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The Center for Integral Pregnancy Childbirth offers a unique and cutting-edge combination of Integrative Counseling, Coaching, Education and Healing work that is specifically designed to help women and families thrive in pregnancy, Birth, postpartum and parenthood."The experiences of pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood, when approached in a conscious way, can act as catalysts for empowerment, increased self-care, well-being, and personal growth. Whether one's experiences in this transformation are challenging, are not what we expected, or are deeply fulfilling, this journey from pregnancy to parenthood is a golden opportunity for positive growth, deep healing, and remarkable self-transformation."--Brooke Radloff, MA, founder of Center for Integral Pregnancy Childbirth and creator of the IMPC.We provide Powerful Integrative services and programs that have the capacity to profoundly enhance your experience of pregnancy, birth, postpartum AND parenthood.With the Center for Integral Pregnancy Childbirth, you will receive premier holistic support that not only helps you and your family prepare for and create the best opportunity for positive pregnancy, childbirth postpartum experiences, but also acts as a safe and supportive container to help guide and support you through what is often one of the most transformative and challenging periods of life.With our comprehensive model and cutting-edge approach, you will receive powerful support and guidance that has the capacity to profoundly enhance your pregnancy, birth, postpartum and continued experience in life throughout parenthood, so you can be healthy, equipped with the tools to grow stronger in yourself as a parent and family system, and you are set up for success so you can find as much enjoyment in each stage of the process, from pregnancy through parenthood.Pregnancy, birth and early parenthood are times of remarkably intense change.Along with feeling excitement and joyfor your new and growing family, it isnormal for you to have a lot of questions, to need extra support and at times to feel a great deal of unsettling emotions and confusionabout the decisions and road ahead of you. Often times, this much needed support is not readily available to parents-to-be as they navigate the busy maternity care system and prepare for parenthood.Women and Babies who suffer from traumatic Births and Difficult Perinatal Experiences need and deserve Emotional and physical SUPPORT so they can Process, integrate and heal from their experience. If the necessary attention, nurturing, time, and space are given to process your experiences, then any difficulties which may have occurred can be healed, transmuted, and integrated--- leaving you feeling intact, supported, confident, strong and armed with powerful tools to truly thrive in the next chapters of your life. Even if your labor was not traumatic,simply having a birth experience that did not match your expectations can be difficultto process. Regardless of the outcome,it is still highly likely that it was one of the most intense and challenging experiences of your life. This in itself merits that attention be given to process your birth so you can both address and heal from the trauma, as well as have the container to positively grow from and fully integrate your experience. many mothers with difficultpast birth experiences have an especially challenging time facing andpreparing for labor the next time around. Women who have especially difficult vaginal births, unplanned Cesarean Births or have experienced birth trauma, or whose baby spends time in the NICU often benefit from additional postpartum support for their physical and emotional recovery. Additionally, as they prepare for subsequent births, these women benefit from attentive emotional support, quality information evidence based science, emotional healing techniques and sound guidance that complements their doctor/ midwife's care. We provide specialized VBAC and Cesarean Birth consulting counseling specifically to address this need.THRIVING IN the face of CHALLENGES: LIFE, HEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS, WORK AND PARENTHOODWe also support adults who are struggling to balance health, work, life and parenthood so they can effectively manage and release stress, anxiety and trauma in times of difficulty and transitionwhile also gaining powerful tools to thrivein the face of adversity, parenthood and life in general. These unique services help individuals and families skillfully navigate life’s many transitions,help build skills for stress release and management, facilitate a powerfully effective process to overcome issues challenges, facilitate the release of old habits, patterns, trauma and pain and continuously help one move toward one’s path to optimal wellness—mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Giving yourself the space to process and heal, even years after your prior birth experience, proves to have a positive impact on your overall sense of well-being, improves your experience as a mother, and if you plan to have more children, proves enormously beneficial to you in your next pregnancy, birth postpartum experiences.This work creates the opportunity to move forward in your life with a sense of resolution, greater strength, powerful tools, improved self-care and confidence, and a genuine sense of peace.The Holistic services we provide are:Integrative Counseling for Pregnancy, Birth Early Parenthood Pregnancy Postpartum Wellness CoachingBirth Closure CeremoniesHealing from Childbirth Counseling SessionsSpecialized Counseling Consulting for Cesarean Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)Mindful Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting EducationCounseling Support for Childbirth ProfessionalsIntegrative Wellness Life Coaching for Pregnancy Postpartum SuccessEducation and Training in the theory and application of an Integral Approach to Pregnancy ChildbirthTo be pregnant is to be vitally alive. Soul and spirit are stretched - along with body - making pregnancy a time of transition, growth, and profound beginnings.”– Anne Christian Buchanan and Debra K. KingspornIn-Person services available in the north San Francisco Bay Area

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Integrative, cutting-edge support for pregnancy through parenthood. Providing prenatal & postpartum counseling, birth trauma healing, fear & anxiety release, VBAC & Cesarean consulting, birth & parent coaching, wellness & life coaching, educational & dynamic healing work (EFT Tapping, Matrix Re-Imprinting, mindfulness-based somatic release, hypnotherapy, etc) Remote & San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma

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