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Hotpack #1 Manufacturer


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View All Soft n Cool Hand Sanitizer 500 ML 1 Bottle + 1 Bottle 500 ml Soft n Cool Liquid Hand Wash 27th Anniversary Combo AED 14.99 White Plastic Bowls 8 Oz 25 Pieces x 2 packets + Disposable Plastic Tea Spoons White 50 Pieces / 1 packet 27th Anniversary Combo AED 6.50 Rose Fabric Softener Washing Liquid 2 Liters 1 Piece + Ultra Soft Abaya Shampoo Washing Liquid 2 Litres 1 Piece 27th Anniversary Combo AED 18.00 Soft n Cool Refreshing Wet Wipes 25 Pieces / 1 Packet + Soft n Cool Refreshing Wet Wipes Lemongrass Fragrance 25 Pieces / 1 Packet 27th Anniversary Combo AED 10.00 Garbage Bag Roll 65 x 95 cm Offer Pack + Garbage Bag Offer Pack Buy 2 Get 2 50 Pieces x 4 Rolls 27th Anniversary Combo AED 34.00


View All Plain Brown Sticker Roll 250 Pieces AED 28.00 Brown Baked With Love Sticker Roll 250 Pieces AED 28.00 Happy Emoji Sticker Roll 250 Pieces AED 28.00 Black Thank You Sticker Roll 250 Pieces AED 25.00 Delicious Cookies Sticker Roll 250 Pieces AED 28.00


View All Garbage Bag Offer Pack Buy 2 Get 2 50 Pieces x 4 Rolls AED 16.00 30 boxes Soft n Cool Facial Tissue 200 Sheets x 2 ply AED 95.00 Soft n Cool Hand Sanitizer 500 ML 1 Bottle AED 10.00 Microwavable Container 400 ml With Lid - 100 Pieces AED 38.00 50 Pieces 1600 ml Aluminium Container with lid AED 30.00

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Get The Best Food Packaging Solutions At Hotpack Webstore

Every enterprise has to make crucial decisions regarding packaging. This is doubly important in the case of food products that are highly perishable and have health and hygiene standards. There are several significant considerations regarding the intricacies of food packing - maintaining safety and longevity of food, avoiding leakages or other wastages, hygiene, storability, impact on the environment and sustainability, etc. Moreover, there are several factors to be considered, including the choice of a food packaging company in UAE. And it is a major consideration in several industries where food plays a crucial role, including food, restaurants, cloud kitchens, bakeries, travel, hospitality, etc. From burger packing for the end customer to bakeries needing the right food packaging supplier, the food packaging industry meets many needs.

Choosing The Right Kind of Packaging Company

Often an item of food is only as good as the packaged item as it is in. Thus, it is critically important to choose the right packaging company in UAE that will give you an option to buy food packaging products. Another excellent tip while choosing a food packaging company is always checking the customer testimonies and client list. It is easily done through the company’s website, and a good website is thus another excellent characteristic of a good food packing box manufacturer in UAE. The company should also be dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction, and its products should be reasonably priced. Some other considerations include the following:

Consider your food packing container needs - There are several kinds of food containers, and thus, finding the right type of food packing container is equally crucial. You should always go for a company that lets you order food packing containers best suited to all your products and have a wide variety of options depending on the food item.Determine whether you want to go for food paper box solutions - In the case of several enterprises, a food paper box is ideal - particularly those that serve home deliveries or drive-throughs, as these paper boxes can be cheap and convenient. That said, the quality of the material used to make them is really critical.

Find the perfect material for your food packing box for each one of your food itemsWhile a food packing box is a convenient tool in many cases, there are other situations it may be useless. The same is the case with food packing boxes of other materials such as aluminium, plastic, etc. You should be careful with your choice of a food packing box.

Try to go for eco friendly food packaging - As more and more people are growing conscious of the environment and its human impact on the same, people are choosing greener and more eco-friendly solutions. Thus, enterprises serving food are also under pressure to go for eco-friendly solutions. Even if you don’t feel such pressure right now, it is a smart strategy to go for eco friendly food packaging proactively. Thus, we recommend that whenever you order food packaging, go for eco-friendly options. 

These solutions may be better for the environment in several ways. They may be biodegradable or 100% recyclable and thus would not add to a permanent waste. These solutions will also have a lower carbon footprint. It is, therefore, an essential step toward the target of zero carbon emissions to go for such sustainable and eco friendly food packaging products.

Hotpack Webstore - The best food packaging company in the market

You can do your own search, or you can take our word for it - but either way, you will find that Hotpack Webstore is simply the best and only food packaging company in UAE you need to know about. 

Why Should You Choose Us?

Wide range of food packaging products - While the food packaging needs are diverse, so is our portfolio of food packaging products.We offer a truly wide range of over 3500 food packaging products that can probably meet all kinds of food packaging needs of your enterprise.Perfect food packaging containers for all needs - Food packaging containers are needed for various purposes, but we will have the perfect product for you, whatever the purpose may be. You can easily buy food packing containers online in a hassle-free manner.Versatile packaging solutions - Our packaging boxes can be used for multiple purposes. Suck as our hinged containers can be used as a Burger packaging solutions that you will love - Our burger packaging solutions keep in mind that your burgers may be of varying sizes.  Something for all budgets - We also believe in affordability and thus provide budget-friendly solutions. You will find that there are solutions suitable for all kinds of budgets. Quality - As mentioned earlier, food is only as safe as its containers. We understand this and believe in making only food containers of quality material with industrial benchmarking standards. Trustworthy - We are a trustworthy source for all your food packaging solution needs. You can depend on us to meet your requirements promptly and consistently. Webstore experience - Most people are far more used to webstore experience than conventional stores. Our webstore offers you the experience of using a webstore that allows you to order online food paper box, food packaging containers, etc. There are many advantages of this experience - you can add items to your favorite, check out all the product details with better visuals, etc. Secure payments - All your payments to us are made through only secure routes. We accept all credit cards. Three hundred sixty-degree solutions - You will find that we provide all the packaging solutions that any enterprise dealing with food may need. Timely and effective - We know how a timely delivery is vital to ensure the best customer experience and thus make all our deliveries in good time. Complete customization - we understand that one of the chief decisions regarding packaging solutions relates to labelling and branding. Most enterprises would like to have their brands on their cups, and we provide this service to you. You can enquire about customization using our webstore. Helpful customer service - We also take pride in having a really dedicated customer service who is always pleased to answer any doubts and queries our clients may have, Thus, we can be your one-stop solution to all your food packaging needs. Contact us for more details. We will be glad to assist you.  Close
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