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MORE SESSIONS/THEMATIC SCHEDULING300 sessions – 50 more than last year. Something for everyone, every day.LOTS OF LA PROGRAMMINGLA’s cultural institutions welcomed us with open arms. The biggest complaint attendees will have is not being able to do everything!CULTURAL AND ACADEMIC NETWORK HALLA new exhibition hall designed exclusive for CAA’s cultural and academic partners. Participants will promote programs, meet with alumni, and interview in one space.REVITALIZED INTERVIEW HALLGone are the days of interviews in hotel rooms! The Interview Hall in the Cultural and Academic Network Hall brings together employers and candidates in a professional environment.WEDNESDAY IS FOR PROFESSIONAL COMMITTEESCAA Professional Committees will meet on Wednesday over lunch. We want you to enjoy the full Annual Conference. No more early morning meetings!DIRECTOR S WELCOME LETTER

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Join the College Art Association in Los Angeles for four days of art, excitement, and lively debate

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