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Using WordPress with the Divi Site Design System

This site offers an introduction for beginners. The four primary steps for building a website are described below. The rest of this site is dedicated to training.

Questions? Contact Greg Johnson by email:

STEP #1 - Site Appearance

It’s helpful to have a general idea of how you want to present the information you want to share. With that in mind, review the Layout Packs available for the Divi site deisgn system and select a layout that seems to have the general structure to serve your purposes. The site layout will help provide structure and order to the information you want to [View]


STEP #2 - Pages and Content

Based on the general structure and layout you’ve selected, consider how your information will fit into the theme. As visitors explore your site, they should be presented with simple engaging impactful concepts first. For those who click and dig deeper, you can present more complex concepts and presentations of information with text, lists, instructions, charts, tables, forms, images, and videos. Assemble your site content for use in the next step.


STEP #3 - Initial Site Design

The initial site design will be based on the layout selected in Step #1 and the content assembled in Step #2. For this step of the project, it may be easiest to have the initial work done by someone familiar with WordPress and Divi.


STEP #4 - Training & Improvement

The remaining site improvements, revisions, and additions can be used as opportunities for training. The experience needed to maintain a website can be gained in this stage of the process.

Begin Training m


This site contains some helpful resources for learning and reference.

Divi Theme Documentation and Tutorials – Introduction to all features. [View]Farmers Market Layout – Home Page Sample Page for instruction. [View]

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