late of Newtown, and was buried privately, at Rookwood C.of E., aged 76 [S.M.H., 25 March]; she was married at Redfern, 1887, to Alfred Hugh McCLUSKEY; he probably died at Newtown, 1916 #5563, son of Hugh and Marianne; they had issue: i. Alfred Moore McCLUSKEY, born at Redfern, 1889 #8479; named in his mother's death notice, 1936; he died at Dunedoo, 1940 #26514, parents named Alfred Hugh and Florence Emily. ii. Darcy Royal McCLUSKEY, born at Glebe, 1892 #13423; he died at Newtown, 1927 #4504, parents named Alfred H.C. and Florence E.; named as deceased in his mother's death notice, 1936; she was sole executrix of his will, proved in 1927. iii. Jack A.S. McCLUSKEY, born at Glebe, 1895 #22279; named in his mother's death notice, 1936. iv. Albert E. McCLUSKEY, born at Newtown, 1901 #5884; named in his mother's death notice, 1936. e. a son, born and died at Balmain, 1863. f. Josephine A. KING, born at Balmain, 1864. g. William F. KING, born and died in Sydney, 1867.______________________________________________________

Robert PIGOTT was born about 1697, perhaps in Antigua, or at Kilcromin, in the Queen's Count, a younger son of John PIGOTT (about 1667 - 1710), of Antigua and Kilcromin, by his wife Frances PROCTOR, and so a grandson of Thomas PIGOTT (about 1641 - 1702) of Dysart, Queen's County, by his wife Elizabeth WELDON.Robert was named in his father's will, 1708 ["History of the Island of Antigua," by Vere Langford OLIVER, 1898, Volume 3]; named in his sister Francis PIGOTT's will, 1726 [BETHAM's Abstract]; named in will of his uncle, Robert PIGOTT of Dysart Queen's County, dated 1728, as the second son of his late brother John, and with a bequest of700; he probably witnessed the deeds of Lease and Release, dated 17 and 18 May 1725, by which his uncle Robert sold Dysart to his (Robert senior's) second cousin Emanuel PIGOTT of Chetwynd, County Cork.Lieutenant in Hon Brigadier NEWTON's Regiment (formerly Colonel Richard COOTE's), when named in Deeds of Lease and Release, dated 5 and 6 November 1730, concerning lands in Gaulstown, County Kilkenny, sold by Benjamin MORRIS, Alderman of Waterford, for 1,000 paid by Robert [cited in Memorial 51091, Dublin Deeds Registry].Captain, in Colonel Hon Thomas WENTWORTH's Regiment of Foot, when he was grantor of Deeds of Lease and Release, dated 7 and 8 May 1733, of same lands in Gaulstown, to Elizabeth PAUL, of Dublin, Widow, Joshua PAUL, of Dublin, Esq, and Lawrence STEEL, of County Kildare; Captain -Lieutenant, same Regiment, in Kinsale, 1734.
He was probably married (details unknown), with issue: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -1. John PIGOTT. See [A] below. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -2. Frances PIGOTT; of Clonmell, County Tipperary, when she was married there, 9 July 1757, to Richard POWER, Esq, Counsellor-at-Law [Faulkner's Dublin Journal, 6 August], and sister of John PIGOTT, of the 39th Regiment [BURKE's Baronetage, 105th Edition], by License of the Prerogative Court of Ireland [BETHAM's Abstract].Richard was admitted to the Middle Temple, 1752; Irish Bar, 1757; 2nd Baron of the Exchequer, Ireland, 1772; summoned to render an account, as Usher of the Court of Chancery, but it is believed that he so resented the order, that he drowned himself in the River Liffey in February 1794.They had no issue, and his property went to his POWER nephew.
[A] John PIGOTT, born about 1730, probably in Ireland; he may have been a son of Robert PIGOTT (born about 1697), a Lieutenant, in Colonel NEWTON's Regiment (1730), and in Colonel WENTWORTH's Regiment (1733) - the same Regiment that would become the 39th; if so, he was a grandson of Captain John PIGOTT (about 1667 - 1710), of Antigua and Kilcromin, Queen's County, by his wife Frances PROCTO
John PIGOTT was Ensign, Colonel John ALDECRON's Regiment of Foot, Ireland, January 1751 (soon after numbered the 39th Regiment); he sailed with them from Kinsale, 23 March 1754, on the ship 'Primus of India,' in a fleet of six ships under the command of Admiral WATSON, bound for the East Indies, via Funchall (6 April, for 2 weeks) and Madagascar (18 July, for three weeks); at Fort David, Madras, 1754; promoted to Lieutenant, at Madras, 19 June 1755; believed to have been a survivor of the Black Hole of Calcutta, 20 June 1756; transferred as Lieutenant to the 36th Regiment of Foot, 21 September 1757; probably transferred as Lieutenant to the 74th Regiment of Foot, 1 May 1760; grantee of a Deed of Lease, dated 5 April 1775, from Charles PENRUDDOCKE, of a Messuage, Dwelling House, Orchard Garden and Back-side, in Compton Chamberlayne, for 8 and an annual rental of 2s., for the term of three lives (his wife Jane, and two children Elizabeth and John PIGOTT junior); John senior was promoted to Captain, 12th Regiment of Foot, 26 December 1778, possibly in Gibraltar; transferred as Captain to the Independent Regiment of Invalids, Portsmouth, 7 February 1780; Captain, Royal Invalids [M.I.].
