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An award-winning influencer marketing agency serving the world’s most respected brands since 2011.

HireInfluence – Influencer Agency Marketing for Top Brands


We partner with our clients to deliver fully-managed, innovative, human-to-human influencer marketing campaigns.


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Influencer campaigns designed around
the objectives and KPIs of each client.

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Talent Curation Process

An influencer marketing agency that sources creators based on benchmark metrics - following an extensive, manual selection and validation process that extends beyond the parameters of popular databases.

White Glove
Campaign Execution

Fully engaged from Day 1 to deliver a seamless experience between creators and clients throughout the duration of each project. An influencer marketing agency committed to serving as a direct extension of your brand.

Award-Winning Strategies

Designing trend-worthy concepts that help audiences discover brands, while building emotional connections that drive consumer behavior. Think of us as an influencer marketing agency with an experiential attitude.

Performance Reporting

An influencer marketing agency with a true love for all things data. Our project analytics are designed around client objectives, delivering the insight that matters most - including EMV, Sentiment and Conversion Tracking.











Marketing Agency
of the Year

Ad World Masters | 2022

Best Digital
Marketing Agency | 2022

Best Viral
Marketing Campaign

Muse Awards | 2022

Best Influencer
Marketing Campaign

NYX Awards | 2022

Influencer Marketing
Agency of the Year

US Agency Awards | 2021

Best Influencer
Marketing Campaign

Vega Digital Awards | 2021

Top Influencer
Marketing Agency

Agency Vista | 2021

Top Digital
Marketing Agency

Design Rush | 2021


“This is very impressive. We are very happy with how everything netted out and we really appreciate your partnership throughout.”

Southwest Airlines

“Really great influencer marketing results. We’re working on educating the organization and I think these results tell a strong story.”

Community Coffee

“Not exaggerating when I say the best account lead for an influencer marketing campaign – and trust me, I've worked with quite a few.”

Payless Shoes

“We are definitely pleased with the influencer marketing results. Thanks so much for your hard work on this!”

Entertainment Weekly


Influencer Marketing Agency USA: HireInfluence

HireInfluence is an influencer marketing agency that was founded in 2011. HireInfluence is the first influencer marketing agency to enter the influencer industry to facilitate brand and influencer relationships. HireInfluence provides influencer marketing services globally and has locations in New York City, Houston, and Los Angeles.

HireInfluence provides the following services:

Influencer Sourcing: Some influencer talent agencies have a network of influencers at their disposal, while others seek them out on a case-to-case basis, but the principle stays the same – they’ll choose the most suitable content creators on behalf of your brand. You need to be very careful who you choose to work with these Influencers. Relationships take years to develop in order to get you the best brand exposure through social media platformsInfluencer Contract Negotiation: HireInfluence works with influencers from platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and more. With influencer contract negotiation, rates are defined upfront before the activation of an influencer marketing campaign or service.Influencer Strategy Development: HireInfluence addresses brand objectives and develops a unique white-glove influencer campaign strategy to ensure maximum target audience and engagement is reached on social media.Influencer Campaign Marketing Management: HireInfluence manages marketing campaigns from start to finish, including running influencer ad campaigns, approving influencer posts, and tracking all campaign analytics.Influencer Marketing Reporting: Once the marketing campaign is completed, HireInfluence, influencer marketing agency, will provide a detailed analytics report outlining the results of the brand engagement.

5 Key Influencer Marketing Campaign Performance Indicators Used By HireInfluence:

Influencer Product Placement: Influencers are requested to include the brand logo, products, or service into their social media or blog posts.This is integral for a successful influencer marketing agency campaign.Hashtag Influencer Marketing Campaigns: Influencers create content around a social media hashtag or central theme and ask their followings to share or follow the hashtag in their social media posts.Contests And Giveaways Promoted by Influencers: Giveaways and contests inspire user engagement by the social media influencers. This results in more brand awareness through viral marketing.Creative Influencer Campaigns: HireInfluence also uses the “Influencer Freedom Campaign” strategy which allows influencers to express their creativity through authentic content, while conveying the brand’s message.
HireInfluence: Influencer Marketing AgencyCompanyHireInfluenceServicesInfluencer marketing agencyFounded2011LocationsUnited States, Los Angeles, New York CityPricing$$$

List of 2022 Leading Influencer Marketing Agencies: Facts and Services Offers:

1. HireInfluence

Our agency was founded in 2011, being the first influencer marketing agency in the world. This agency has run campaigns for some of the world’s most prominent brands including Microsoft, eBay, Oreo, Cosmopolitan, DC Comics, Vanity Fair, and many more. HireInfluence is also disambiguated with Instagram influencer marketing agency, given the thousands of Instagram influencers in association.

