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BelmontBelmont Belmont Harbor is located in the heart of beautiful Lincoln Park and is one of the largest harbors in the Chicago Harbors system. A favorite among families and long-time boaters, the harbor is surrounded by acres of park space and a beautiful skyline view to the south.DiverseyDiversey Diversey Harbor is located in the heart of Lincoln Park sheltered within Lake Shore Drive. Due to bridge restrictions, Diversey can only accommodate power boaters and has a friendly and lively reputation.DuSableDuSable DuSable Harbor is located in the heart of downtown Chicago at the foot of Randolph Street. Surrounded by a towering skyline and being the only harbor with slips close to the loop, it is a very popular mooring location. MonroeMonroe Monroe Harbor is located in the heart of downtown Chicago and its 824 mooring cans combine to create the central panorama of the Chicago skyline. Iconic to the Chicago Harbors, Monroe has a strong community of long-time boaters many of whom love the nostalgia and history of this harbor at the foot of the city. BurnhamBurnham Burnham Harbor is located within walking distance of the Chicago downtown and is situated on the Museum Campus. It is the largest harbor in the Chicago Harbors system.31st Street31st Street 31st Street Harbor is the newest and most anticipated addition to the Chicago harbor system. Completed in 2012 with slips for 1000 boats and a sustainable, eco-friendly design unrivaled in the industry, it provides an exceptional experience for boaters.59th Street59th Street 59th Street Harbor is located in Jackson Park, a very short walk to the Museum of Science and Industry and the 63rd Street Beach.Jackson Park InnerJackson Park Inner Jackson Park Inner Harbor is located in Jackson Park on the western side of Lake Shore Drive. Due to bridge restrictions the harbor can only accommodate power boaters. Surrounded by green space and steps to 63th Street Beach, the harbor has a small and very friendly community.Jackson Park OuterJackson Park Outer Jackson Park Outer Harbor is located in the heart of Jackson Park just off 63rd Street Beach. The harbor is beautifully set within the park and it’s quiet temperament and friendly faces make it a relaxing part of the lakefront. Jackson Park Yacht Club calls the harbor home and an old Coast Guard station stands watch over the western shore. Welcometo the 2021Chicago boatingseason!Please click here to read the most recent updates from the Chicago Harbors. Boatingisn't just a hobby,it's a lifestyle.Here at the lakeshore we like to enjoy ourselves on and off the water. If you are looking for a place where the fun never stops, then this is the place for you. 312.741.3601Fax: 312.877.5771 westrec@westrecchicago.com 1521 S. Linn White Drive, 1st Floor South, Chicago, IL 60605

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