Healthy Natural Deodorant Protection for Body, Breath and Foot Odors

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We have some exciting news to share with our customers! Body Mint is being re-introduced under The Smell Good Co. Don't worry, it's still the same us, but with new packaging. We wanted a fresher, cleaner look and we hope that you like it! Body Mint is the ORIGINAL, internal deodorant tablet. Our plant-based formula is derived from only the highest quality, natural ingredients and is GMO free. With over 20 years of experience, we're confident that Body Mint will keep you underarms, breath and feet smelling fresh, day night!We also welcome you to check out our new**if you're an existing customer, you can manage your account here Chose SUBSCRIBE SAVE, then chose how often you wan product delivered to you. That's it! Sit back and relax. Product is shipped on the same day of each month according to your program frequency. Love This Stuff!Back in 2008 I developed an allergy to an ingredient common in all over-the counter available deodorants meaning I couldn't use any of them. If I did, the skin of my underarms dried out cracked and the itchiness was simply maddening...and I couldn't stop scratching it which only made things more miserable! A couple of years later I found and tried this product and never looked back. It's currently one of only two products I use and it does the trick for me. I so love this stuff!. B.N., California Body MintI bought this for some one very close to me cause she suffers form severe body odor and extremely bad breath. Since I bought this product for her I can readily say she can go out in society without being worried of how people react to her bad breath and body odor. Thank you so much for your product. I really appreciate it.O.F., New York SO glad for this product!I love the way Body Mint helps your whole body! When I first stopped using deodorants that contained aluminum, I tried many other options that didn't work. This not only greatly decreases under-arm odor, but helps your breath, your feet, etc, while being GOOD for you! Thank you to the brilliant person who came up with this! Try it! You'll be so glad! J.G., Colorado healthy, plant-based deodorant tablet that works! We understand that it's more than just about smelling good. It's about not having to worry about 'those' concerns and just being able to be YOU! It's about being confident. It's about walking into any situation knowing that your body, breath and foot odor is on point. With over 20 years of experience, we're confident that a fresh start is only 2 tablets a day away! how it works Body Mint works to reduce underarm, breath and foot odors from the inside out. Learn more about how our awesome deodorant tablets work! over 20 years of healthy hygiene expertise! Since 1997 we've been pioneers in the healthy hygiene market. First as Hawaiian Organics, and now as The Smell Good Co., we are committed to creating products that enhance your life without the use of harsh chemicals. Our flagship product, Body Mint, has been loved for 20 years by people around the world. Body Mint has gained national and international attention in both TV and print media outlets across the globe! Body Mint Featured on CNN CNN's Jeanne Moos reviews Body Mint deodorant tablets with Anderson Cooper, Jack Cafferty and Paula Zahn on American Morning. ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: The next story is more like a public service announcement, really. Especially for those in drought- stricken parts of the nation, who may have to cut down on their shower time. You may be able to stay shower to shower fresh, even if those showers get further and further apart. Imagine a deodorant that works from the inside out. A deodorant that claims to help eliminate every type of body odor. Well, you don't have to hold your breath. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports. JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): What do you get when you cross a mouthwash with a deodorant with a breath mint? Introducing, body mint. Body Mint Uses Chlorophyll Derivative to Fight Odors. Aired February 27, 2002 - 08:50 ET

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Healthy natural deodorant protection that contains no aluminum or harsh chemicals. Body Mint works to fresh body, underarm, breath and foot odors day and night.

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