2. NoGood

NoGood has been in the marketing industry for several years and designs customized influencer campaigns similar to HireInfluence. NoGood specializes in helping startups grow through influencer services.

3. The Influencer Marketing Factory

Specializes in marketing services for the music, app, eCommerce industries, as well as other services.

4. IMA Agency

Formerly known as Fashiolista Agency, IMA has an in-house team of experts that work to understand brand objectives and goals.

5. Fanbytes

Based in the U.K., this platform targets the Gen Z audience (13-25year-olds) on popular social media platforms such as Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

6. Viral Nation

Based in New York and Toronto, this agency has been in the influencer industry for a long time. Viral Nation helps brands become viral on social media and work with top influencers to enhance experiential marketing results.

7. Carusele

Platform agency that provides full-service with a talented in-house team. Carusele has high standards and works with different influencer marketing models to achieve maximum results for clients.

8. Clever

World-class agency that handles campaigns from start to finish.Their approach focuses on micro-influencers and storytelling to help smaller brands grow.

9. Mostly Sunny

Through the use of AI marketing, Mostly Sunny finds influencers unlike other agencies. Successful campaigns include brands such as American Express and Hollywood Bowl.

10. Amra & Elma

Founded by two sisters, this woman-led company provides digital marketing services, including influencer marketing.

11. Runway Influence

Based in Los Angeles, this influencer agency has connections with top influencers and brand ambassadors. Brands such as Adidas, Lexus, and Google have worked with this agency.

12. Kairos Media

Platform that specializes in software-as-a-service, CPG, and eCommerce industries. With incredible storytellers and social experts, Kairos is able to elevate brands through digital media marketing and measuring success through their proprietary analytics software.

13. Upfluence

This influencer marketing platform allows brands to find creators and nurture relationships directly with the influencer. It allows brands to tell a better brand story and drive more revenue from influencers.

14. HelloSociety

Based in Santa Monica, CA, HelloSociety is a social media marketing company that helps connect brands with influencers and is owned by The New York Times Company.

15. INF Influencer Agency

This talent agency focuses on finding the correct social media talent that can connect with a brand and increase revenue. This agency works with the beauty, fashion, lifestyle and parenting spaces.

16. Vampped

Based in Los Angeles, this agency provides video production services to the travel industry and works with travel influencers to inspire consumers to expand their horizons.

17. Ignite Social Media

Founded in 2007 as a social media company, Ignite provides social media marketing services and manages social media marketing campaigns for top brands.

18. Go Fish Digital

A digital marketing agency that helps brands grow not through just influencer marketing, but SEO as well. With renown experts such as Bill Slawski on the team, this agency takes a holistic approach to increase brand awareness.

Table index of influencer marketing agencies

CompanyFoundedHireInfluence2011NoGood2017The Influencer Marketing Factory2018IMA Agency2012Fanbytes2014Viral Nation2014Carusele2015Clever2009Mostly Sunny2013Amra & Elma2016Runway Influence2017Kairos Media2015Upfluence2013HelloSociety2012INF Influencer Agency2014Vampped2014Ignite Social Media2007Go Fish Digital2005

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an influencer marketing platform?

An influencer marketing platform is a digital platform where users or brands can search an influencer database to select the most ideal candidate for influencer promotion. Platforms also provide a way to message and interact with influencers as well as track results through analytics.

2. What is influencer management?

Influencer management is the act of providing services to marketers and influencers involved in executing influencer marketing campaigns. This typically involves services like influencer identification, relationship management or campaign measurement, typically done through a platform.

3. What are influencers in marketing?

influencers are content creators on social media platforms who have attracted a large or influential audience and are leveraging their audience to promote marketing materials for brands.

4. What are the different types of influencer marketing agencies?

There are many different types of influencer marketing agencies, but the three most common are recruitment agencies, growth agencies, and creative agencies. Recruitment agencies focus on discovering talented influencers that match the brands criteria. Growth agencies rely on data-driven campaign decisions to help spread brand awareness. Creative agencies focus on producing content for influencers that best matches a brands industry.

