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Getting started with email marketing

It’s an interesting time right now, to say the least. Times and teams are changing. Some people are new to email, others are picking up a tonne of work. You might be trying to bring new team mates up to speed.

Whatever your situation, I’ve put together this guide of what you need to know about making awesome email, for new starters and self improvers.

Me? I'm Elliot Ross, CEO at Taxi for Email and MD at ActionRocket. You can read more here.

The email process

How email is made, and who is involved?

Getting the message right

Before everything else; If what you’re saying doesn’t work, nothing else will.

Email design

Designing for email isn’t designing for print, or the web.

HTML for Email

The email client landscape

Rendering issues and the cheat codes.

Legibility and Accessibility

Making sure email works for everyone.

Mobile email

Making email marketing work on mobile.

Segmentation, personalisation and relevance

Taking messaging to the next level, without going wrong.


The art of getting into the inbox.

The send button

Preparing to send your email campaign and avoiding mistakes.

The Future of Email

Flashy fun stuff — what do you need to know now, and what’s ok to come back to?

Staying up to date

And other things that might be useful.

What else would you like to know?

Tweet me @IAmElliot and let me know.

Wait! What’s Taxi?

I’m glad you asked. We’re a email productivity tool that helps your whole team make email better — designers and developers can build an awesome modular HTML template (we call them Email Design Systems), doing things like ensuring the mobile experience is great, and ensuring that everything stays on brand once content is added.

Marketers and content people can then use Taxi to add content to make actual email campaigns, without needing to touch the code. There’s a hundred detailed things we help you with there - things like adding tracking to the links in your email, and helping you segment different messages for different people — all of which help you systematically avoid mistakes, and get better value from the channel and your work.

Then once you’re done, you can connect Taxi to your sending tool (ESP), and we then send the code over to them so it’s ready to send.

We’d love to show you more, give us a shout!

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