John died at Compton Chamberlayne, 19 May 1788, aged 58 years [M.I.], and was buried at Fovant Churchyard, 23 May 1788; died lately,"... Captain PIGOTT of Compton Chamberlain, Wiltshire; one of the 23 persons who providentially escaped the fate of their fellow prisoners suffocated in the Black Hole of Calcutta in 1756, of whom, except Governor HOLWELL, he has not, we believe, left a survivor" [Gentleman's Magazine, June 1788].
John was married by Banns, at Compton Chamberlayne parish church, 25 February 1764, to Jane BENNETT, witnessed by Thomas GUILD and John MERCHANT; Jane was the first life for the term of her husband's deed of lease, April 1775.
On John's death, his widow Jane made her petition:

Image courtesy of,U.K. British Army and Navy Birth, Death and Marriage Records, 1730-1960[citing TNA, Kew, WO 42, Piece 038, p. 155-319, Q. 1-8].
Jane died at Compton, and was buried with her husband in Fovant churchyard, 7 June 1794, aged 48 years [M.I.]; they had issue:- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -1. Elizabeth PIGOTT, baptised at Broad Chalke, Wiltshire, 3 February 1765; second life for the term of her father's deed of lease, April 1775; she died in August 1816,"... suddenly, at Compton Chamberlain, Wiltshire, much respected... eldest daughter of the late Capt. PIGOTT, of Royal Invalids, one of the survivors of the Black Hole, of Calcutta"[Bristol Mirror, 31 August]; she was buried at Compton Chamberlayne churchyard, 22 August 1816, aged 50 years; her will, dated 5 August 1809, was proved P.C.C., 25 February 1817, mentioning her brothers John and Robert (a mourning suit each), and sisters Frances, Maria and Sophia.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -2. John PIGOTT, baptised at Broad Chalke, 19 July 1767, a twin; third life for the term of his father's deed of lease, April 1775; named in his sister Elizabeth's will, 1809; he was buried at Compton Chamberlayne churchyard, 10 January 1941, aged 73 years; Probate, Archdeaconry Court of Sarum, 1841.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -3. Robert PIGOTT, baptised at Broad Chalke, 19 July 1767, the other twin; his Deed of Lease, dated 4 March 1806, from John Hungerford PENRUDDOCK, for the "Close" as part of the Manor of Compton Chamberlaine; named in his sister Elizabeth's will, 1809; he was buried at Compton Chamberlayne churchyard, 16 December 1831, aged 63 years.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -4. Joseph PIGOTT, baptised at Compton Chamberlayne, 14 September 1769. No further particulars.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -5. Frances PIGOTT, baptised at Compton Chamberlayne, 22 August 1773; joint executrix of her sister Elizabeth's will, 1809, and proved it in 1817; she died at Compton Chamberlaine on 25 February 1841; a Spinster, of Compton Chamberlaine, she made her will on 9 August 1838, naming John SWAYNE, of Wilton, and Robert Henry NEWLAND, of Romsey, Hampshire, as joint trustees, devising to them her "Messuages, Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments situate in the Kingdom of Ireland and elsewhere" in trust for her sister Sophia KEMP and after her to her niece Frances Sophia NEWLAND, the will witnessed by James KING, and proved P.C.C., 26 August 1841; a further administration was made on 14 August 1872, to her niece Frances Sophia (now) WARWICK.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -6.Constantia Maria PIGOTT, baptised at Compton Chamberlayne, 22 March 1775; as Maria PIGOTT, she was joint executrix of her sister Elizabeth's will, 1809; asMaria KING, she was buried at Compton Chamberlayne churchyard, 1 October 1837, aged 62 years; she was aged 24, Spinster, when she was married, by License, at Compton Chamberlayne parish church, 1 or 2 July 1819, toEdmund KING, of Swathling (see above).7. Sophia Moore, baptised at Compton, 5 July 1783; married William KEMP, with issue.___________________________________________________
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