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Stop losing money with your Amazon Affiliate Site

Don’t Get Banned

Missing affiliate disclaimers could get you banned from Amazon and even put you in trouble with the FTC. We make sure that all your pages have appropriate disclaimers.

No More Missing Tags

If you don’t have affiliate tags on your product links, you are losing money. We let you know if some of your links don’t have an affiliate tag on them (and show you where they’re at so you can fix them)

No More Out of Stock

If your link leads to a “Product Out of Stock” page, your conversions are going to suffer. We notify you if you’re linking to an out of stock product so you can fix it.

The app found more than 30 missing or wrong affiliate tags. There were about 15 where my VA used the link the writer included – which is probably the writer’s Amazon link – and those were on some pretty big ticket items. That alone easily pays for the price of the software.
CM Burns,

I’ve used SiteBuddy on my portfolio of sites and it has been an invaluable tool at ensuring my portfolio is not losing earning opportunities. I am excited for others to get to use it.

Jon Gillham,
Every time we run a website we are buying through SiteBuddy we find actionable tips on how to make more money with it. Getting an immediate lift in the earnings is a huge advantage for us and our website buyers.
Kelley Boxmeer,

How Does SiteBuddy Work?

SiteBuddy doesn’t just give suggestions. You get actionable tips that help you fix your site’s problems and make more money from day 1 (we’ll even guarantee it). Here is how…

Scan Summary

The scan summary provides an overview on the health of your site as an Amazon Affiliate. See in a snapshot all the pages that are missing disclaimers, links without tags or products out of stock.

Pages Report

The pages report shows:

# of pages scanned# of affiliate pages# of pages missing a disclaimer

Easily identify, export, fix and recheck all issues.

Links Report

The links report shows:

# of linkslinks missing a tag# of affiliate tags

Easily identify, export, fix and recheck all issues.

Products Report

The products report shows:

# of products found# of products in error# of products out of stock

Including an image, name, ASIN, # of links and what pages on your site the product is found.

Plans and Pricing

Free for 25 pages, then simple pricing based on number of sites.

Starter Plan

FreeMonthly ScansUp To 25 PagesSingle siteCheck For Amazon Products Out Of StockMake Sure All Amazon Product Links Have Affiliate TagsFind All Pages Without Amazon Affiliate DisclaimersStart today

Pro Plan

Starting At $12/monthWeekly ScansUnlimited PagesUnlimited SitesCheck For Amazon Products Out Of StockMake Sure All Amazon Product Links Have Affiliate TagsFind All Pages Without Amazon Affiliate DisclaimersDownload and Export ResultsPriority SupportStart today

Success Guarantee – Make Money or its Free

If you make the changes that SiteBuddy recommends and don’t make more money per visitor, we will give you the tool for free for a year. No catch, and it’s not hard to verify. Read on to see how you can get SiteBuddy for free

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Quick Start Guide

See how to quickly get started helping improve your site with SiteBuddy…

Step 1: Create An Account

Click the button below to create a free account and scan your site. We’ll scan 25 pages no charge so you can see how the tool works (okay, we won’t lie: we love giving you free stuff so you brag about us to all your friends).

Get your free scan

Step 2: Get Your Scan

We’ll scan your site and let you know what issues need fixing. Don’t worry, these aren’t just suggestions or things that might work. We’ll tell you exactly what needs to be done so you can make more money today.

Step 3: Improve Your Site

No worries if your scan says you have some issues. We’re here to help you fix them.

We’ll let you know what the issues are and where they’re at so you can improve your site and make more money right now.

Step 4: Relax

We’ll keep an eye on your site and let you know when trouble is around the corner. You can sit back, relax, and go enjoy yourself.

We’ve got your back, buddy.

Save time and make money with SiteBuddy
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