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I found that I use "and/or" quite frequently in writing. I know, (mathematical-)logically we only need "or". It seems to me to be a language tricky part as the use of gender neutral terms. I made a logical error for the "Lonely X" task in challenge 077.I immediately checked out the "Llama book" and checked the usage of match variables in regular expressions. The result is a 3-line solution! Yo:Spoiler Alert: This weekly challenge deadline is due in a couple of days (October 25, 2020). This blog post offers some solutions to this challenge, please don鈥檛 read on if you intend to complete the challenge on your own.Write a script to find the length of the string except the first and last words ignoring whitespace.The answer comes down to two words: Security and Reliability.As a bonus, less work on your part.It's surprising to find that there are modules on CPAN that aren't usingppport.h that could stand to benefit from it.ppport.h is a file that is part of the Devel::PPPort distribution. As youknow, Perl has evolved over the years, adding new features, and new API for XSwriters to use. Some of that is to support the new features, and some to maketasks easier to accomplish. ppport.h implements portions of the API thatpeople have found desirable to have when a module gets installed in a Perl thatwas released before that API element was created. You can write your moduleusing the latest API, and have it automatically work on old Perls, simply by#including ppport.h in your XS code. ppport.h generally provides support foran API element as is reasonably practicable, with many supported to 5.03007. From 2015, but it came across my screen this morning. Seems like it is still relevant. I am writing this blog post to hand over all my programming books, (mostly perl) to any person that would like to use them.This includes about a dozen O'rielly perl books (including the camel book) as well as other classics like: This blog post describes a common task my colleagues ask often about repeating a dynamic string in a defined token and adding some or, and, = in between, plus finishing smartly.I like to use the Perl's __DATA__ token at the end of my scripts for this. The __DATA__ token strength is to make possible to 芦 "embed鈥?a file inside a Perl program then read it from the DATA filehandle 禄. It saves you the creation and opening of a real file and is very handy for quick prototypes and tests. This is a quick reminder that the quarterly San Diego Perl Mongers meeting will be occurring聽on Tuesday evening, starting at our normal time of 7 PM PDT.聽 As has been for the last several meetings, we鈥檙e going to meet online, as in-person meetings are discouraged, and online meetings seem to be a bit more popular. Tau Station, "the free-to-play narrative sci-fiMMORPG (TM)", has a nicely complex database. Currently, we have 190 tables with740 relationships between those tables. DBIx::Class does an amazing job atmanaging that complexity, since each relationship is simply an accessor on theDBIx::Class::Row object.However, there is a subtle issue when using those relationship accessors. Usinga relationship accessor creates a new Row object and stores it in the callingobject. This behavior can easily leads to duplicate DBIC Row objects for asingle database row. At best, the duplicates cause wasted resources duplicatingthe Rows. At worst, they cause update anomalies, since updates done to one Rowobject are not seen by the duplicate objects.With a highly-connected schema like we have in Tau Station, trying to handle theobject duplication can pretty soon feel like we're trying to handlerabbits in Australia.In order to avoid this Row duplication, we have developed a cache of DBIC Rowobjects that is shared within the application. In most cases, this allows usto ensure that we have one DBIC Row object per database row while processingan HTTP request, avoiding those subtle update anomalies.Please follow the blog where I discuss the "Common Base Strings" and "Frequency Sort" task of "The Weekly Challenge - 081". The MNIST handwriting recognition deep learning written with Pure Perl is released.Because it is pure Perl code, it can be used by Perl users to get an overview of deep learning algorithms. Several months ago I read a tutorial on module creation. It got me thinking about releasing some of my modules. I got to work getting my code organized. At the time I had all of my work in the directory for my site. So I moved my general purpose modules to their own directory and then started reading more about what is needed to get a module published on CPAN.I first installed Module::Starter. It seemed like a good place to start, but then Dist::Zilla was suggested, so I installed it. Most recently Minilla suggested, and now it is installed. The problem is, I do not know which one to use. Do I use any of those at all, or is there yet another packaging module (with executable) out there? If you haven't heard, Hacktoberfest has now become opt-in, to reduce the number of spammy, or pointless, pull requests that people were doing, to get the t-shirt.In this post I'll describe how to opt your repos in, how to find opted-in repos, and why your repo might not be turning up in searches.So if you've got repos with issues that you'd be happy to receive pull requests on,add the topic hacktoberfest, and make sure that your repo turns up in searches.Please follow the blog where I discuss the "Smallest Positive Number" and "Count Candies" task of "The Weekly Challenge - 080". Not words you want to hear late at night before you're going to bed: "we accidentally launched our Kickstarter."That's right, the Tau Station MMORPG Kickstarter is live and we didn't mean to. However, apparently Kickstarter doesn't allow you to "unlaunch" a campaign.Tau Station is the world's first Biblio-RPG. It's a massive, immersive, narrative sci-fi MMO. Missions in most games are things like "kill five rabid dogs and get a dagger." BORING. Our missions are rich, immersive, short stories where you control the outcome. In my last post, a meta issue for modules: bug tracking, I had noticed a problem with the bug tracking link for a module and discussed that problem. In the comments, one person said he preferred I began thinking about where to have bugs tracked for my modules. Since I have not published one yet, this is something I would like to know. I would like to know the good and bad and ugly of the various systems to make a more educated choice on issue tracking before my first release.Are there specific issues with GitHub's, GitLab's, or other issue tracking systems making the more attractive choice?On a side note, I prefer reporting issues on sites like GitHub and GitLab since my reply email is hidden and does not get spammed, or at least not yet. However, my email address gets a lot of spam, so much spam I had to make a rule to send all email I receive through that address to junk mail. So, should I receive a reply to an issue I opened on rt.cpan, I may miss it since it ends up in my junk mail, which I do not check that often. I found A private not official branch for Perl 7 by several members of perl porters. It was mentioned on the mailing list, but I wrote it here to let more people know. Gisle Aas (GAAS on CPAN) is a well-known CPAN author, who made his first releases back in 1995. Over the years he has developed and maintained a number of keystone modules that most of us have relied on, whether we realised it or not. Gisle has informed the PAUSE admins that he will no longer be maintaining his CPAN distributions, and is open to responsible adoption. In this blog post we'll summarise what distributions are available, and our interpretation of responsible adoption.If you're interested, please read this post, and if you still would like to adopt a distribution, contact the PAUSE admins (modules at perl dot org) and not Gisle.

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