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description:Industries single source supplier of Uniform Services, Linen Rentals & Laundry Programs, and Direct Sale products delivered to you.
We want to ♥️ thank our customers for their support.       Mission Linen Supply (MLS) is committed to providing the products and services you need, safely and efficiently.       As an Essential Service Provider, MLS remains open lending support to service providers on the front lines protecting and fighting for our communities. We are Industries'
One-Stop Shop for...

Uniform Rental Services

Linen Rental Services

Medical Uniform Programs

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Commercial Cleaning Supplies

Restroom Hygiene Supplies

First Aid Cabinet Services


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Uniforms and Work Apparel for every Industry MedicalIndustrialRestaurantHospitalityCorporate MEDICAL UNIFORMSAutomating your hospital’s uniform program is simple with Smartbuy See how it WorksDownload the WhitepaperBook a Demo RESTAURANT DISPOSABLESDine-in, Take-out, and Food Delivery Disposables Cups/LidsTo-Go ContainersPlates, Bowls, UtensilsFoil, Wraps, Bags PPE / SAFETY APPARELInfection Prevention Garments, PPE, and Medical Apparel Isolation Gowns (ISO)MasksScrubsCubicle Curtains PPE Mission is doing MORE to help you stay on top of health and safety With the continued effect of COVID-19, we've assembled a collection of products designed to assist your establishment with meeting the new standards for cleanliness and ensuring the safety and satisfaction of your customers. featured-products991transparent#12bece PPE / Safety ApparelFood BeverageCleaning SuppliesOffice SuppliesBreakroom SnacksMedical Scrubs

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Industries single source supplier of Uniform Services, Linen Rentals & Laundry Programs, and Direct Sale products delivered to you.

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