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True. Witzke (sp?) is a train wreck, and Coons is strangely popular but she got 350 people to donate $950 (on average) to her campaign. I d put Witzke at about 38% right now. I m thinking Carney is going to win by the gaudiest margin. He is a wartime Resident (of the Gov s office). Also, [ ] Continue Reading It s been an awful year all over the world, which might help explain why a woman confronted Edinburgh, Scotland, street musician Matt Grant last week by grabbing his guitar from his hands and smashing it on the sidewalk. Deprived of his means of earning a living, Grant posted an appeal on GoFundMe. He got a [ ] Continue Reading Meadows Admits It: Pandemic s Out Of Control: Further complicating Trump’s campaign-trail pitch was an extraordinary admission Sunday from White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows that the administration had effectively given up on trying to slow the virus’s spread. “We’re not going to control the pandemic,” Meadows said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “We [ ] Continue Reading It almost has the certainty of scientific law: Any hell-raising musician will reach his commercial peak with a song that s slow and sentimental. It certainly proved to be the case for Ronald Clyde Crosby, better known as Jerry Jeff Walker. Like Townes Van Zandt, another Texas outlaw-country legend, he managed to become famous despite never [ ] Continue Reading In a normal year I d have probably put up an electoral college prediction post about now. I m just not feeling it this year. I hope the country turns out to be filled with sane people. I also hope the DEGOP gets kicked in the balls by voters vigorously and repeatedly. I guess there is a fair chance of that happening, but that s as far as I ll go. Continue Reading Pence Team Tests Positive.  Won t stop Pence s campaign schedule, though.  WH tried to keep it hush-hush. Dems Target Georgia.  Biden is heading there on Tuesday, Kamala and Jill have already been there.  If they can pull Ossoff across the finish line, that would be huge. The Left Taking Up Arms?  Interesting, don t know what to [ ] Continue Reading Trump Signs Executive Order To Destroy Civil Service.  While nobody was looking.  Pure evil.  Biden had better have his transition team prepare about a thousand Executive Orders for him to sign on Day One. Whether He s Reelected Or Not, Trump s Debt Collectors Are Pounding At His Door.  His post-presidency could well be a living hell [ ] Continue Reading Note: This is a guest post by Nathan Arizona. Spencer Davis, who died this week at 81, was one of the most important pioneers of British electric blues-rock and the whole British Invasion. He’s not one of the most famous, but maybe he should be. Davis led the Spencer Davis Group, formed in Birmingham in [ ] Continue Reading Trump Campaign Spying On Philly Drop Boxes.  It s voter intimidation, pure and simple.  I cannot overstate the degree of voter suppression going on this year. Court Rules That Uber And Lyft Drivers Must Be Classified As Employees.  Something tells me that the Supreme Court will get hold of this issue, and the results won t be [ ] Continue Reading As many of you know, my El Somnambulo monicker comes from my fictitious lucha libre background, featuring my legendary but totally made-up feud with the dastardly Teletubbymundo. I love  pro rasslin s zaniness, which WWE has excised from its product as Vince McMahon falls deeper into senility. Fortunately, a new alternative, AEW (All Elite Wrestling), premiered [ ] Continue Reading This week might have been too damp to qualify as actual Indian summer weather, but I m not going to let that stop me from resurrecting the only charting single ever released by the British band Audience during its five-year original existence from 1969 to 1973. Though usually lumped in with the progressive-rock movement, Audience s blend [ ] Continue Reading Pope Francis Expresses Support For Same-Sex Unions.  I can only hope that he has seeded the College Of Cardinals with like-minded individuals. Two Weeks Inside The Trump Campaign Bubble.  Wonder if Ryan Lizza has access to any of Hunter S. Thompson s stash.  Would come in handy. Demographics As Destiny?  How Trump s base is sinking, inexorably [ ] Continue Reading Which Delaware Statewide candidate is going to post the biggest win vs their entirely execrable DEGOP opponent?

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