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AtRainDance Water Systems, we can offer custom-built residential, whole house, irrigation, farm, livestock, agriculture, commercial business water filters specifically designed just for you using your most recent water test or water analysis to achieve optimum water quality results.Additionally, we customize any well water filterwith filtration media and support equipment that best matches the problems in each customer's water well or city treated water source. If you require a top of the line premium water filter we recommend that you take advantage of our staff's extensive knowledge and pick their brain! Our OnlineLive Chat Systemis available from 5am to 10pm PST, 365 days a year - Emailsare also answered 7 days a week 365 days a year or if you prefer to call(1-877-788-8387)our office hours are from 9am-5pm PST Monday-Friday.Existing customers needing help with their RainDance water filter use ourTech Support Form. Should I Have My Well Water Tested Before I Buy A Filter? Yes, Yes, YES! - The only way to ensure that a well water treatment system or commercial water filter will be both optimally effective and efficient is to plan design each filter system on the application and on a complete breakdown of the raw water to be treated.RainDance Water Systems will thoroughly analyze your current water analysis report before making a recommendation. Once that recommendation is made, you can have complete faith that your water filtration system will work at its peak potential over a long period of time. You can choose to buy a water filtration system "off the rack" and take your chances or you can let us recommend a system based upon your specific needs. If you already have a water report please email Support@RainDanceWaterSystems.com ATTN: Recommendation. Once we have reviewed your water report we will contact you with the best water treatment solution. If you do not have a water report, Contact a RainDance Agent for a free water test. Avoid an expensive headache and do yourself a favor - take the time to have your water tested before you purchase any type of well water filtration system. Technical Support Never, NEVER purchase a residential or commercial water filter if you cannot get the company to answer your questions. We hear far too often from customers who purchased water treatment products elsewhere and can't get the products to work or can't get help from the company they purchased the product from. Rest assure, RainDance Water Systemsoffers knowledgeable technical support before and after each purchase. We have even extended our online chat hours. You can now chat online with a live RainDance Agent from 5am to 10pm - weekends too! Operations Support RainDance Water Systemswill assist in properly implementing the use of our whole house commercial water filter systems. Each system includes an instruction manual and system diagram and our technical staff is available 7 days a week. Consulting Services Do you want the best water filter? From water filtration system design to identification and elimination of system problems, Our staff will contribute decades of system design and troubleshooting experience to you or your installer. Iron Eater Series #1 Best Seller! 4-in-1 Well Water Softener: Hard Water - High Iron Filter Manganese Treatment - Sediment Removal All-In-One - Customized to Filter Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Too! Iron Max Series Multiple Well Water Filtration Stages: 4-in-1 Chemical-Free Well Water Filter: Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Odor, Sediment and Suspended Solids Filtration - Non-Electric Option Available! RDWS-NS Sediment Series Fine Particulate 3-5 Micron Removal: Whole House, Irrigation Self Cleaning Sediment, Sand, and Turbidity Filtration - Non-Electric Option Available! Nitrate Eater Series Space Saving 2-in-1 Water Treatment System: High Nitrate Filtration Hard Water Softener - Perfect for Whole House, Rural, and Agricultural Uses! Sulfate Eater Series Space Saving 2-in-1 High Capacity Sulfate Treatment System: Hard Water Softener High Sulfate Filtration - Economical Alternative To Tannin Eater Series Space Saving 2-in-1 Well Water Treatment System: High Tannin Filtration Hard Water Softening - Provides Crystal Clear Water! Iron Max Plus Series Well Water Treatment Package: Iron Bacteria - Sulfur Bacteria - High Iron Filter - Manganese - Sediment - Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Odor Removal VIQUA UV Series Ideal For Bacteria: Chemical Free Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems - Whole House, Commercial, Industrial Applications Whole House RO Systems Whole House RO Water Purification Systems - 400gpd up to 12,000gpd - Custom Built for Well Water, City Water, Brackish Salty Water Specially designed water filters for commercial business, hotels, craft beer, organic farms, livestock, agriculture, legal cannabis/marijuana growers, and more. Commercial Iron Filters Chemical-Free High Capacity Iron Treatment Up To 10ppm and Manganese Up To 5ppm Industrial Water Softeners High Flow Single, Duplex, Triplex Commercial Water Softeners from 10gpm to 300gpm Flow Rates Irrigation Filters Salt-Free and Chemical-Free Solutions for Well Water Irrigation From Vineyards to Golf Courses Commercial RO Systems Reverse Osmosis Systems from 2,000gpd to 100,000gpd Custom Built to Your Water Chemistry! Nanofiltration Systems Nanofiltration Membrane Water Softening and Purification from 1,500gpd to 12,000gpd Capacities Seawater Desalination High Performance Skid Mount Sea Water Desalination Systems Commercial UV Systems Ideal for Bacteria: Flow Rates from 10gpm to 270gpm - NSF 55 Class A Certified UV Systems Available Portable Water Systems Complete Filtration for Well Water, City Water, Surface Water, and More, Wherever You Go! Livestock Agriculture Low-Maintenance Well Water Treatment Systems for Livestock - Crops - Pastures - Farms Brew Master RO Packages Specially Designed RO Packages for Craft Beer Breweries, Distilleries, and Premium Beverage Makers Grow Master RO Packages Specially Designed RO Packages for Growers, Agriculture, Greenhouses, and Hydroponics Compact RO Packages Specially Designed RO Packages for Organic Gardens, Coffee Shops, Tea Houses, and Other Small Applications A few words from our RainDance Design Team:We are often asked "what is the best water filter for my well water?". Unfortunately, there is no one answer. Water quality can vary from well to well. We have seen customers with as little as 0.2ppm of iron and their neighbor down the road have as much as 5ppm. Acidic pH, high manganese and the type of iron you have can also effect the proper filter needed for your specific well water. The only way to assure yourself that you are buying the best water filter for your needs is to have your water tested. Having your water tested takes all the guess work out and allows our Design Team to recommend the best possible water treatment system based on your water conditions. Do you need customized water treatment for your home or business? Contact the RainDance Water Design

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RainDance Water Systems is the industry leader in well water purification, filtration & treatment. For the purest, highest quality well water treatment products, choose RainDance Water Systems.

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