Unroasted Dark Chocolate Made With Transparently Traded Cacao

Web Name: Unroasted Dark Chocolate Made With Transparently Traded Cacao

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Halloween Sale! 20% off 40ct & 100ct Minis + Free shipping on orders $35+* (*within the continental U.S)

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Halloween Minis Sale!

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Crispy, crunchy bits of cone.

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October First Nibs

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We make our chocolate with unroasted cacao beans so you can taste the naturally fruity flavor of cacao.



We make all of our chocolate from scratch, from bean-to-bar, with single origin cacao.

Transparent Trade

We source our cacao directly from single estate farms, farmer owned cooperatives, and grower centered organizations.

Learn More

Small Batch

We make our bars in small batches, ensuring quality and traceability from beginning to end.

Single Origin

The unique flavor of our unroasted chocolate is part place, part process. Every bar we make is in celebration of each bean’s unique character.


All of our chocolate is certified organic, certified non-gmo, kosher, and free of gluten and soy.

Chocolate Making Classes!

Our beloved classes are back in Brooklyn! Get down to the “nibby” gritty in our immersive bean-to-bar chocolate making class, or take our light and easy bar making and decorating class.

Now taking reservations! BOOK NOW

All Our Chocolate!

Ginger Snap


Tahini Swirl


Pumpkin Swirl


Pumpkin Crunch Minis Bag


Waffle Crunch Minis Bag


Customizable 3 Bar Box

Pick your favorite three! We’ll pack them tidy in a bold little box and in no time they’ll be at your doorstep.


Waffle Cone


Cocoa Magic


Transparent Trade

We started Raaka because we knew there was a better way to make chocolate: from scratch. We use traceable, high quality, single origin, transparently sourced cacao to craft uncommonly delicious chocolate. Learn More

October First Nibs! Mini Bars Fall Collection Customize your own bundle Limited Batch Chocolate Waffle Cone Squares

"One of the purest chocolate experiences off the shelf..."

"If you want a hit of potent chocolate flavor, this is the bar for you."

"The Next Status Chocolate"

"Raaka Chocolate is an absolute necessity every afternoon. Just a tiny bit."

"Whether they’re a chocolate purist or just get excited by unexpected flavor combinations like Ghost Pepper and Green Tea Crunch... Raaka’s selection will more than satisfy."

Waffle Cone Squares

Waffle Cone Variety Box


Chocolate Waffle Cone (Box of 10)


Matcha Waffle Cone (Box of 10)


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We send nice emails.

We send nice emails about chocolate. Subscribe and you'll get the first dibs on new chocolate, happenings, and promotions.

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