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and many more!For a full list of Puck’s patrons, see the ‘Thanks’ page in the menu!The Rundown! Puck is a weekly webcomic that, in the words of one fan, is mostly irreverent humor concerning a pretty girl with freckles and a hot she-devil who wears fan-service costumes. Surreal fantasy slice-of-life crazy-type stuff about the world s funniest redhead! Updates Tuesday. IT’S THE OLYMPUCKS!!! NEW VOTING INCENTIVES!!!The Patreon bunch voted on the best sports, so join the competition! VOTE TO GO FOR GOLD!!!As for this comic…This story arc is challenging my ability to to depict darkness in drawing form. See, in reality, if the gang were stationed at the roadside of an unlit highway at night, we would see pretty much nothing but darkness. But that makes for a bad comic, so I’ve opted to sort of emulate the Hollywood cheat where there’s an obvious directional light that’s cast on the focal point of the shot so that we can see what’s going on. That’s where those hard shadows come from, I guess: the fake spotlight that doesn’t really exist. Yep. It was ten years ago, April 26th, 2011, that I began posting Puck as an actual webcomic. Puck existed before that, of course, but only as a defunct student newspaper comic from my university days. The actual webcomic started ten years ago, on DeviantArt, because that was the only platform I really knew back then. If you’d like, you can SEE THAT ORIGINAL POST HERE, because it’s still up!It’s been ten years since then. Ten long years, with a new comic every week for every one of those 520 weeks. Okay, I missed one week. But only once. And since then I’ve generated a few bonus comics, so I’ve more than made up for that one lost week.Anyway, I just wanted to note this auspicious anniversary, such as it is. And also I’d like to note that you people are the only reason this comic has kept going. It’s not the internal motivation (which is lacking, believe me), or the monetary rewards (which are lacking too, though the support on Patreon has been wonderful and it’s thankfully ensured that I at least haven’t been losing money on the comic). More than anything else, it’s the positive feedback and the knowledge that some people out there do enjoy this goofy exercise in stupidity that keep me going.So thanks for that.

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