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The Stahl research group in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is exploring a number of topics in the field of catalysis. Advances in catalysis research are crucial to address many of the major challenges facing our nation and world, including (i) reducing the contribution of human activities to global warming, (ii) identifying sustainable energy sources and (iii) minimizing the environmental impact of chemical synthesis (i.e., green chemistry). Research themes include aerobic oxidation reactions, C–H oxidation methods for pharmaceutical synthesis, electrochemical organic synthesis, biomass valorization, and electrocatalysis and electrochemical methods for energy conversion.Research Topics:Oxidation catalysis and the chemistry of O2Homogeneous catalysis and synthetic methodologyElectrocatalysis and electrochemical synthesisGreen chemistry related to pharmaceutical synthesis and biomass conversionElectrochemical energy storage and conversionUW-Madison Organic Electrochemistry Short CourseMay 27-29, 2020 Course postponed due to COVID-19.With support by Pine Research.See the course website for further information and to submit an application to participate.

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– Recent News – January 25, 2019 Debut of New Stahl group website! – Just Published – 204. Preger, Y.; Gerken, J. B.; Biswas, S.; Anson, C. W.; Johnson, M. R.; Root, T. W.; Stahl, S. S. Quinone-Mediated Electrochemical O2 Reduction Accessing High Power Density with an Off-Electrode Co-N/C Catalyst. Joule 2018, 2, 2722-2731. DOI:10.1016/j.joule.2018.09.010

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