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Choose a team and pick the winner of this week’s match-up, plus see who other Pick’Em players pick for that game. Snowflake, eBay, Nutanix: Midday Tech Stock Movers Tech stocks tumble Thursday amid signs of continued economic uncertainty. 10 Effects of Inflation You Need to Know About As the Federal Reserve considers raising its interest rates inflation is once again a concern. Here are 10 things you should know about how it works. Morning Bell With Jim Cramer: Peloton's New Challenger Jim Cramer shares stock market news including Apple competing with Peloton, potential antitrust charges against Facebook, and Adobe reporting earnings. Chris Evans Posts More Than You Might Want to See If Chris Evans wanted the world's attention, he got it. The Knives Out star became a Twitter trending topic Saturday after apparently posting a pic of his junk by mistake, Us Weekly reports. The 39-year-old put photos on his Instagram Story of him and his pals playing the game Heads... A Familiar Face Joins Ranks of Talk Show Hosts Drew Barrymore has made countless talk show appearances over the years, beginning about four decades ago after the fame of ET, notes the Washington Post . On Monday, she made another, with a big twist: She's the host. The Drew Barrymore Show , a daytime talk show, is debuting at different times... 5 Arguments For And 5 Against Tax Cuts Tax reform has passed the House and may become law. Here are five of the strongest arguments for it, and five of the strongest against. Tax Reform: 5 Things You Must Know This Week As tax reform debates continue in Washington, here are five issues that have come up in the past week alone. I Quit My Job to Travel: Here Are the Best And Worst Things About Nomad Life Quitting your job to travel is a popular aspiration. Here are five reasons why it can really work for your career and five reasons it might be a terrible idea. Sold hubby's business for $60K. How much tax do I owe? The tax owed from a business sale depends on many things. Here's what you need to know. Taiwan scrambles air force as multiple Chinese jets buzz island By Ben Blanchard and Yew Lun Tian TAIPEI/BEIJING (Reuters) - Taiwan scrambled fighter jets on Friday as multiple Chinese aircraft buzzed the island, including crossing the sensitive mid-line of the Should you skip the down payment on a VA home loan? You don't have to make a down payment on a VA loan. See the pros and cons. U.S. Senate Democrats offer $350 million own China plan By Patricia Zengerle WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Senate Democrats announced their own program to counter China's global influence on Thursday, unveiling a sweeping $350 million package of legislation Tesla wins case against former employee accused of hacking, transferring data (Reuters) - U.S. electric carmaker Tesla Inc won its case against a former employee, who was fired for hacking and transferring company data to third parties, according to court documents filed on Marriott Posts a Profit Despite Worldwide Lockdown Marriott narrowly missed expectations in the pre-market earnings release, but the metrics excluded charges related to the pandemic. The Difference Between Term Deposit vs. Demand Deposit Understand the meaning of demand deposits and term deposits, and learn about the major differences between the two. Netflix on Backlash Toward Film: Just Watch It Already On Wednesday, Netflix started streaming its newest movie, Cuties . By Thursday, the hashtags #BoycottNetflix and #CancelNetflix were trending on social media, and by Friday, a petition pushing for the latter had amassed more than 600,000 signatures. The controversy around the film, which centers on an 11-year-old girl who rebels... Ally Bank Review 2020 Is Ally Bank the best online bank for you? Our in-depth review breaks down everything you need to know to make an informed decision. Pastor Admits He Wrote Scathing Email to Journalist A Michigan pastor admits he crossed the line by unloading on a journalist from his church email account, the Detroit Metro Times reports. "How about if we took all the little bitter Asian woman and had a lottery and cut their [explicit] like the Muslims do," Rev. Dave Muns of... 5 low-risk ways to earn higher interest now Think 5 percent yield is a dream? It's not. And you can get it without all the anxiety. Can disabled veteran get a tax break on a short sale? A tax break for short sales expired in 2016, but you may still qualify for tax relief. Opportunity beckons for second-home buyers Interest rates are low and property prices are rising. Time to buy a second home? Mystery Trackers: Fatal Lesson Collector's Edition Elephant Games brings you the latest sensational installment of the beloved Mystery Trackers series!Your days as a cadet are far behind you, and now it’s time to share your knowledge with new cadets at the Mystery Trackers’ training camp! You look forward to meeting up with your old school best friend to teach aspiring agents, but your joy is short lived when a mysterious monster invades camp and kidnaps one of your students! It’s been 15 years since something similar happened when you were a student. Is it a coincidence, or is something even more sinister at play? Find out in this exhilarating Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure! Friends who are interested in psychic and metaphysical matters could contact you today, Gemini. You may discuss a lot of fascinating material, which could alter your value system in... Read More Friends who are interested in psychic and metaphysical matters could contact you today, Gemini. You may discuss a lot of fascinating material, which could alter your value system in a subtle but profound way. Don't be surprised if you do more listening than talking on this occasion. It's important to soak in as much as you can. Write it down if you think you'll forget it. View all horoscopes


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