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Our Publications The Academic Pipeline to Iran’s Nuclear Program Policy Briefs May 29, 2020 On May 27, the United States sanctioned two of Iran’s senior nuclear officials for their role in the country’s current uranium enrichment program. This move follows a similar one in March, when the United States sanctioned several Iranian scientists connected to elite academic institutions. Both actions reflect an underused front in the U.S.... Iran s Nuclear Timetable: The Weapon Potential Articles and Reports April 28, 2020 With its known capacity, Iran cannot make a sudden dash to produce the fuel for a small nuclear arsenal of five implosion-type warheads – the goal Iran set for itself when it began to work on nuclear weapons decades ago. Instead, the main nuclear weapon risk in Iran secret sites, which it has relied on to carry out illicit work in the past. That... How Freight Forwarders and Front Companies Help Iran Obtain American Technology International Enforcement Actions April 17, 2020 Two recent cases pursued by the U.S. Department of Justice demonstrate how Iranian companies employ an effective combination of American brokers, Middle Eastern front companies and freight forwarders, and bank accounts worldwide to obtain goods from the United States. In one plot, a U.S. company shipped military surplus to an Iranian customer by... Extradition of Iranian Engineer, Suspected of Missile-Related Procurement, Moves Forward International Enforcement Actions April 6, 2020 An Iranian engineer alleged by the United States to be supporting Iran's military may soon be extradited from France to the United States. Charges against Rohollahnejad in U.S. federal court relate to his alleged involvement in an attempt to procure U.S.-origin items with potential military applications for Iran. Nuclear, Missile Involved in a conspiracy to illegally export U.S.-origin carbon fiber with missile, aerospace, and nuclear applications to Iran. Nuclear, Missile Involved in a conspiracy to illegally export U.S.-origin carbon fiber with missile, aerospace, and nuclear applications to Iran. Allegedly laundered $20 billion of Iranian oil and gas revenue from 2012 to 2016 in violation of U.S. sanctions on Iran. Henan Jiayuan Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd Nuclear Supplied hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of aluminum products to Iran Centrifuge Technology Company (TESA), which produces centrifuges for Iran's uranium enrichment program.

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