5. How much does it cost to hire an influencer marketing agency?

The cost depends on the brand objective, but the average cost of HireInfluence is $50,000 or more. This includes agency fees, influencer fees, and influencer relationship management.

6. What is the difference between an influencer marketing agency and an Instagram influencer marketing agency?

The difference between an influencer marketing agency and an Instagram influencer marketing agency is that an influencer marketing agency works with all popular social media platforms, whereas an Instagram influencer marketing agency only works with Instagram.

7. What is an influencer marketing agency?

An influencer marketing agency is a company that helps businesses connect with influencers. Influencers are people with a large following on social media or other online platforms who can help promote a product or service. An agency will help a business identify the right influencers to work with, negotiate contracts, and manage the relationship.

8. What are the services that an influencer marketing agency provides?

An influencer marketing agency provides a number of services to help brands connect with influencers. These services can include influencer research and outreach, influencer relationship management, influencer marketing campaigns, influencer content creation, and influencer analytics. Influencer research and outreach involve identifying influencers who are a good fit for a brand and then reaching out to them to gauge their interest in working with the brand.

9. Who are the team members of an influencer marketing agency?

The team members of an influencer marketing agency are the individuals who work together to create and implement marketing campaigns for their clients. These team members may include account managers, strategists, creatives, and analysts. They work together to understand the client’s needs and goals, and then develop a plan to reach those goals through influencer marketing. Account managers are responsible for maintaining relationships with clients and ensuring that their needs are being met.

10.What are the company’s core values?

Our company’s core values are teamwork, respect, integrity, and excellence. We believe that by working together as a team, we can accomplish more than we ever could alone. We respect each other and our individual differences, and we are committed to integrity in everything we do. We strive for excellence in everything we do, and we never settle for anything less.

11. What is the company’s approach to influencer marketing?

The company’s approach to influencer marketing is to identify and partner with influential individuals within relevant communities who can help promote and amplify the company’s message to a wider audience. The company believes that influencer marketing is an effective way to reach and engage potential customers, as well as build brand awareness and credibility. In order to identify potential influencers, the company uses a variety of tools and resources, including social media monitoring, online research, and word-of-mouth.

12. How does the company measure success?

The company has a few different ways of measuring success. The most important metric is probably gross margin, which is the difference between the revenue generated from a product or service and the cost of goods sold. The company also looks at other financial indicators such as net income, cash flow, and return on equity. Additionally, the company looks at non-financial indicators such as customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and market share.

13. What are some case studies of successful campaigns?

Some case studies of successful campaigns are as follows: 1. The “I’m a Mac” campaign by Apple was highly successful in terms of both awareness and sales. The campaign featured two contrasting characters – a cool, hip Mac user and a stuffy, boring PC user – and was able to effectively communicate the message that Macs are the more fun and user-friendly option. As a result of the campaign, Apple saw a significant increase in sales.

14. What are some of the HireInfluence’s clients?

Some of the company’s clients are Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Ford, GM, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, and Mitsubishi.

Facts: Influencer Agencies

1. An influencer marketing agency is a company that helps businesses connect with influencers.
2. An influencer is someone with a large following on social media.
3. An influencer marketing agency can help a business find influencers in their industry, and connect them with the right people.
4. An influencer marketing agency can also help with content creation, and managing influencer relationships.
5. Some influencer marketing agencies also offer services such as social media management and analytics.
6. The size of an influencer marketing agency can vary, from a one-person operation to a large company with hundreds of employees.
7. The cost of an influencer marketing agency can also vary, depending on the services they offer and the size of the agency.
8. There are many benefits to working with an influencer marketing agency, including access to a larger pool of influencers, and the ability to tap into their expertise.

Statistics: Influencer Agency

1. A recent study by eMarketer found that influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing digital marketing channels, with a CAGR of 32% between 2017 and 2019.
2. The same study found that in 2019, businesses are expected to spend $8.5 billion on influencer marketing, up from $6.5 billion in 2018.
3. According to a report by Business Insider, the global influencer marketing industry is expected to be worth $15 billion by 2022.
4. The report also found that there are currently around 2,000 influencer marketing agencies worldwide.
5. A study by HireInfluence found that the average cost per Instagram post by an influencer with 1 million followers is $10,000.
6. The same study found that the average cost per Snapchat story by an influencer with 1 million followers is $500.

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