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Your Water, Your Health

“Without clean, healthy water, optimal health is not possible. We are about the transformative and healing power of water. Awakening the world to the magic of water is our mission.”

Jay Hare, CEO

Water Quality

With all the news about contaminants in water, how can you trust what you’re drinking? What’s in your water? How can YOU Take Back Your Tap?

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Water Technology

What’s the big deal with home water ionizers? How do AlkaViva ionizers and UltraWater filtration differ from the brand known as Kangen Water™?

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Hydration and Health

Why is hydrogen (H2) in water getting such attention? Do you know how much even mild dehydration can impact us?

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New Research Highlights the Importance of Hydration for Your Heart

Maintain optimal hydration with UltraWater, it’s clean, and packed with benefits like molecular hydrogen, which has been studied to show benefit in over 170 different disease models.  Maintaining good hydration over time may slow down age-related changes within the heart that lead to heart failure, according to research presented at the recent European Society of Cardiology meeting.…

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The Many Uses of Ionized Water

Drinking alkaline, ionized water provides many benefits to daily health and wellbeing—improved skin condition, organ health and better-functioning digestive system, to name a few. But beyond health benefits, there are many other uses for alkaline AND acidic water, such as cooking and household cleaning. The Many Uses of Alkaline, Ionized Water Cooking and Food Preparation…

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Tap Water, How it Affects YOU & the Solution!

We assume our tap water is perfectly safe to drink. After all, isn’t that what the Safe Water Drinking Act was for? Yes and no. The government does have a level of legislation in place that prohibits water companies from providing the public with tap water that doesn’t meet certain standards. The important question to ask…

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Closing More Sales through Social Media

Closing More Sales through Social Media Are you using your social media to close sales? What does your friends list on Facebook look like? Or your Instagram followers? Maybe you even use TikTok! The fact of the matter is that social media is a great way to create meaningful relationships with prospective customers, replacing the…

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Your Ionizer & Water Softeners

Most of us are aware that AlkaViva does not recommend using an ionizer downstream (or after) a sodium or potassium-based ion-exchange water softener, but why? An ion-exchange softener not only removes beneficial alkaline minerals like Calcium and Magnesium from your water, but it adds salt. Your ionizer needs alkaline minerals for the best performance, and the…

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Dangerous ‘Forever Chemicals’ and our Drinking Water

Credit: Consumer Reports, Why Dangerous ‘Forever Chemicals’ Are Still Allowed in America’s Drinking Water Edited to add, AlkaViva’s UltraWater filtration technology has been tested in an independent, EPA-certified laboratory to show 99.9% reduction of 249 contaminants including forever chemicals, and other contaminants. In 2014, residents of Horsham Township, Pa., near Philadelphia, learned that their water had…

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Soda vs. UltraWater

Do you buy soda?  The next time you’re in the store, take a look at the nutrition facts printed on the can or bottle. You’ll find out that soda is mostly calories, with lots and lots of sugar and high fructose corn syrup, making it essentially useless to the human body.  In fact, one can…

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Water contaminant could have neurotoxic effects on children

Manganese isn’t considered a major water contaminant in America, but a new study is taking a closer look at whether it should be. A naturally occurring metal, manganese can be found in water supplies throughout the world. Over time, excessive ingestion of manganese can produce cognitive disabilities in children and symptoms similar to those associated…

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Water Ionizers & Hard Water

Water quality plays a significant role in how any ionizer performs and has a great impact on the longevity of your machine as well. An ionizer requires mineral content to create healthy properties like alkaline pH, -ORP, and H2. Water that is low in mineral content is soft. Water that is high in mineral content…

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The Delphi H2 (Brushed Nickel)

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For more info and help, contact the AlkaViva Dealer who referred you to this site.Information presented here is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Developed by Think Up Themes Ltd. Powered by WordPress.

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