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By: Roshawn Watson Money doesn’t buy happiness, or does it? Actually, it may be overly simplistic to presume that money doesn’t influence happiness. For example, it is a fact that there are psychological and biological (including dopamine and insula) rewards associated with spending money, particularly if you are a spendthrift. However, we also know not [ ] By: Roshawn Watson Is America the land of exceptional opportunity? I certainly think so. Where else can someone who is remarkably poor, such as Farrah Gray, wind up a millionaire before the age 15? It may be somewhat naive to believe his story is possible just ANYWHERE. The problem is this doesn’t prove that social [ ] Child: Look at what I did mommy! Mom: Wow, that’s nice dear good job! It is funny how as we grow older, we outgrow many things such as bibs, recess, training pants, and naptime. However, one constant appears to be our need for approval. Even as adults, psychologists note that we have an overwhelming desire to [ ] By: Roshawn Watson An estimated 4000 households with incomes $1 million don’t pay income taxes, and 14,000 households making between $500,000 and $1,000,000 pay no income tax. Of course, these numbers are totally dwarfed by the number of households earning $100,000 paying no taxes ( 99% or 75 million households). Oh the “joys” of our tax [ ] By Roshawn Watson There’s an EPIC battle going on. The stakes have never been higher. Your very destiny hangs in the balance. Both sides have experienced warriors, and only ONE will emerge victorious. I’m speaking of the battle between your self-control and your desires. One of my biggest exposures to this conflict occurred when I [ ] By: Roshawn Watson People sometimes get so overwhelmed that they don’t know where to start with investing for retirement, especially while trying to simultaneously invest for a college education for children, pay for adequate insurance, and pay off their homes. This is where the Latte Factor comes into play. It is deceptively simple. By siphoning [ ] By: Roshawn Watson Most of us are familiar with Scrooge, the wealthy businessman who is high on ambition but short on compassion. Unfortunately, Scrooge isn’t a fictional anomaly; businessmen are frequently depicted negatively in Hollywood. Michael Medved found that since 1970, businessmen have been portrayed as “villains” twice as often as “good guys.” Could there [ ] By: Roshawn Watson Some of us regrettably major in worry. Worry is sometimes easier than picking ourselves up off the ground, scraping together good solutions, and having faith that things will work out. Although financial worries are very prevalent, particularly due to the economy, they are in no way innocuous. According to a poll on [ ] By: Roshawn Watson A few weeks ago, someone asked me why do many pro athlete parents and Olympians go broke? I wanted to to provide some insights. Opportunity Costs Olympians forgo earning potential while training. Accordingly, during their prime income-earning years, where many people are getting established in their careers, Olympians are training. This takes [ ] By: Roshawn Watson If you have been in the “way” the frugal way for any length of time, you build wealth. Wealth is the product of good stewardship of resources, but building wealth and having the tangible products of wealth are not the same things. You can fare well without having obvious displays [ ]

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