Lenggong valley motorbike tour

Lenggong valley has UNESCO world heritage archeological sites and, equally important to me, isnt far from the island of Penang where we spent two happy weeks. This made it the perfect target for our Lenggong valley motorbike tour: a loop starting and ending in Old George Town another UNESCO heritage and crossing Taiping, Continua a leggere Lenggong valley motorbike tour

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2018, a year of surprises

If I can choose a word to describe 2018 (and I obviously can because this is my blog) that word would be surprising.Here a few surprises from the past 12 months! Engagement I got engaged. I thought that engagement was something related to social media interactions, and that a proposal wasa fancy way to give Continua a leggere 2018, a year of surprises

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A stopover in Doha

I recently discovered the differences between alayoverand astopover. A layover is short, typically a few hours and doesnt involve leaving the airport.A stopover is longer, long enough to get out of the airport and see something. So, when I booked my autumn flight to Bali after the summertime in Europe I was playing Continua a leggere A stopover in Doha

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Hong Kong Travel Notes

Every time I travel to a new place I collect memories, pictures,and notes. I invariably think that, after the trip, Ill write a post on my poor blog. But then time pass by, the urge to write diminish, and the post stays unwrittenSuch a pity not to share my notes with you, right? RIGHT?? I Continua a leggere Hong Kong Travel Notes

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2017: a Wonderful Year of Failures

In 2016 I achieved three out of fourgoals,Then I set the bar a bit higher:five goals for 2017. I failed at almost all of them but hey, its still alright. In this article Ill go over the goals first, and then cheer myself up with 5 things that matter. Goals Review 1. Run 10km Continua a leggere 2017: a Wonderful Year of Failures

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